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durp durp hurrr durrr

I updated Shattering the Earth. Finally. Durr.

There you'll find some fanfiction, fanart, the appearance list updated, the ric/star page updated, and pics added to all three main galleries. So there you go. Enjoy.

And, by the way, if any of you guys have fanart, icons, fics, ANYTHING you wouldn't mind sharing and having archived, please tell me. I don't care if it's good, bad, quickly done, whatever. I'm collecting everything and I know I can't catch everything out there! So hit me up, pleaaaaaaaaaase. ♥

Also, zully designed a brand new layout for the site and it looks so amazing. Once all the coding is done for it, the site will be under construction for a bit to change everything. I'm really excited about it, so everyone in the world should send her love because she is awesome. I think I might have to propose to her so she can be my internet waifu. ♥
Tags: shatteringtheearth, updates
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