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FIC: Hostile Takeover 16/18 -- Part 2/2

Category: X-Force
Characters: X-Force -- Shatterstar, Siryn, Sunspot, Rictor, Cannonball, Domino, Warpath, Cable, Boomer, Moonstar, Feral, Magma, and Deadpool.
Pairings: Rictor/Shatterstar, Domino/Cable, Sunspot/Magma. Minor Warpath/Siryn/Deadpool and Cannonball/Boomer.
Genre: Alternate Universe, Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance
Rated: NC-17 for extreme violence, language, dark themes, sexual situations (het and slash), and character death.
Disclaimer: I don’t own a damn thing; I’m just playing for awhile.
Summary: A well known terrorist organization has made its move, and its dictatorship starts with the fall of the country’s greatest heroes. A few make it out alive, but they are on the run and in for the fight of their lives. Who lives and who dies? And where do you go when there’s no where left to hide?

Chapter Summary
: Sam and Tabitha get things out in the open, and Cable and Domino fail at conversing.

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen,

A/N: There is a sex scene in this chapter. A heterosexual one. You are warned.

The rest of the afternoon had been quiet and uneventful. Most of the team had split up and gone about their own ways to keep themselves distracted. Some had gotten into training and exercises, but, for the most part, a good portion of them had gone to their rooms to grieve alone. Jimmy’s makeshift service had ended quietly, and the team decided to allow the fires to continue burning until it was appropriate to bury him. Tabitha had a hard time paying attention, however. The deaths were just another miserable imprint on her mind, and she had been completely overwhelmed with emotion since she had been freed.

All she had wanted to do was sleep. She had been able to do so for the better part of the day, but once evening came along, Sam had woken her to eat supper. The team as a whole was not in much of a mood for a group dinner, so the Kentuckian had offered to make the two of them something nice that they could share in their room. While she was in absolutely no mood at all to eat, she knew that she was unhealthy and should do so. HYDRA had not exactly been generous with her nutrition while she had been away, and had only supplied her with drugs and vitamins. She basically had to force a smile at Sam’s insistence.

However, as generous as he was, Sam was not doing much talking to her. He ran around and asked her what she needed and offered her this and that – but it was obvious that they were skipping around important issues. And it was not as if Tabitha was necessarily jumping at the chance to have the conversation, but she knew that it needed to happen. Sam was a guy though, and when it came to emotional things he was just as much a dummy as the next one.

Besides, she had found the courage to spill the news to Ric, so she had to do it to Sam too. The problem was that she figured that telling Sam would just make it more real. Having a baby-- it was supposed to be a happy time for people. And at first it had been; she had found out almost a week and a half before her and Sam had split up to go on their missions. Efforts were made to inform him beforehand, but the timing just had not been right. Now, Tabitha was unsure how long it had even been since then. It could have been just a few days or weeks, but it had felt like months had gone by.

Would he even want it anyways? So much disgusting stuff had happened to her under HYDRA’s care, and no one would want some gross, used up piece of shit to carry their baby. The only reason the organization had even left her alive was because of Sam. She was a useless, disgusting, worthless little girl that had no purpose. She should have been disposed of. Tossed away.

But Sam was important, unlike her, and only because she carried his baby she was deemed valuable. They were set on killing her the second they were able to take the infant away. Only to be used and then end up like Dani – the girl who had been killed alone and without her. Such guilt festered within Tabitha at the thought of her former Cheyenne team mate. They had been destined to go together, and in the end had been separated all because of worth.


She had none.

Drawing her knees up to her chest, she tried to enjoy the warmth of the bath tub. It was the third time that day she had found herself locked up in the bathroom to cleanse. And no matter how many times she did it, she still could not rid herself of the filth she felt. It made her skin crawl. How could she even go on living like that?


The voice was accompanied by a knock, and it made her jump with fright. The smallest and gentlest of noises was enough to terrify her. Her voice caught in her throat, so she did nothing but lower her chin to her knees and link her hands on top of her ankles.

“Can Ah come in?”

Nervousness swelled inside of her, and Tabitha still could not find the courage to answer him. In her mind she knew he probably only wanted to make sure she was not hacking herself up with some razor blade, or something, but now that the possible conversation loomed close she felt the need to shy away.

However, Sam did not. A small click echoed in the room as the lock was popped open on the other side, and within seconds the Kentuckian had stepped inside the bathroom. Tabitha did not look up at him, but she could feel his eyes crawling over her body like bugs. It made her itch.

“Why didn’t ya answer me?”

“Sorry,” she whispered into her leg.

“Don’t be. Ah ain’t mad,” he explained and took a few steps closer. “Ya’ve been in here foah over a half hour though. Ah was startin’ tah think ya fell in, or somethin’.”

She shrugged. “Unfortunately not.”

“Don’t talk like that, girl,” he scolded gently and took a seat on the floor next to the tub. Still, she could feel his eyes on her. “Are ya feelin’ any better?”

“What makes you think I’m sick?”

“Ya hardly ate anythin’,” he pointed out. He paused for a few seconds before he lifted a finger to trail down her forearm. “Ya-- yer all cut up.”

She flinched at the touch and squeezed her eyes closed. “I’m fine.”

“Ah…” Sam’s voice caught in his throat, and he slowly pulled his hand away from her. “Ah thought ya were dead. The whole time Ah wanted so badly tah come find ya, but then…he told me y’ were dead. He told me all kinds of things…and now Ah don’t know what tah believe, Tab. Ah just-- Ah can’t figure it out unless ya tell me.”

Tabitha felt her heart rate speed up, and she opened her eyes to stare drearily into the bathwater. “W-who are you, uhm, talking about?”

“Baron von Strucker.”

A shiver involuntarily ran down her spine. “I see. What did he say, Sam?”

“All kinds of things,” he replied hoarsely. “Some things that Ah don’t wanna really think about, and other things that…that Ah’m dyin’ tah know about.”

Strucker knew everything. Strucker oversaw everything. Strucker had been responsible for every single god damn thing that had happened to her, and just the name alone was enough make her want to have a panic attack. But she held back. Because she knew that Strucker had probably told him a lot of things that were true – what they had done and how they had treated her. How would Sam react if he knew? He would probably think she was disgusting.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted suddenly. Blue eyes remained glued on the wall ahead of her, and she did not dare say another word. She hoped the news of something seemingly good would distract him from the truth of all things bad.

“Uhm…” he trailed off quietly and did not move a muscle.

They sat side by side with only the tub separating them, both bodies silent and daring the other to make the next move. Panic and nervousness forced Tabitha into a paralyzed fear, and she found she could not move. Her stomach was turning, her mind was racing, and her heart thumped around like it was on speed. After a few moments, Sam finally placed a hand on the tip of her chin and turned her head to force her to look at him. His blue eyes were shiny with unshed tears, and he was fighting to keep his chin from trembling.

“He didn’t lie then?”

The look on his face forced her own tears to fall. “No.”

“Is that what, uhm, that’s what ya wanted tah tell me? Before we left home, and…” he trailed off.

She managed to nod. “Yeah.”

The moisture in his eyes slowly fell down his face, and he cursed. “Ah’m-- Ah’m so sorry. Ah should’ve-- Ah…” he lowered his head and clutched onto her hand tightly. “Dammit!”

“Sam,” she pleaded. “You can’t blame yourself for this. You can’t always be some hero, you know. There was no way you coulda even known this was gonna happen.”

He looked up at her and sighed shakily. “Ah love you.”

The words hit her hard, and more tears fell.

“Ah love ya so damn much, Tabitha,” he got up on his knees and leaned over the side of the tub to trail his free hand along the curve of her jaw. “Whatever happened to ya…ya don’t haveta tell me if ya don’t wanna, but…Ah love ya no matter what. The only thing that matters is that ya came back tah me. And yoah here now, and…we’re gonna have a baby. And…” he cleared his throat and gazed at her hopefully. “Ah’m gonna do whatever Ah can tah make things better. Whatever ya need me foah, Ah’ll do it. No questions asked.”

How could he be so open minded and non-judgemental? So…unconditional? It made no sense to her. He was so important and special, and she was so worthless. Used up. Disgusting. She had nothing at all to offer him. “Why?” she croaked.

“Because,” he told her, looking straight into her eyes. He thumbed a stray tear away, and smiled just slightly. “Yoah everythin’ Ah ever wanted. No matter what.”

She raised her hand and placed it against his as her tears continued to fall. “But they…” she sniffed and could not hold back a violent sob. “Why would you still-- they all did…”

He bit his lip as he fought back his emotions. “Tabby, that’s not yoah fault. Ah can’t even begin to understand how ya feel, but Ah’ll never love ya less. Ah can at least promise ya that.”

She finally found the need to hold him back, and wrapped both wet arms around his shoulders; digging her face into the crook of his neck as she cried. He held her tightly, and the familiar comfort of his scent and embrace overpowered her. For the first time in a long time she felt somewhat normal again. Things were not better, but they were more right. Sighing shakily, she rubbed a hand through his hair.

“Gosh Mason-Dixon, you’re such a girl sometimes…”

He actually managed to chuckle at that. “Well one of us has tah be, huh?”

She pulled back and traced her hand down his cheek. They pressed their foreheads together as she gazed at him. “Just gimme some time, okay? I’ll talk, but…just not right now.”

He nodded. “Anything ya want.”

“Okay,” she whispered, and placed a chaste kiss against his lips. “Sam?”


“I love you too.”

He smiled at her, and pushed her hair back behind her ears. “Ah know, girl.”

His head was pounding.

So many thoughts belonging to so many people raced through Cable’s mind. Empathic emotions, horrifying memories, personal moments between couples…everything going on in the hotel at that exact moment was picking away at his brain. Whatever HYDRA had done to his powers was still unexplained, but he felt as though he were more powerful than ever. Whether that was a good or bad thing, he had yet to determine, but it was taking its toll to learn control all over again.

The thoughts -- they did not help.

The loudest ones made him grab his head in agony. She tried so hard to shield herself from him – from their psychic link – but everything was seeping through. Everything unwanted and private and it killed him to feel her that way. Domino was so angry and resentful, and it was affecting his mood one hundred percent. So many self loathing thoughts and grief from so many things – stuff that he knew she would forever hide from him. How was he ever supposed to explain to her and make her understand that it was beyond her control? Mutant powers or not, not everything could always go her way and she would have to accept it.

Nate did not and would not hold it against her.

However, it killed him more than anything to know that she could not find it in herself to trust him. She had been quick to dismiss his loyalty. She did not believe in him.

But a small, prying voice in the back of his mind told him that she had every right not to. So many times in the past he had shown ugly colours of dishonesty, and so many times he had unintentionally let her down. Saw the usual mischievous spark in violet eyes turn to disappointment. It should not have surprised him that she felt that way.

Or maybe that was just her own feelings rubbing off on him.

Nate lifted his head from his hands and stared groggily at the door in front of him. The hallway on the west side of the second floor was empty and dark, only illuminated by the small line of light seeping out from underneath her bedroom door. The brightness of it burned at his eyes and made his head ache once more. But he could not move away from it. He had sat across the hall from it in agony for many hours into the night by that point, trying to figure out if he should go in.

“Dammit…” he muttered and grabbed at his head again. A fire hose at the end of the hall unravelled and tumbled out onto the floor. He blinked. Rubbed his hands down the entire length of his face and back up again. The lock on the door across the hall clicked, and the wood moved open slowly on its own. Inwardly he cursed, and clutched at his temples again. Fear. Sorrow. Pain. Anger. Rage. Lust. Nervousness. Grief. Pleasure. Envy. Everything going on with so many people at once and his mind just ached for some degree of normalcy again.

“What are you doing?”

Nathan moved his gaze up to Domino. Her face was masked with indifference as she stood in the doorway. Her hair was wet – recently showered – and she wore a black zip up sweater over a pair of red flannel pants. Awkwardness crept into his mind as she shifted her weight onto her other leg, and just waited for his answer.

“I--” he trailed off and cleared his throat. “I don’t know.”

“So you’re just going to sit your big metal ass down on the floor outside my room all night?” she questioned, voice dripping with heavy sarcasm and mind racing with trepidation.

He winced, and the light bulb in her room blew. “Shit.”

Violet eyes widened and she stepped out into the hall. Quickly she scanned the corridor for any of the kids before she knelt down in front of him. “What’s your problem?”

Her tone was harsh, but he could feel the mild concern that she would never dare show. “Just a headache.”

“Yeah, I bet,” she rolled her eyes and held out her hand. He accepted, and climbed to his feet. When he got there, they stood only inches apart and it only took a few seconds for her to step away from him. “You should go to bed.”

“Probably,” Nate muttered. “But I can’t.”

“Need a nightlight?” she taunted. “I’d give you mine, but you broke it.”

“We need to talk, Dom.”

She stared up at him, and quickly all joking ceased. It always worked that way; they hopped around everything that was important and swept it under the rug. It was pointless really, especially now since he could tap into their rapport unknowingly. Not much could be hidden between them, and yet they still could not come out and say what they wanted to say. How was it that the kids under their tutelage could do such things with each other – kids that had grown up with Dom and Nate and had most surely been influenced by them – yet they could not? Would it always be this way between them?

“Stop thinking so much,” she muttered, staring at him with an uneasy gaze.

Nate felt his resolve slip, and he clenched his fist. “I don’t, uhm, whatever happened when I was gone…”

“I don’t want to talk about this.”

“We have to,” he pointed out, tone growing hard.

She said nothing. Just stared at him with hard eyes. She quickly clenched her fists as well and folded her arms over her middle. She shut off.

But there was more. He could feel the apology on the tip of her tongue, yet she refused to say it. Such obvious regret flowed between them, but, just like always, it went unsaid. Instead, they stood a few feet apart just staring each other down. Every bone and muscle in his body just ached for her to make things right; to tell him that she had faith in him, to assure him, to hate him, to hit him, to kiss him -- something or anything at all except for to give him that same god damn look she gave every time she was so ready and willing to push him away.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled irritably.

It always went back to those words.

He lifted his fleshy hand and reached out to her. Her body stiffened as he made contact with the side of her face, but she did not pull away from him. A strange sort of comfort mixed with sorrow overcame her as he touched her. Nate was unsure if that fact eased him or broke him.

“I don’t blame you,” he finally found the courage to say.

Domino’s expression quickly darkened, and she jerked away from him. Stepped back into her room and she pointed a finger at him. Her mouth fell open to retort, but no words escaped. Fisting her hair, she spun around so to not face him and her comfort quickly transformed to rage. Rage and desperation to figure out exactly what it was she was feeling, and Nathan could not decipher it in his mind if he tried. He slowly followed her inside, and, without even lifting a hand, closed the door behind him.

“Can you say something to me?” he pleaded. The soft light from the lamps outside set an eerie glow across her face, and she scowled.

“What do you want me to say?”

“Anything would be nice at this point.” It was the truth.

Go away.

He winced and clenched his fists as another wave of pain circuited his brain. The television turned off and her dresser drawer slammed closed.

I don’t want to hurt you anymore.

“Fuck, Dom!” he yelled at her in a sudden rage. “What do I have to do, huh!? I’ll do anything!”

She stared at him silently from across the room. That desperation returned, blazing between them like wildfire, and it was enough to force Nate to stride across the floor. He lifted both hands to her hips and pressed a rough kiss against her lips. Again, she stiffened at the touch, but the surge of emotions it caused was enough for her to kiss him back. They moved quickly and fiercely against each other; hands across familiar bodies in a craze.

A surge of power rolled through him once more and the zipper on her sweater tore open, exposing a generous amount of flesh. His hands finished pushing the garment off her shoulders until it was a heap on the floor. Heat radiated from her body, and he pulled her closer to him. She reciprocated by thrusting her tongue between his lips and exploring his mouth frantically. The urgency in her movements provoked him, and he roughly guided her toward the bed. They fell onto it unceremoniously, him on top of her as the mattress bounced beneath them.

Nate traced his fingers up her sides and along her ribs until he reached her breasts. Cupped and caressed them while their tongues continued to wage their war between their lips. Domino groaned softly against his mouth at the feel, and dropped her own hands to the waistband of his sweats. Soft hands curling against his flat belly, and he could not help but arch toward her. Needing to feel her. The move prompted her to quickly pull his pants down his hips, and he whimpered in response.

Nate lowered his head down to take a nipple into his mouth. He sucked and nibbled on the bud gently with his teeth while his hand tended to the other. Somewhere along the line he had managed to make his telekinesis useful once more and removed her pants, leaving her only in a pair of small black panties.

“Fuck,” she grunted, and tossed her head back against the mattress. She circled her legs around his bare waist and fisted his hair as he continued to tease her breasts. One large hand snaked between her legs as she arched against him, and he pressed his fingers flat against her. Warmth surrounded them even over her underwear.

She pulled his head back by his hair and stared at him through thick lashes. Nate’s throat dried out at the sight of her, and she used the distraction to her advantage. Using powerful thigh muscles, she pushed him off of her and turned them until she straddled his hips. He shot his arm out quickly to steady them, searching for something to grab onto, but only found himself knocking everything off of the end table and onto the floor with a loud crash. She ignored the mess, however, and bent forward to kiss his mouth. Nate continued to struggle with the tangle of pants around his knees, but managed to kick them off after a few moments. Domino’s tongue kept him from making coherent thoughts, and by then his brain was practically a pile of mutating mush on overdrive.

Yet still, that overpowering sense of anger and regret continued to project from Dom’s mind. Swift and experienced movements only masked overbearing emotions, and Nate knew she needed this to forget, or distract her, or something. No, it was not healthy, but he was not willing to stop her. After everything that had happened, the touch brought a ridiculous amount of comfort to him as well.

So when she reached down between his legs and gripped his obvious arousal in a tightened fist, he could not help but groan loudly and toss his head back. His skull connected with the headboard noisily, but it did not deter her. She pumped her hand along the length of him as she curled her feet beneath his thighs. Stared down at him with glossy eyes and parted lips. Never shook away the wet black hair curtaining her face.

And through her obvious anger, Nate never thought her more beautiful.

Despite the constant need to arch into her, he lifted his hands and placed them on either side of her hips. One fingering the elastic waist of her underwear while the other traveled upward, looking to claim a bouncing breast. A free hand managed to snag his wrist before he could do so, however, and she leaned forward to pin it over his head. She never released either grip, but she leaned down to press another hungry kiss against his mouth. Eyelids fluttered closed at all of the attention everywhere at once, but Nate could still feel her shift around as she removed the last bit of clothing separating them.

“Aw fuck,” he hissed and clenched his jaw when she had pulled away and quickly mounted herself on top of him. Tight warmth completely enveloped him and it was all he could do not to cry out at the consuming contact. She let out a small moan of her own, but just as quickly went back to work again. Semi long fingernails dug into the back of his neck as she lifted his head to claim his lips once more.

“Dom…” he mumbled against her.

“Shut up.”

Okay. Any more words were quickly muffled by the tongue being shoved into his mouth. Domino quickly got business-like, rising along the length of his erection and back down again. Hips lifting and slamming back down onto his own again. So deep inside of her, yet he yearned to be closer.

Nate lifted the hand she hadn’t been holding down, and traced it up her back. Muscles working and contracting tightly beneath him as she moved. Such soft skin – flawless, white, and so perfect for someone always throwing herself into the epicentre of danger. He ached to feel it, so badly and so strange considering she was right there with him, yet he could not help but long for it.

She slammed onto him again, and the explosion of desire he got from it consumed him. Instantly he broke away from her mouth and pushed himself upward so that he was sitting up. Domino stayed securely on his lap, still maintaining her rhythm. Only now Nate fell into it with her. Fleshy hand at the base of her skull, and the techno-organic one pressed firmly along the jutting bone of her hip. She tossed her own arms around his neck and kissed him again.

And through her obvious lust, Nate still felt her guilt and regret.

Stop thinking about that.

She fisted his hair tightly and held him close, allowing their skin to slide through sweat. Every curve of her body was felt on his, and it pushed him over the edge. An animalistic lust came over him, and he quickly manoeuvred them once more. Tossed her onto her back and lifted her legs over his shoulders. Straightened his back, and stared down at her with blazing eyes. Both of her hands pinned down over her head with the aid of nothing but uncontrolled mutant ability, and he reared back and slammed into her. Domino’s mouth fell open and she tilted her head back. “Fuck…”

Nate clenched his jaw and slammed into her again, cock reaching up deep inside of her as she clamped around him tightly. Hot and wet and just the very feel of it made him sweat. Tossing his head back, he dropped his hands down to fondle her bouncing breasts, and that time she was unable to stop him. He pinched and rolled her nipples between his fingers as he fucked her. It was rough and desperate, but it did not matter. Such emotions flowed through their rapport and affected movements, and by then Nate could hardly tell who it was that was feeling such things anyways.

What was his was hers, and hers was his. Thoughts, feelings, body, and soul.

Domino clenched her jaw and panted through the strangled moans that made their way up her throat. Slightly her body trembled as he continued to thrust inside her, and the hands above her head slowly curled into fists.

“Fuck,” she repeated, that time hoarsely.

Nathan sped up, slamming into her as he simultaneously caressed her breasts. It only took a few seconds for her body to jolt roughly, and she cried out. Inner muscles gripping him tightly as she quivered. The tightened hold around him made him groan as well.

Just the look of her face when she climaxed was always enough for him.

It took so much for her to let her guard down, and with her release the negative feelings in her mind from earlier disappeared too. Instead, an intense wave of relief and satisfaction rolled through Nathan’s brain. He thrusted only a few more times before the familiar, explosive wave of desire blew over him as well and he emptied inside of her. Burying himself as deep up as he could, and his head fell back against her feet behind him.

“Flonquing hell…”

Wanna let my hands go now?

Nathan blinked and shook his head tiredly. Let her body go and pulled out from inside of her. They both panted at the release, and he dropped down to the bed beside her. It took a few seconds, but the hold on her arms released, and she dropped them down to her stomach as she fought to catch her breath. No words passed between them, but Nathan did not mind. That was probably the best that they were going to do anyways.

Sad, but true.

“Are you all right now?” he could not help but ask many moments later.

She did not say a word. Instead, she rolled off of the bed and walked into her attached bathroom, flipped the light on, and slammed the door shut behind her. Nate just stared back up at the ceiling above and sighed. Concentrating as best he could, he worked on sending a telepathic message to her.

It’ll be okay; we’ll be okay.

A few moments passed and he felt no reply. She was either trying to ignore him, or she did not hear.

Oddly enough, he hoped it was the first one.
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