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I'm trying to get my writing muse back, so I stole a meme from dytabytes .

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

I couldn't pick a character or fandom, so its multi. I did X-Men, New Warriors, The Authority, Queer As Folk, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Supernatural, X-Force, and, uhm...*cough* Power Rangers. o.O

1. Muse – Citizen Erased
Fandom/Character: X-Men/Cable

Today they were another couples of decades away. Traveling through war torn plains of a country he was desperately trying to save, and yet there never seemed to be any good where he went. Nathan Summers had thrown his entire life away to make this world right. To take the Little Girl – the mutant Messiah – and protect her so that the future – his past – could gain the amazing potential he knew it could have.

So why did it never seem to get any better at all?

It was frustrating for Nate; everywhere he went there was dominating soldiers and death…and Bishop. He was running for his life while trying to salvage something good, and Lucas couldn’t see that. There was so much lying on the head of one little human.

A little human that Cable was responsible for.

His past life with the X-Men was gone. Everything was riding on the survival of this kid, and while Nate knew this, it was getting harder and harder. Did he throw everything away for the right reason? Was this ever going to get better?

He made a sacrifice. Now he needed to stick with it.

2. Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide
Fandom/Character: The Authority/Apollo

Apollo stayed still and motionless in the sky. It was so quiet where he was, and just once more he wished he could feel the world beneath his feet. An Earth that was near poisonous to him now, and yet he yearned for nothing more. The people were divided amongst violence, sickness, and death. There was no hope and the future was painted grim.

He was supposed to be a hero. The Sun King; Apollo was supposed to be the man who helped protect the world. All he was now was a floating, useless corpse in the sky. Pathetic and damned and wanting so badly but could not have.

And he stayed that way for many hours – many days – dreaming of the sand beneath his feet and that old, sweet and sour look of his lover’s face as a recognizable dream once more.

3. Weepies – World Spins Madly On
Fandom/Character: New Warriors/Decibel

It was another day, quiet and lonely and despite the fact that there were a dozen people around him to keep him company, Decibel could never quite make himself at home with the New Warriors. Sure, Jubes was there and Night Thrasher had helped him through a shitty time…but it wasn’t the same.

Everyday he woke up with this new face and these new powers and he couldn’t help but wonder how the hell he was even the same person anymore. Everything was different and he was more miserable than ever. It hurt. It hurt in ways he couldn’t really explain.

Those were the days he wished something fierce that his best friend was still around. Angelo would take a look at his new face and his loss of power and tell him ‘Dios, amigo, it could be a hundred times worse,’ and despite wanting to ring his neck for saying it, Jono knew he was right. He’d have to shut up and cheer up and nothing would be fixed but at least it was better and that was all that would matter.

It was just his luck that even that had changed too. It was days like today that Jono wondered why the hell he hadn’t taken the plunge off that fucking bridge because at least then he could’ve had that semblance of normalcy again.

Even if it didn’t fix anything at least it would have hurt less.

4. The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Fandom/Characters: Queer As Folk/Brian & Justin

Justin knew Brian was laughing at him inside every time he said it. He could tell just by the way his eyes would glimmer with that small spark of amusement, and the way his lips would twitch up at the sides. ‘Sonny boy,’ he would say, ‘that’s bullshit and you know it. Hetero, storybook crap.’

Every single time.

Justin always nodded and let Brian think whatever the hell he wanted. The sort of cynical, deep guarding denial was crap in Justin’s mind. Just because they were queer, it didn’t make a difference. They would fuck, fight, make up, and come home to each other just like anyone else. And even if it was the most fucked up thing in the world, he wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It was love; their kind of love, sure, but not different from anyone else's.

5. Placebo – Special Needs
Fandom/Character: Supernatural/Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester hated his fucking life sometimes. No matter how many times it was pounded into his brain that it was in his blood and that it needed to be done, it never seemed right.

Dean was dead. Dean died fixing a mess that he got into, and there was no other reason. Sam hated himself every fucking day for it, and now the hunt was even more bittersweet than it had ever been. Mom was gone, Dad was gone, and now Dean too. There was nothing left but Sam and the fucking car…

…and Ruby.

She was there and she was trying to find a way to make this right and that was all Sam needed. It mattered not how wrong it was or how pissed Dean would’ve been, he just needed his brother back and he needed his revenge. Sam needed, that was all he knew anymore, and Ruby was the only one left to fulfill that. Regrets would be lived out later. Now was…now. He’d take care of the rest when he could.

6. Sabotage – Beastie Boys
Fandom/Characters: X-Force/Rictor & Shatterstar

Why did he do these things to him?

Shatterstar could only sit back and watch and no matter how horrible or terrified or straight out awkward he felt, he could not even will himself to move away. Rictor dragged him out to some ridiculous dance club knowing that crowds really weren’t his thing, knowing he was dressed his best, and knowing that his eyes would be glued on that Mexican body the entire time…and Ric acted so blind to it.

He acted.

Julio knew what he was doing and most surely he had to have been aware of the painstaking way Shatterstar felt, and the alien couldn’t help but be bitter about it. It was so human and so confusing and, yet, so exhilarating.

Julio. He planned it from the start, Shatterstar cared not if it was accusing. He needed to get out of this place, and he needed to leave now. His body was working against him and Julio only watched. Stood back and watched and cheered.

Shatterstar couldn’t stand it another moment longer.

7. Oasis – Wonderwall
Fandom/Characters: Terminator: SCC/Cameron

She was created for one mission and one mission in particular: protect John Connor. No matter what happened and what other soldiers came back from the future, Cameron would fight for her objective until she destructed. There was so much about John Connor that was worth protecting, and the future of the entire Earth depended on it.

However, her time spent in the past was a confusing thing. Assimilation was mandatory and there were times that it was near impossible to act and move like these humans do. They were all so very emotional and held such cares for the silliest of things.

And there were times it was almost as though Cameron felt things too.

She had been programmed personally by John Connor himself and she sometimes assumed that he equipped her with such for a reason. John Connor was a smart man and a hero and yet…his older self was so different from his younger one. The older version of John Connor that she knew was hard, miserable, and lonely. This younger one was something else. He yearned for a normal life when he was not normal, he felt passionate feelings for things and people who were unimportant, and he was very quick to push away his responsibilities when they should have been the most important thing.

This young John Connor was wildly passionate and emotional and the older John Connor had lost that. Cameron assumed that perhaps the reason she had been equipped to feel was so that she could salvage that emotional damage before it be lost forever. To save that last aspect of his humanity, she supposed.

But she did not know. She could only assume. Cameron was not a human and therefore could not possibly know where that humanity lied, let alone if it could be salvaged. All she knew was that it was her job to save it, and she would be destroyed before she did not protect it.

8. Fucking Power Rangers Song – Buckethead
Fandom/Character: MMPR/Jason

Jason had battled the most insane of monsters, had seen the world threaten to end, had been in alternate dimensions and space, had fought inside giant talking robots, and held special powers. So much crazy shit that a normal person would never be able to wrap their mind around and he was able to do it with ease. Without a second thought. Nothing else mattered more to him than being that hero and protecting people – people he knew and people he did not. It was a second nature and he couldn’t ignore it.

Yet the simplest of things, teenage emotions and activities and feelings…he couldn’t do that. He saw too much and expected bad out of everything and that prevented him from being able to fully grasp the concept of just being a kid and having a normal life. It was like a strange and empty void and he couldn’t for the life of him ignore it.

It made him want to reach out and grasp things he knew he couldn’t have. It made Jason want to cling close to those he knew would understand. How could he make it through life around people who didn’t? That was why he needed his friends around and why he relied on them. They understood and they felt the same…but what would they think if they knew? Would they understand if he told them that he was not nearly close to the brave and strong leader they made him out to be?

He could not even live a normal life let alone fall in love with people he was supposed to fall in love with. He closed his eyes and saw only visions of green; hard muscles and a big heart sharing secrets only Jason knew. And Jason knew it was wrong, so wrong, yet he just didn’t have the power or will to deny it.

Such a force to be reckoned with.

9. Muse – Fillip
Fandom/Character: X-Factor/Longshot

It was so hard to let her go. Never mind the fact that he had his mind wiped or that the last few weeks had been bitter and unnecessarily angry. Longshot couldn’t let Ali go. Not on that note. Not for that reason. They had been through so much together – war, sickness, marriage, a miscarriage, death, lost memories – they couldn’t just break off for something so silly?

Ali was sad. She was not the same spunky, loving woman that he had married, and Longshot wondered just how much she had endured on Earth alone since returning from Mojoworld. She had lost him and their baby and had been left with nothing and there wasn’t a single other thing Longshot ever regretted more.

She left him saying she couldn’t handle the pressure of a relationship again, and he had reluctantly let her go. But he had faith. No matter what happened he knew his path had always led back to her, and he could only remain optimistic that it would again. She was his lover, his soul mate, and his best friend. Longshot would give her the space when she needed it, but he was never going to give her up completely.

Luck would have it that they be reunited. It always came back to that.

10. Bush – Machine Head
Fandom/Characters: X-Force/Rictor & Shatterstar

His breath was hot. His lips were moist. His skin was warm and flawless and was so fucking touchable that Rictor couldn’t stand it. There was nothing more hypnotic and exhilarating than having his hands all over that rock hard body where they weren’t supposed to be.

Kissing Shatterstar was like getting plugged into a wall and energized. Inexperience or fear was there but it was so far down and pushed away and ignored that everything else overcame it.

They had been locked up in Ric’s bedroom for nearly two hours and there was not a sign of slowing down. The air passed between them so close and intimate that it was like they were sharing it. Breathing in and out between every rushed kiss and tangle of the tongue like it was automatic second nature. Something that felt like they had been practicing for years. Yet…it had taken them so long.

Why did it take them so long?

It didn’t matter. Shatterstar flipped him over and seemingly stole his thoughts right from his brain. Shutting his brain off like it had some sort of robotic switch, and handed the control back over to his body. Instinct and arousal took over, and they settled into the bed in the dark without another concern. All that mattered then was the way those lips felt against Ric’s, and that was enough to keep the Mexican satisfied.

Hmmm. That felt good to get out. :D Now I just need to get a real fic done. *headdesk*

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