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I hate Angelfire. If I could bomb a website, it would be that one

Also, maybe Marvel too. Because they cancelled She-Hulk. STFU and piss and moan about that book and PAD's run all you want, I don't want it to be cancelled, dammit! Has anyone heard why they did it? Sales couldn't have been that bad, could they? Seems like so many good books are getting cancelled lately. That is what I would like to call a giant pile of ass sweat.


In other news, I hit a dude in the eyeball today from twenty-five feet away with a date. A DATE. And not only did I hit him...I hit him twice. In the same spot. That takes talent and I was impressed with myself until I remembered how much eyeballs squick me and terrify me. Then I just felt mortified.

My birthday is coming soon. Just a few more days. I am happy because I get the night off work...and yet I can't help but feel that every year that passes is just taking me further and further from...well being young. WHICH! Is true, obviously, but still not fun to think about. :(

Finally, I have a crush on this girl that works at Subway. Weird. I don't have any interest in dating her or anything, but I have this...IDK. She's cute and she swears a lot and is convinced God is pissing on her and she makes me sammiches. Can't get much better than that. :D Well, I guess anything is a step up from the last chick....and the last couple of dudes for that matter too. D8

Anywhooo, I'm cranky (like you couldn't tell, eh?). Angelfire pissed me off and I'm tired and I still have to finish this fic I said I would have done on MONDAY. God I suck. I think I just need to watch Power Rangers and go to sleep.


Tags: dragonzord will eat you, failing at life, fuck off, ilu power rangers, oh shit
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