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Oh wow. Total randomness, ahead. O_O

Ana beat me in bowling tonight. The jerk. I should've posted a picture of her just to be an ass, but I did not. I also hurt my leg again today. The injury I got from firefighting has been bothering me as of late, and I'm not wearing good shoes. So now all of my tendons and ligaments are pissing off my right leg again. *sigh*

I totally bought a Ninja Turtles comic today. It was win. 8D

Lastly, a woman pooped her pants this afternoon when I was riding the elevator with her. It dripped down her leg and onto the floor. Being the good medically trained (un)professional that I am, I proceeded to gag and pull my shirt up over my nose before running the hell out of there in a frantic jog. It was so sick. I mean, I could've survived the sight of it had it not stunk. But it was rank, people, rank! And since she seemed to have a smug and casual look on her face, I think I am not being out of line by showing my disgust. But that is just me. O_O Pooping in public can be a frowned upon thing, namely in a mall elevator.

Anyways, here are some goats.

These are two little goats that betterthanlegos and I go and visit at a local farm. They're pretty cool little guys and like to fight the sheep a few pens down whenever they get loose. It's funny. Sometimes we like to provide commentary for said fights, which makes it even more entertaining. Yes, I really am that stupid of a person. Sue me. They're just play fights and no one gets hurt, so it's not like I'm hurting their feelings.

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That is their bench of love. They like to hang out on it when they can't reach our hands. ^^

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Uhmmmmm...oops. O_O
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