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Er, I totally meant to do this yesterday, but got stupid and forgot. Uhm, as you all probably know, scans_daily was nuked the other day. There is an information post about it located here! at mod schmevil's journal. Check it out and link it around if you can.

There are a few other community options including comics_scans, noscans_daily and Scans_Daily @ IJ.

There are a lot of rumours going around about it's demise, but it would appear that our "beloved" Peter David may have had a hand in it after last week's temper tantrum. He wrote an entry in his blog here making a stink in his own defense, but if you read the comments it would appear he had a bigger hand in it than he cares to admit. IDK decide for yourself. But this just furthers my ever growing hatred for the man. He can take his sales-tripling fantasies and shove it up his ass.

Anywho. That is all. For all you scans_daily friends I made I AM GLAD I MET YOU THERE. I loved our conversations and we had some great times together. Hopefully the mod team can work to build the community again and we can have some new memories. For now though...mourning. Because I would never join a comm like Newsarama or CBR. scans_daily was always home. And hopefully it can be again. :(

Tags: fuck off, oh noes, oh shit, seriously shut the fuck up, wtf
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