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Fic: The Space Between

Prompt: #93 – Car; #59 – Best Friends
Fandom: X-Force (Post #61)
Characters: Rictor and Shatterstar
Genre: romance/angst
Rated: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own a thing.
Summary: Everything always led back to that looming thing that existed between them, and Ric couldn't help but wonder if they were going to be left just going with the motions forever.
Warnings: Graphic sex and potty language ahead.
Word Count: 6,900ish

A/N: I’ve had this sitting on my computer unfinished forever now, and finally decided I was in the mood to write it. Now if only I could finish the other nine or so that are sitting there too. D:

Also, Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians! I can still say it because there's three minutes left. *dances*

Movies and television always made things look so easy. Friendships, relationships, careers, families, and emotions. Of course, most of the time the characters were dragged through hell and back, but they always seemed to get over it quickly. They just did what they wanted and needed to do and that was that. So it wasn’t a wonder that Rictor found himself glued to the TV all of the time. It grabbed his attention and kept his mind off of things that were complicated; he could just watch someone else’s problems, and his could be dealt with some other time. Commercials, dramas, soaps, comedy – anything would do, really. Each was a learning experience and each provided a new limit and extreme from the last. As long as it was someone else who was the source of his entertainment, life was good. There was no thinking and no worrying involved.

What he would do for a television set right then. Instead, he found himself stuck in a van parked on the side of road in a commercial loading zone. Rictor had come back to X-Force itching for some action again; to be able to fight and unleash pent up energy. Back in the day the crew had basically been a walking wrecking ball of rage, and four months back home in Mexico had left him completely stir crazy to return and get his hands dirty. However, Ric had come to learn that X-Force was not much of the wrecking ball that they used to be.

It was one week after his return, and already they had been sent on their second mission. The first had been a stealth operation that required them to infiltrate a mutant growth hormone drug production warehouse. Stealth was okay, he supposed, and he expected that one to be their last. But of course it was not to be, and their current mission was a stakeout – and he was completely bored out of his skull – again.

Television even made stakeouts look exciting; there was none of that sitting for six hours that they had been doing so far.

It did not help that he had been left alone to stakeout with Shatterstar. Things had gotten a bit intense since Julio returned from Mexico, and it wasn’t like the boys were really any good at dealing with such things. Shatterstar had been captured and murdered, and then somehow was miraculously resurrected. They went through the post death motions, fighting, making up, and then…well. Then things got even more complicated and physical. Somehow Rictor landed in bed with the alien, and things had not been the same between them since. It wasn’t that he particularly meant for it to turn out that way, it had just happened. Emotions got the better of them and tension had been thick. Then the missions started the morning after and they could hardly even look each other in the face.

Madre de Dios, television even made the whole sex thing so much less complicated.

The time in the van kept forcing Ric’s mind back to the events that had transpired, and it was not a topic he found he could bring up to Shatterstar. The Mexican also got the hint that the warrior had the same problem. So they sat there, both staring blankly out the windshield at the darkened street in absolute silence. The summer air left the interior hot and stuffy, and the leather of the seats clung uncomfortably to the bare skin of Ric’s arms and neck. Shatty had not voiced any complaints about the temperature, but it was plain as day to see the soft sheet of sweat formed on his brow, and the way the hair of his sideburns had darkened from perspiration.

Then again, it was hard for Ric not to notice; he had been turning his head and staring at Shatterstar every few moments. Trying to think of something to say. Wanting to kill that strange, unvoiced thing between them. It was hard not having his best friend there to talk to and he was almost scared at the prospect of not having that anymore. Yeah, he had left for a couple of months, but he had said it would only be temporary from the very start. He needed ‘Star. It was killing Rictor.

His gaze flickered up again, and that time Shatty had his head leaned against the glass of the window. His pale eyes – which were actually startlingly brighter now that Ric really looked at them – watched out over the empty streets dutifully. His lips were slightly parted to allow a faint puff of air to cloud over the window. The rest of his body seemed stiff and tense, save for his arms, which lay loosely between his thighs and on the seat. Ric ran his gaze over the powerful legs and up to his lap and stopped there. A sort of warmth rushed over him like a blast of fire, and yet all he could do was shiver at the feel of it. That god damn spandex looked so good on Shatty, yet Rictor could not help but feel a tad bit of hatred towards it. Spandex let his eyes roam and wander and get distracted by that perfectly chiselled body. Especially that package.


Shaking his head, Rictor shifted in his seat uncomfortably and dropped his own arms in his lap subconsciously. It suddenly felt a hell of a lot hotter in that van, and Julio was unsure how that was even possible given the state it had been in for the past six hours.

This is squad one, copy?

He jumped at the sudden buzz of the comm link. The radio had not gone off for well over two hours by that point, and he had not been expecting to hear Domino’s voice. Shatty just shot him a strange look at the reaction before leaning over to grab the device off of the dash. “Squad three copy,” he responded, his voice a bit hoarse at the lack of use. He cleared his throat, and sat back in his seat without looking at Rictor.

Squad two’s here,’ Roberto came next.

And squad four,’ Jimmy replied.

I’m just letting you guys know that we’ve had no activity going on at the front entrance for over an hour and a half now. Nate’s saying we should just give it another hour tops.

Y’know, I really have to pee,’ Tabitha’s voice whined, and Rictor could not help but snort at that.

Well hold it. I’ll give you guys a signal when the time’s up. Just keep a look out for anything out of the ordinary in the meantime.’

“Copy,” Shatty muttered in the radio and tossed it back down on the dash. The alien actually looked disappointed at the lack of activity, and Ric didn’t blame him. However, Julio also could not help but think ‘Star would do just about anything to get out of the van right then. That thought just made Rictor even crabbier.

“This freaking sucks!” he smacked the steering wheel in front of him. “This is bullshit! I don’t get why we just don’t run the hell in there and knock the whole place down! We’d take out the cabrones, destroy the MGH, problem solved! What’s with all this sitting duck crap!?”

“Apparently running in blind like we did before was not doing us any good,” Shatty muttered against his hand as he leaned further against the door. “According to Xavier and Cable, anyways.”

“Yeah, well that’s crap! At least we actually got our job done before! Now we just screw around and draw everything out a hell of a lot longer than it should be. I’m freaking sick of it!”

“Yes well, things changed when you left. Maybe you should’ve stuck around,” he murmured in an annoyed fashion, and that just made Rictor even madder.

“Screw you, ‘Star! We’ve been over this, and you can’t even hold that against me! I fucking came back right when I told you I would!” he huffed and kicked his foot out against the dashboard. “You’re just looking for an excuse to sulk because you can’t get the hell out of this piece of crap excuse for a vehicle either!”

“I am not sulking!” he hissed.

“You are too, you freaking baby.”

“Did you seriously just call me that?” the warrior sat up straighter and glared at him.

Rictor was not afraid of him. He glared right back. “You’re damn right I did! I left, get the hell over it! Some things are little more important than this shitty team!”

Shatterstar’s expression was the pure embodiment of rage in that moment, but those eyes – those startlingly bright eyes – shone with hurt, even in the dark. Right in that instant Ric wished he could take it back, but was much too stubborn to even try. So he did what he did best, and he continued to fume. Once Shatterstar realized that he was not going to budge, he too sat back in his seat, muttering under his breath.

He should not have gone there. Ric’s leaving was so obviously a sore spot with ‘Star, even if he had returned. Shatty just didn’t know any better about that kind of stuff; Ric was supposed to be his best friend. He was supposed to teach him how to deal with those things, and he didn’t. He didn’t because he was the cause of them. Even if it would not be such a big deal to any other person, it was a big deal to Star.

Rictor was actually surprised the alien did not turn around and knock him one in the face for being such a prick. Maybe he was just used to it. Maybe, despite the fact that his actions a few nights ago spoke otherwise, 'Star had come to expect being let down and shoved off to the side like a piece of trash from Ric. That final thought made Rictor go from mad to miserable in .25 of a second.

Dios, they really just needed to stick to TV! He could not convince himself any more than that!

Sighing, he turned back to face his friend and furrowed his eyebrows. Shatterstar was sitting back against the seat, looking ridiculously small and pouty with his arms folded and his face scrunched up in an angry grimace. Ric had to repress the urge to smack him upside the head; it was time for serious and mature behaviour.

Yeah right. Like he could manage that.


“What!?” he snapped, and it actually made Ric jump.

“Okay, you know what? If we’re going to rely on me to be the casual, sensitive, and mature one in this relationship, we are destined to fail. Fail. You hear me?” Rictor narrowed his eyes and leaned closer to him. “We gotta talk about this. I don’t wanna do it, you obviously don’t wanna do it, but…” Dios, how did they say it on the soaps again?

“But what? What are you even referring to?”

The Mexican tugged at his hair in frustration. “You know what I’m talking about! This thing…between us. This…you know, that happened. The stuff!”

Shatterstar stared at him dumbly, and for a second Rictor was afraid that maybe his brain had stopped working. But thankfully, he quickly shook his head and blinked a couple of times to confirm otherwise. “I do not understand what it is you are trying to say, Julio. You are not being very casual nor sensitive.”

Count to ten backwards in his head. It was all he had to do to save himself from losing his sanity. “Okay. Remember that time that you died and I got really sad, but then you came back to life and I was really happy when I saw you? And then we…uhm, went home and…”

“Had sex?”

Rictor heaved a heavy enough sigh to send his bangs straight up in the air. “Yes! Madre de Dios! You’ve been acting weird ever since!”

“You have, too.”

“I...” Ric stopped and slouched in his seat, trying his damndest to keep his frustration in check. So much for serious and mature! The whole thing was worse than ninth grade melodrama. Well, except that there was no dirty rumours involved, but that was beside the point. Rictor had a lot of trouble talking about his emotional side, and Shatterstar sure did not make that easier. Before they had private and personal conversations, even about sex, but that was before the sex had happened with each other. That was before Rictor left X-Force. That was before Shatterstar died. Everything changed, and change was not easy. It was especially not easier than talking about this. “Look, ‘Star, my point isn’t whose fault this is. My point is that things are messed up now, and I don’t want them to be. I want my friend back and I want to be able to laugh and have fun with you again.”

Shatterstar just nodded, eyebrows pinched inward and face contemplative. It was that moment that Rictor caught the alien’s body stiffening up again in that tense-like manner. That he noticed the hair of his sideburns had darkened with just that much more sweat. With just a street light to illuminate the interior of the vehicle, confliction read obvious all over ‘Star’s body and that made Rictor nervous.


“Julio, I don’t know. I don’t know what to do,” he admitted in an irritable tone. “I can partake in these actions and I can trust you and…be your friend. I don’t know how to deal with emotional repercussions of such things.”

“You don’t…” Rictor paused and went over that statement very carefully in his head. “What are you even trying to say? What does that mean? Are you trying to tell me that you did that and you don’t understand why? That you just did something to make me happy!? That is fucked!”

“That is not what I am telling you. I did what I did because I wanted to, or else I wouldn’t have. I have…feelings, I suppose you would call it, for you but I just don’t know what to do with them. I am confused and I do not like to feel confused because I feel stupid and insufficient. I am lacking control over something within me and I don’t like it. At. All.”

Rictor just blinked and ran a hand through his hair. “Well…damn. Dios. You told me after you died that you felt complete. That things made more sense and that you were…hell, more in touch with your human side, or something.”

“But this is still new. I still have to learn as I go along despite finding what my mind needed.”

“And that’s why you were mad at me and avoiding me!? Because you didn’t get it!?” Rictor just scoffed and again smacked the steering wheel. “Why the hell didn’t you just ask me, cabron!? Did it not even occur to you!?”

“It did, but it first occurred to me that you would act like this,” he said, sticking his nose in the air in annoyance. “You’re not handling this much better. I think you are having issues with the fact that you lost your virginity to a man and not a woman. You’ve been acting like your machismo is threatened. This is perhaps why you keep wanting to run into everything and blow it up or knock it down.”

“Whatever, that is so not even the problem here!”

“I think it is,” Shatterstar shrugged.

“I like you! A lot! And I have no problems admitting that!” Rictor blurted out and then just blinked awkwardly. “I…do. You’re really freaking hot and…it’s better it was with you than some random piece of pussy.”


“Whatever, I’m serious,” he grumbled. “And if you can’t figure out whether or not you feel that way about me, then fine. Whatever. That’s your problem then.”

Shatterstar just watched him with a stoic look on his face, collected and pensive as Ric slouched further in his seat. Embarrassment swam through him like waves; figured the one time he managed to come out and say it, the guy didn’t do anything back. It was just his luck. It always came back to Rictor’s luck, and that just made him want to curl into a tiny little Mexican ball and die.

But, of course, Shatterstar would surely not let that happen. Instead, he decided to shock the hell out of Rictor by swiftly grabbing him by the chin and pulling him toward the passenger seat. Before Julio could even blink, there were lips pressed against his. Soft and hesitant they were at first, but Shatterstar quickly gained his confidence. First he slipped his hands along the sides of Ric’s jaw, and then he dared to open his lips and push his tongue out playfully. It did not take long for Rictor to get over the sudden stun either; an entire afternoon of looming tension between them was enough fuel for his hormones. In what had to be a record breaking feat, he moved himself over in his seat to get closer to Shatty.

Maybe ‘Star wasn’t so against figuring out that emotional stuff after all. Well, at least until after the physical stuff saw round two.

That was fine with Rictor too, and once he had managed to scramble out of the tangle that was his seatbelt, he had stretched his body over to sit on top of Shatty’s. Both legs spread over either side of the warrior’s lap, and his hands clawed determinedly at the clingy purple material on ‘Star’s neck. There was not much room up there on the passenger side of the cab, but Julio made it an effort to fit himself where he could. There was so much he was determined to get out by touching; so many things that he was much more able to show by his contact than by his words. He could not trip or stumble over this; being latched against 'Star's body seemed so much more natural. His instinct took over his control and that made all the difference in the world.

Shatterstar pulled him forward by the hips, and Ric’s needy groin pushed against the rippled abs snugly. The Mexican could have groaned at just the slightest brush, but had every sound muffled back into his throat as the warrior continued his assault on his mouth. All of the rage that Shatty had displayed throughout their arguing had been twisted up and bent into something more fierce and desperate. Something Rictor could taste with every flick of the tongue, and every hot breath against his lips. Shatterstar was near unforgiving in that state, and Ric knew that the evening’s pent up frustration would only fuel it.

But with those lips – those full, soft and yet so powerful lips – crushing his and working his mouth like crazed sort of exercise, Julio could not back down from him. Forgotten were the mission at hand and the fact they were parked on the side of a public street. All that mattered in that moment was the roaming hands on his back and hips, and the taunting teeth nipping at his lips. It sent him into a dizzy haze. He couldn’t see a foot in front of him, and yet all he could see was Shatterstar.

“Julio,” he breathed as he pulled away and moved that frantic mouth down Ric’s chin and toward his throat. “I need—I need to…”

Brown eyes rolled back as Ric stretched out his neck and gave him a stretch of flesh to work on. “Amigo, just tell me, ‘kay?”

“I need to feel you,” he admitted hoarsely as he trailed his tongue along the darker toned Adam’s apple and further into the hollow of his throat. Long, whirling, flat licks that left a cool sting against the hot night air. Rictor just growled low in the back of his throat, both from the feel and from the words leaving his friend’s mouth. Shatty needed, and that was a simple enough declaration for them both to understand.

So Ric allowed Shatterstar to bend and twist and work them off of the seat and toward the back of the van. The empty floor had just a couple of weapons lying haphazardly across the surface, and the rest was just dirty metal. Cold it was against the back of his arms and head as Shatty pinned him down to the floor and climbed on top of him. The larger body settled down between Rictor’s thighs, and made a point to shove away their equipment. The cold of the floor was instantly replaced with the warmth of ‘Star. And Ric wanted more of it. Craved it. Ached for it.

Using his teeth, the Mexican rid himself of the fingerless gloves on his hands and tossed them carelessly toward the front of the cab. With the flesh exposed, he went into a manhandling frenzy. Dropped his hands down to Shatty’s ass and squeezed the spandex covered muscle there, eliciting a shameless thrust from the warrior. So Ric did it again; one more time for good measure before moving his hands up and along the powerful back. Every muscle contracted and rippled underneath his touch, and it was absolutely mesmerizing. His cock flexed at all the small reactions he got, and suddenly he felt too constricted in his uniform. He was hot and restricted.

“Fuck, I need this off,” Julio grunted and tugged at his bandanna in an annoyed fashion. As he loosened the knot of the soft fabric around his neck, ‘Star went to work on the front of his uniform – not at all giving it the same patience. The zipper was torn open roughly; enhanced strength destroying the teeth of it and exposing the bare flesh of Ric’s chest and belly. The freedom was definitely nice, but the uniform…dammit! “‘Star!”

“You said you wanted it off!” the warrior snapped back, dropping his lips down to Ric’s chest in a fury.

“But…shit! I still have to go out there!” Ric whined through choked whimpers, and dug his hands through Shatty’s hair. “Madre de Dios, you broke it--”

“Shut up,” ‘Star snapped, locking his teeth around a nipple.

“Oh Jesus!” came the yelp in reply, and Ric practically arched his entire back off of the floor of the van. The scrape of teeth was immediately replaced with a tending tongue, licking and soothing the bud until it was a hardened nub. Satisfied with his handy work, Shatty moved onto the other and gave it the same treatment. “Por favor, ‘Star.”

That earned Rictor a heavy lidded glance, and Shatty immediately climbed back up his body to kiss his mouth once more. They tangled together in a rushed panic, clawing at each other's bodies and uniforms as though the world was going to end in any moment. And in a way it was. Because again, that bond that connected them was being tested with simple actions when just hours ago it seemed as though it was hardly there at all. Everything changed in an instant every single time their lips met.

It was good change. Rictor had to keep reminding himself of that.

Good, in the sense that they were interacting again, and good in the sense that he kept getting those small, needy whimpers out of Shatty. It was good to see the confidence burning behind his friend’s gaze; the way his eyes climbed over his body was enough to make Julio feel electric heat run through him.

Rictor needed to feel Shatterstar, too.

So they finally worked on getting Shatty undressed, and the warrior did not waste any time pushing the offensive uniform down and around his thighs. His cock was dark, hard, and at attention against his stomach, absolutely aching and ready to go. Rictor could not even help the choked sigh that left his lips at the sight of it, and again he felt much too overdressed.

Madre de Dios, you are so fucking hot.”

Shatterstar simply nodded at the comment and sat Rictor up to undress him. Arms went first out of his sleeves, and one swift tug rolled the rest of it right down to the Mexican’s legs. ‘Star brought his mouth down onto Ric’s knees and calves as he lifted each leg in the air to strip him free of his boots and clothes. Lips pressing and sucking against the course hair, and Ric felt like he was being taunted all over. He had Shatty all over him – everywhere except his dick – and that made him even hornier.

“¡‘Star, por favor! Tu labios, tu manos...”

Shatty shot him a startling and rare grin as he held Rictor’s foot in the air, pressing his lips against the ball of it and then the bottom of his toes. The ticklish sensation it brought on made the Mexican squirm, but that did not deter the alien. His tongue trailed along the curve and arch in Ric’s foot, stopping every so often to kiss and suck at random places along the way. His heel, his ankles, the base of his calf, the ridge of his shin. And he kept on with the teasing behaviour over every scar and mark on Rictor’s knee and leg. Just hungrily loving and claiming every squared inch of flesh he could find.

“You are shaking,” Shatterstar lulled as he neared his groin.

“I can’t…” Ric lifted his head up to look at him, but just as quickly dropped it back down again like he couldn’t even support its weight. “I can’t help it! C’mon!”

Shatterstar had a wolfish grin on his face as he neared Rictor’s cock. Julio’s heart beat wildly against his rib cage in anticipation; he could practically hear it jack hammering through his entire body with every centimetre closer Shatty got. ‘Star must have felt it too, because he took a nice long drawn out pause to rub his hands up the front of Rictor’s hips and belly as he dropped down between his spread thighs and lowered his face into his lap. The hair of his loin shifted as the warrior dug his nose through it, paused, and then nipped playfully at the base of Ric’s cock.

“My fucking God…”

“Hmmm,” ‘Star only hummed in reply as he buried his face deeper; tongue sent out on a hurried mission to cover the shaft teasingly as it made its ascent up to the stiffened head. Hot breath tickled at the wet trails it left there, and Ric could not even stop his arms from flailing out to his sides to grab at something. He knocked over a couple of weapons and sent Shatty’s sword case scattering, but could find nothing solid to hold onto.

However, the equipment bag with their personal affects would suffice too.

Just as Shatterstar folded his lips over Ric’s cock, the Mexican managed to worm his hand inside the duffel. A bottle of water burst under him as an accidental vibe blast left his fingers, and he cursed. “Dios!”

And Shatty hummed again, sending his own slight vibration around Ric’s head and it made the Mexican pause in his movements. Made him look down at the long haired man bobbing along his length and just jolt with desire. Shatty was finding things to do with his lips, his tongue, his hands, and every other possible piece of his body he could use to his advantage, and Julio could hardly stand it. Pathetically, he quivered below him in a stunned daze and momentarily forgot what it was he was doing. He had to remind himself to just breathe.

Shatterstar continued to work like a man on a mission. He glided Rictor’s cock along the length of his hard palate and to the back of his throat, sliding far enough down to nuzzle his nose into the curls of hair on the Mexican’s groin. Steadied the pace of the sucking by working the muscles of his lips, inching back and forth with them as his hand got business-like below. One grip remained firmly placed along the underside of Ric’s knee, pushing up and out to spread him open for better access. The other tended to his balls; rolling, caressing, and massaging the soft sac to momentarily render Rictor senseless. There was so much attention going on everywhere at once that Julio did not even know what to do with himself.

The equipment bag.

He needed the bag. He needed to get in there if they wanted to finish this, and he inwardly screamed at his body to move. Rictor didn’t particularly want to finish this right now, but at the same time he could hardly wait any longer. Having the wet mouth wrapped around him was like heaven, but he needed more. Rictor wanted Shatterstar inside and filling him and making him scream and come and beg for him all at the same time. So he reached into the now wet and messy duffel and scavenged around for his wallet, and when he finally found it, he pulled it out to dig through. A couple of cards and coins fell out and landed around the van messily, but he held no cares. Not until he caught sight of a condom; then he just threw the leather to join the fallen items.

Shatterstar eyed him amusedly below, easing off the shaft to place his hand there instead. A firm grip applied, pumping Rictor from top to bottom so that the larger body could work its way back up. Every muscle and soft piece of flesh covering him made Rictor that much more delusional, and he quickly grabbed at Shatty’s hair to pull him up faster. Wanted and needed to have him closer, and was thrilled at the prospect of just kissing him again. Their lips met suddenly and forcefully, hard enough to crush them back up against Ric’s face, but it was amazing. Never mind the brief taste of himself on ‘Star’s lips, Julio had Shatterstar completely invading his senses once more.

Television could never, ever pull that feeling off effectively for anything. Despite all his constant musing earlier, real life never ceased to amaze him more in times like these.


“Yeah ‘Star?”

Shatty looked down at him with heavy lidded eyes and quickly snaked his arms out to pin Ric’s wrists to the floor. “What do you want?”

Julio’s face heated at the question, and he thrust his hips up and against Shatty’s lap. “You.”


“In…” he choked out, thrusting up again shamelessly. “In, ‘Star. I need you. C’mon.”

Shatterstar’s eyes never left his as he slowly slid one hand up off of his wrist and into his hand to grab the package Ric clutched there. He pressed one more chaste kiss against Julio’s mouth before tugging it free completely, and pushed himself up onto his knees. At a frenzied pace, the condom was torn open with his teeth and quickly applied. Julio watched him, readying himself as Shatty tossed the Mexican’s legs up in the air and leaned into him. Hair falling forward and splaying across Rictor’s chest as he lowered down and kissed him; the touch was more tender and loving than he had been the entire time. The contact was enough to make Julio relax completely as he held him, just close and intimate and completely perfect.

Shatty’s timing was also just that. As soon as Rictor had completely let himself go and found himself comfortable, ‘Star slowly thrust upward and deep inside of him. For just a split second Julio felt as though he had been completely impaled. Bursts of colour flashed behind his eyelids, and it took everything not to shout out in protest. The intrusion, however, did not hurt long and slowly progressed into something better. More pleasurable.

“Mother fucker…” he hissed through clenched teeth and dropped his head back down to the floor.

“Sorry,” Shatty muttered and lifted his hand to push the loose brown locks from Rictor’s face.

“It’s all right, I’m good,” he whispered.

Shatterstar nodded and clenched his jaw as he adjusted his position. He rolled on his knees and held tightly onto Rictor’s legs as he pushed up again and back out. Slowly but surely he found himself a steady pace whilst allowing both boys to settle into each other. A strange sort of calm came over Julio then, and he found himself able to just enjoy it. To enjoy the way ‘Star’s hands roamed adventurously up Ric's legs, to his hips, and up along his chest and belly. To enjoy the feeling of knowing that he did still have his best friend there with him, and even if things changed they could make it work. They had to make it work.

The look on Shatty’s face right then suggested to Ric that they could. Despite the fact that it was all still new, he was enjoying it. He still had an ounce of control when he was the one that had Rictor pinned flat on his back and at his mercy. Shatterstar was the one in control as he slid himself in and out of Rictor’s body. Shatterstar was enjoying the fact that he could have this and just be able to reach out and grasp that part of his humanity and embrace it. His face and his eyes said it all. Soft and glossy orbs watched over Rictor dutifully – and maybe even lovingly – as he moved. His jaw was slack and the sheet of sweat was soft over his flushed cheeks. Every movement and expression he made declared his satisfaction, and that made Rictor feel better than anything else.

“Fekt,” ‘Star grunted and pushed Ric’s legs apart to bend himself over. Scooping up Julio’s head into his hands, Shatterstar stole another kiss from his mouth. Breathing and moaning heavily deep down into Ric’s throat as he rocked his hips. Up deeper and deeper with every thrust he went until Rictor could not even focus on moving his mouth the way that he wanted to. “Julio…” he breathed again.

“Dios, cariño,” Ric drawled right back, trying and failing to go for Shatty’s mouth again; instead, bumping their noses and chins together with clumsy inaccuracy.

Shatty did not seem to mind though; he nuzzled his face right back against the side of Rictor’s jaw just in time to rear back nearly his full length and slam back in again. Julio groaned loudly at the movement, but lay back fully to accept another. Shatterstar complied, looking only happy to do so, and pulled out again. Slammed back in and got far enough up to reach that spot that turned Ric into a quivering pile of mush.

He could not even see straight by that point.

All he could smell and taste and feel was ‘Star – on him and in him – and he could only lay back with his knees bent up and take it. His mind was completely scrambled for any one thought or emotion right then. All his brain told him to do was grab his dick and get off; that he was getting to the point where climax was looming and he needed to get there. To extinguish the growing surge of arousal absolutely blasting through him – in his chest, his thighs, his balls, and everywhere so much that he couldn’t think where else.

“Za’s Vid…” Shatty sputtered out and wrapped his hand around Rictor’s to help him finish off. They pumped together, quick and tight and only for a few seconds before he released. Ric arched up and off the floor and against ‘Star as he let it all go, and the rest went by in a complete blur. Shatty choked out a few more choice Cadre words as he thrust a few more times and came to a stop. His mouth fell open and his eyes pinched shut into the crook of Ric’s neck and he was done. Slowly sliding back and forth until he was able to pull out completely.

“Fuck,” Ric grunted and wrapped his arms around the weight on top of him. “You all right!?”

“I’m good,” ‘Star nodded and pulled himself up and off and settled on the floor of the van beside him. The vehicle bounced under the sudden weight shift, but Shatty paid no attention. He just scrunched his face up and rid himself of the used rubber, and let out a long drawn out sigh at the freedom from it. “I’m good,” he repeated breathily.

“Good,” Rictor rubbed his hands over his face and tried to gather his bearings. “Hey, about before--”

“It’s okay,” he cut him off.


“You were upset,” Shatterstar muttered and worked on rolling his uniform back up and over his hips. “I suppose you had right to be.”

Rictor just frowned at that and fished around for his own clothes. “Damn, I didn’t expect you to actually give up on that so easily.”

“Give up? I went on to you, didn’t I?”

“Came on to me?” Rictor smirked at him and couldn’t help the goofy grin that stretched across his face. “Yeah you did. Still, I wasn’t sure if that was intentionally your way of saying that this was okay. And that what I said to you was okay.”

“What you said?” he furrowed his eyebrows as he reattached his belt.

“Yeah, you know,” Ric cleared his throat awkwardly and shrugged. “That I like you.”

‘Star just stared at him pensively for a few moments, not moving at all except for to hand the Mexican his boots. That same contemplative look masked his face, and for a second, again, Ric was worried that his brain had stopped working. However, the warrior offered him a rare smile and nodded. “That is okay. I like you too, Julio.”

“Cool, I mean…yeah. You know, I guess that means we can--”

This is squad one, do you guys copy?’ Domino’s voice interrupted anything else that could be said. Frantically the boys worked on cleaning up the back of the van and scrambling to get Rictor dressed again. Unfortunately, that god damn zipper was still freaking broken, but he got himself put together otherwise.

After every other squad had reported back, Shatty finally clambered to the front seat to grab the comm link. “Squad three copies.”

We’ve got some company at the front gate of the warehouse. Siryn and I are going to monitor the activity there, so it looks like you guys will be on standby for a little while longer. Is everyone okay with that?

Shatty sent Rictor an amused look before he brought the radio back up to his mouth. “But we want some action, Domino.”

Well you’re just going to have to entertain yourself, ‘Star. Sorry,’ she lulled back in reply.

“Okay,” he shrugged and simply tossed the radio back onto the dash and fell back into his seat.

“You want some action?” Rictor stared at him incredulously. “Are you not even tired?!”

He just smirked and retied his hair. “I was gifted with endurance.”

“Lucky me,” Ric groaned as he pulled himself up and moved toward the front of the van. He plopped down in his seat, and fiddled with his busted uniform absently. Thoughts raced through his head like mad, and yet he couldn’t keep his focus on a single one if he tried. “Man, I can’t believe we just did that on a mission.”

Shatterstar just hummed and leaned against his window boredly. “We can do it again.”

“Right now!?” Julio’s voice nearly cracked in exasperation.

“Whenever you want to, Rictor,” Shatterstar glanced at him amusedly and shook his head. “Not right now. Just…in the future. If you would like to, we can.”

All Ric could do was smile and nod at that. In the future; a future spent with Shatty doing whatever he wanted. There was something oddly exhilarating about that, and it settled all of his nerves for the time being. Sure, they hadn’t come right out and said anything out loud, but there was just something there between them that did all of the confirming Rictor needed. He wasn’t sure if it was a shift in the air or just the afterglow of their actions, but it was there. That space between them…it always came back to that no matter what sudden changes were thrown their way. It always stayed the same and that was one thing Rictor knew he could always rely on.



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