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Fic: Out of the Blue

Title: Out of the Blue
Author: twbasketcase
Prompt: #31
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Rictor & Shatterstar.
Timeline: Between X-Force #43 and X-Men: Prime #1. So right before Rictor goes back to Mexico.
Summary: The boys finish their talk about 'social stuff' after the club.

A/N: This is for bwhahahabeck, zully, and betterthanlegos. There was talk about random awkward first times, and so. HERE IT IS. Bitches. Don't say I don't love you. 8|
The shower had been running for nearly forty-five minutes before Rictor realized that the water had gone cold. Soap and suds had long been rinsed from his body, but he’d fallen into deep thought, thumbnail tucked between his teeth and wet clumps of hair stuck to his face. That one tile on the wall with the jagged corner had caught his eye and his gaze remained fixated. Staring.

Ric was tired. He and Shatterstar had spent only an hour or so at the club, but the mission following it was exhausting – then everyone blacked out and they came to back at the base. They still weren’t even sure what happened, and yet Ric found himself not at all distracted by the missing time. It was the club that was on his mind. Well, it was what had happened at the club and right after leaving that was bothering him.

There was a mixture of guilt and curiosity swimming through him. Rictor had been having fun dancing as it was a nice getaway from their constant training regimens. The crowd was hot and he was getting a lot of attention from a group of girls there. That was hot. It wasn’t the kind of thing he got often due to the team’s inability to go out on the town regularly, so it was no wonder he liked it. It made him feel attractive and confident. After Rahne had left him in Genosha, Ric had felt nothing but lousy about himself. The club was different and new—amazing.

So why did he feel ashamed about it? It wasn’t his fault that Shatterstar didn’t like it there, and just because he didn’t like the girls getting fresh didn’t mean Ric couldn’t. Sure, he felt bad that the guy was having issues with his emotions, but Ric didn’t. All Shatterstar would have to do was follow his lead and just chill out a bit. That was simple.

However, the thought of Shatterstar dating was weird. Rictor didn’t like it and that also made him feel guilty. He just knew that some chick would come along and take advantage of him, make him feel dumb, or use him. That wasn’t cool. They also would not be able to hang out as much if they had girlfriends, and that definitely was not cool. So what?! What option was left?

Scowling, Rictor finally turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. The bathroom was painted in a layer of steam, and the walls were peppered with dozens of water drops. Careful not to slip on the floor, he quickly grabbed his towel and ran it through his hair before drying off. He pulled on a pair of green flannel pants for bed, ran a brush through his hair, and then returned to his room. The air in the hall was cold compared the stuffy bathroom, and it rippled his skin with goose bumps. Shocking, almost, was the sudden change and it made him shiver.

Dazed, Rictor imagined Cable then, lecturing him for falling into daydreams; maybe he’d be less shocked by his physical surroundings if he’d been paying attention to them rather than his thoughts. The idea prompted him to groan irritably, and he was still cursing when he entered his room. ‘Star was awake and sitting on his bed across the room from Rictor’s; he was silent and unmoving, wearing just a pair of grey sweats. He too looked like he was lost in thought, and it automatically made Ric frown again. This wasn’t going to be a thing between them now, was it? Sure the night had been awkward, but that was no reason for them to be all gloomy about it.

Clearing his throat, Rictor paused half way across the room to regard ‘Star. “Hey, amigo, you all right?”

“I am,” he replied all too quickly, eyes shifting toward the door. He looked like he wanted to bolt.

Ric frowned. “Uhm, look, I know we got cut off back in the alley tonight, and if you’re--”

“I said I was fine,” ‘Star cut him off. “It is entirely possible that I simply overreacted. On my home world, the slaves were not constructed to partake in such actions for romantic purposes. If that is the case there, then there is no reason for me to partake in such actions here. Simple.”

Eyes widening, Ric shook his head before approaching ‘Star’s bed and plopping down on it next to him. “Dude, you can do whatever you want here. You’re not on your home world anymore, so the rules there don’t even apply, right?”

“It’s out of my control, Rictor. My body is the way it is.”

“You told me back at the club though that you felt--” he waved his hand and cleared his throat loudly. “Y’know. ‘Stirrings’ or whatever. You said so yourself.”

Shatterstar quieted then, staring down at his hands in his lap, conflicted. It was easy to see that he was still trying to deny himself of whatever it was that he felt at the club; it bugged him, spooked him even, more than anything else Ric had ever seen. Even now ‘Star still had that same look in his eyes and couldn’t even look him in the face. That guilt from earlier was starting to come back at Ric tenfold, and suddenly he was feeling a tad awkward and conflicted too. ‘Star was always the confident and brave one between them, even with the shit he didn’t understand, so Ric supposed that made it worse. Still. He’d never been good with his words and explaining his own feelings, so trying to explain to Shatterstar how he felt was like pulling teeth.

Seeing him vulnerable like this was so new, and suddenly Rictor was looking at him differently. Maybe Shatterstar really could be human-like deep down inside. That made them equals in a way; relatable.

Hesitantly, he clapped a hand on ‘Star’s shoulder, briefly noting the way it made him tense. That made Ric withdraw and perk an eyebrow. “Is it ‘cause that girl touched you? I didn’t really see exactly what she did, but…”

“It wasn’t that,” ‘Star muttered.

Ric frowned. “Dude—amigo, some chicks are just like that. When they see a good lookin’ guy they like then some of them can get a little clingy. But that’s dancing; it ain’t anything to be scared of.”

Again ‘Star didn’t reply. Instead, he just shook his head and dipped his chin to stare down at his hands. They were clenching and unclenching anxiously, as if the words weren’t really processing. Ric couldn’t even begin to understand what was going through his head at that moment. Every bit of his behaviour was screaming different things. So he tried another approach.

“Look social stuff is real easy and normal, and we can--”

“But it’s not!” ‘Star cut him off, looking up and tilting his head to the side. “You keep saying that, but it is not. On my home world, slaves were paired together to create children. That’s all; otherwise we were only to fight. We did not dance or sing music or touch each other for the fun of it,” he paused to heave a dramatic sigh. “What is the big deal? Why do you cling to emotions like you do?! It's desperate.”

Feeling his face burn, Ric turned his body to face him better. “I don’t! I was only looking for a party, man. That’s all!”

“Then why did you cover yourself in that smelly cologne and put product in your hair?” Shatterstar demanded. He was looking more annoyed know, and that just annoyed Rictor right back.

“It was not smelly. You don’t go out reeking like sweat! That’s just gross!”

“So you were trying to impress people with your smell,” he pointed out, eyebrows pinching inward.

Again blushing furiously, Rictor clenched his fists in ‘Star’s blankets to refrain from shaking anything accidentally. He was starting to get all worked up now; Dios, he knew he shouldn’t have even opened his mouth tonight! “Look, I ain’t the one having problems with the way I feel! If I go out looking nice and smelling nice and someone likes it, then fine. It’s no problem; maybe I’ll get a date, maybe not! It doesn’t bother me either way! And it shouldn't bug you either because it's none of your business!”

That seemed to shut Shatterstar up, at least for a few seconds. That annoyed glare was off his face and instantly replaced with that awkward, shameful look from before. Ric immediately noticed the change too, and felt a little bad for snapping at him. Lifting his hands to his face, Rictor rubbed them up and down the length of it to collect himself a bit. That annoying blush was still warming his cheeks, and that made him all the more uncomfortable. If he calmed down then maybe he could actually talk about this without sounding like a total douchebag to his best friend.

“Look, ‘Star, all I’m trying to say is that there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about a girl touching you. It’s just ‘cause she likes you, and it ain’t like she can hurt you or anything.”

“I told you it wasn’t that. It was you. She just made it worse.”

Rictor blinked, an odd sort of panic coming over him. All of a sudden his mouth was feeling awfully dry and his chest tight. He wasn’t exactly sure what ‘Star was implying, but it threw him off. Now he felt just as terrified as the alien looked. “Huh?”

No, that didn’t sound dumb at all.

“What you were doing bothered me,” he said slowly, voice low and bitter sounding. Though he sounded so fucking honest, and for some reason that just made everything worse. “I did not like seeing you do that. Dancing and smelling that way. Why does that bother me so much?”

Ric had no fucking clue how to respond to that, and again he shifted his body a few inches. “I—uh, what do you mean by ‘bother’? I don’t—uh…”

Shatterstar just stared forcefully. “Jealous, annoyed, angry, scared, excited. Too many emotions to be deciphered. Bothered. I don't feel like getting a dictionary.”

Rictor’s mouth was hanging open, but he couldn’t force himself to fucking shut it and stop gaping. Madre de Dios. Why the fuck did Shatterstar have to be so god damn blunt!? And why was he ‘bothered’ about that—hell, did that mean what Ric thought it meant?

No. No. It did not, it could not. No way. They were not going there.

That panic hit Rictor again full force, and yet his body didn’t scramble off of the bed and run like he wanted it to. Instead he was sitting and staring at Shatterstar and suddenly – and horrifyingly – feeling somewhat appealed to the fact he ‘bothered’ ‘Star. But why!? That was so wrong, yet it made him feel insufferably smug. Shatterstar was his friend. Shatterstar was an alien. Shatterstar was a dude.

However, he was pretty sure Shatterstar liked him.


“But I’m—you…” Rictor had to clear his throat a couple of times, as his mouth was still unbearably dry. “Me??”

‘Star looked a little horrified himself, but managed a stiff nod. “That is what I said and I do not think it bears repeating for a third time. This is why I’m upset! I do not understand!”

The sound and feel of his own pulse invaded Ric’s senses. He had no idea what to do, and though he wanted to run away screaming and lock himself up somewhere to hide, he moved closer to ‘Star instead. It was wrong. It felt good though. Someone wanted him. Someone who was good at everything and who could have whoever he wanted, but wanted him? Why? He shouldn’t. It was wrong.

Letting his hair fall in his face, Ric peered up at him carefully. “I—uhm, I think maybe you’re confused, ‘Star.”

Shatterstar tilted his head. “What do you mean by that?”

“You don’t like me,” Ric croaked, trying his damndest to keep his voice straight but failing miserably. “I’m your friend and I think you’re just getting that mixed up with what that girl did to you. I’m your friend.


Again that fucking blush completely invaded Rictor’s face, so warm that he felt like his head would explode. “So you just can’t like me. It ain’t right!”

Shatterstar shifted back away from him a few inches. He looked like he was trying to brush this off, and Ric was almost ready to let him. They could always pretend this never happened, right? However, even though he moved, ‘Star still had his mouth open. Wetting his lips, he kept right on talking. “There are rules? Explain.”

Ric’s eyes widened. “They ain’t rules! It’s just…it’s just fucked up!”

“You think I’m fucked up?” ‘Star’s face fell and he looked enraged all of a sudden.

Ric waved his hands back and forth in front of him defensively. “NO! I didn’t mean that! I just meant, like, ugh! Fuck! ‘Star!”

“What!?” the alien scoffed, eyes narrowed and lip curled back in a snarl that scared the shit out of Rictor even more than he already was. Madre de Dios.

“I just think maybe you should think about this, amigo! Maybe you don’t even know what you really want and you’re clinging to the closest thing to make it easier to figure out! I don’t want you doing that because it’ll just end up messing you up more! And I’m not—I don’t…” Rictor swallowed and tried to force the ‘like guys’ part out of his mouth, but he couldn’t fucking say it. What was wrong with him!?

“It has been thought about quite thoroughly. The efforts you made to impress someone worked, and I am impressed. You smell nice even if it is very fake.”

Ric’s mouth fell open yet again, and he was torn between punching ‘Star and actually laughing. What was this conversation even? Shatterstar was blatantly telling Rictor that he made him all hot and bothered without an ounce of shyness, and Rictor had no idea how to reply to it. How did it end up that he was even more confused than ‘Star now? Why was he even allowing this to go on? As nice as it felt, it was wrong. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Yet that nagging, insecure part of him was encouraging it. Just like the ego boost the girls at the club gave him, Ric couldn’t ignore it coming from ‘Star. It’s not like Shatterstar would take off to Genosha. It wasn’t like Shatterstar was bad looking either. Opposite of that. And sitting that close to him made Ric realize that Shatterstar also didn’t smell bad, and there was nothing ‘fake’ about it.

Then Ric was averting his gaze away from ‘Star, trying to make it look as though he wasn’t sitting there and staring at him and considering this. It wouldn’t be fair to lead him on. Though his gaze was quickly back on his face a moment later despite that thought. Scanning his eyes first, Ric quickly moved down to his mouth, the curves of his lips suddenly becoming so fucking noticeable. Barely moist and just slightly parted…



Blushing furiously, Ric shook his hair from his face and cleared his throat. “‘Star.”

“Are you mad?” he questioned.

“Tell me this ain’t some fucking prank you learned off the TV, man. If it is, I swear to fucking god I will kill you.”

Shatterstar scoffed, lip curling back again in that way it always did when he was attempting to scare people. Though Ric didn’t feel scared by it this time, only somewhat relieved because it was normal and expected from ‘Star. “You could not kill me if you tried. There is no honour in lying! And there is even less honour in you insulting my skills as if you would have any sort of chance outmanoeuvring me! What television show would even teach such ridiculousness? I most certainly do not watch anything like that. Fekt! What are you thinking?”

Rictor rolled his eyes at the rambling; ‘Star was so fucking annoying when he wanted to be. Yet the words crushed a bit of the insecurity festering up in Ric’s chest, and finally he decided to just fuck it all. His body betrayed everything his mind was screaming at him, and before he even realized what the hell he was doing, their lips were pressed together, shutting that fucking alien up. Closed mouthed, shaky, and awkward, it was more like a sloppy brush of mouths than anything. ‘Star was so tense that Ric wasn’t even sure he kissed back. So he pulled away, eyes wide and face flushed.

“Uhm…” he coughed.

‘Star just looked bewildered. All of his anger and annoyance seemed to be gone, and thankfully he wasn’t ranting anymore. Just still and silent. Those silver eyes were soft and round, but glued to Rictor’s mouth like he couldn’t move them away.

“I’m sorry,” Ric practically squeaked.

‘Star swallowed. “It was an accident?”

“No! Yes! I mean…I dunno, I--” Ric shook his head and moved away from him, but ‘Star followed, moving in the same direction so they were only a few inches apart. Ric was so insanely aware of how close he was, and it only got worse when he dropped his gaze and noticed ‘Star was hard. They were both only wearing pyjama bottoms, so it couldn’t really be hidden well. Still, it made the situation all the more real and terrifying.

It was also kind of hot; Rictor made Shatterstar hard.

Though the alien must have noticed him staring because he quickly started squirming around and shifting his pants to make it less obvious. Again Ric’s mouth was feeling horribly dry, and maybe he was a little excited too. That doubt still lingered in the back of his mind somewhere, but right now the more curious and attentive part of him was dominating his brain. He wanted to kiss him again. It wasn’t so bad.

Reaching a hand up, Rictor pushed his fingers along the side of ‘Star’s jaw until he reached the back of his neck. Instantly Shatterstar’s attention was off hiding his arousal, and on Ric. Still he was tense at the slightest of contact, but he wasn’t pulling away. That was taken as a good sign, so Rictor leaned in and captured his mouth again. Their lips sort of just settled against each other pensively, not really moving. It was weird. Kissing a guy was not the same as kissing girl; ‘Star’s mouth was bigger and not as nearly as soft. It was still okay though. The big and rough was kind of the appeal of Shatterstar, after all, so Ric figured he shouldn’t have expected any less.

He also should have figured that he was going to have to be the one making all the moves here. Shatterstar still hadn’t even lifted his hands off the bed to touch him, let alone move his lips; he probably didn’t even know what to do. As long as he wasn’t punching Ric in the face or running off screaming like he did at the club with that chick, then he was most likely into it, right?

“Okay?” he mumbled against his lips.

‘Star nodded, but didn’t say a word.

“You learn fast, just do what I do,” Ric explained hurriedly, getting his mouth back against Shatterstar’s. That time he kissed him a little more vigorously and parted his lips slightly.

It felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest when ‘Star finally caught on and started responding. He kissed slowly but hard, putting more energy into it the longer they went on, and it gave Rictor a rush. Fear still surged through his body to the point where he trembled, and there was nothing at all mutant about it. His nerves were completely wracked; someone could walk in and catch them. There is no way he wanted anyone to find out! Hell, he still wasn’t even sure what he wanted or why this was happening or why he liked it. All that Ric knew was that he didn’t want to stop and he wanted Shatterstar to touch him. It would have made him feel ashamed if he wasn’t so turned on by the appeal of it.

So Rictor went for that coveted contact, sliding his hand down from ‘Star’s neck and along the curve of his shoulder and arm until he reached his wrist. The muscles there flexed to give just the slightest response, so Ric went with it. He picked up ‘Star’s arm and directed it to rest on his hip. At the touch, Shatterstar paused for just the briefest moment, taking a quick second to allow his fingers to curl along the curve of the bone there before putting his focus back on their kissing. Content, Ric mirrored it, releasing ‘Star’s hand to place on his chest instead.

Shatterstar felt just as toned as he looked. He was a lot bigger than Ric, more powerful too, and feeling along the curves of all the muscles there was almost like an adventure in itself. Curiosity piqued, Rictor dared to move his hand lower to ‘Star’s ribs and then his stomach, just feeling. Every time he moved in the slightest, the alien was startled again.

He was not moving his hands.



Ric pulled back just enough to look at him, taking the time to catch his breath. “You ain’t moving much.”

“I don’t know what to do,” he admitted, somewhat pained.

Ric resisted the urge to laugh; that wouldn’t have been nice. “You can do whatever you wanna do.”

Silent, he gazed down at Ric’s body with heavy lidded eyes, looking like the gears in his head were turning. It made Ric shift awkwardly; he was still not used to being stared at like that, so he went back to trying to lead this.

Down was a start. Rictor moved himself to lie on his back, pulling ‘Star with him. The change of position forced the alien to finally move his hands, and he settled one against the side of Ric’s face and the other on the waist band of his pants. Like before, Ric was still insanely aware of every little move ‘Star was making. The large hands were holding onto him tight, gripping as if their lives depended on it. It made Rictor squirm, wanting to move himself into that grip as best he could. There was something oddly comforting about the fact that he could feel Shatterstar’s nervousness in his touch; knowing a big, tough guy like him could be anxious made Ric feel like his own feelings were more acceptable.

Despite the fact that he was leading this, he was still petrified.

It only got more intense when ‘Star lowered himself completely on top of him. That hard-on from earlier was definitely still there, resting against the side of Ric’s thigh. Just the feel of it existing there was enough to make him sigh against Shatterstar’s mouth as they kissed, and Ric had to pull his lips away. His own cock was stiff and at attention between them, being inadvertently tended to by ‘Star’s stomach. The slightest brush of movement was intense.


“What?” ‘Star breathed against his cheek.

Blushing and way too embarrassed to say it, Ric decided to show it instead. He shifted his leg up just slightly, paying careful attention to the position of ‘Star’s groin, and just rubbed. It instantly garnered a response from him, forcing him to arch his back and widen his eyes.


“Yeah,” Ric agreed, watching his face and slowly feeling more and more comfortable just seeing it. ‘Star was at his most exposed and vulnerable right then, and it was all because of Rictor. For a warrior who stabbed himself and decapitated people and fought giant robots, it sure was something to see him like that. So human. So soft. So real, instead of like some action character.

Rictor wanted to see more of that, so he wrapped his hands around ‘Star’s back and slid them along the back of his pants until they were curled around the cheeks of his ass. That round, firm ass. Digging his fingers in and just squeezing, Ric turned them until they were side by side on the bed and facing each other. It was easier to push himself closer and grind his hips against ‘Star instead of that leg. That way they both felt it, leaving them whimpering pitifully against each other.

“Julio,” ‘Star croaked.

Ric just grunted in reply, grinding once more before kissing him again and forcing the load moan to be buried in his friend’s mouth instead. It was ridiculous how just the slightest of touches set him off like this; how many times had he jerked off? Tons! Yet it wasn’t the same. No one else had ever touched him like that before, so it was way better.

That probably made him a late bloomer at seventeen, but also all the more desperate to go through with it.

After a few more glorious hip rocking moments, ‘Star surprised Ric by not only grinding right back, but mirroring his previous movements and grabbing a generous handful of butt. Rictor practically yelped in surprise, but couldn’t help grinning against his mouth.

“See? You pick up fast…”

‘Star nodded against his cheek. “It feels good.”

“Yeah…” Ric breathed and slipped his hand between them, clasping it over ‘Star’s pants and around his erection. “How about that?”

Shatterstar stopped grinding his hips almost immediately, and his breath hitched. “Uhm…”

Ric swallowed and rubbed up and down the length slowly, watching his face to see if he was doing it right. “Amigo?”

The moan that came out of Shatterstar’s mouth was shaky, and he grabbed Ric’s wrist to stop the moving. Just barely his knuckles brushed against the head of Ric’s erection, still pressed close against him, and he let out a similar hiss. ‘Star swallowed loudly, and Ric was curious as to whether or not he was still enjoying this or if he was scared. The first one was all right, but if ‘Star was chickening out then Julio figured he may just end up exploding. They got this far and that would be bullshit!


The alien didn’t move his gaze away from Ric’s, but he did brush the back of his hand against him again. Also, again, Ric reacted with a groan that prompted ‘Star to let go of his wrist. “Can I—uhm, touch you?”

He could only respond with a nod, keeping his eyes glued on ‘Star’s face as he slowly pushed his pants down his hips. The alien was staring at him wide-eyed for a few moments, not moving. Rictor wasn’t sure, again, if it was because he was enjoying it or if he was scared. Though he’d feel like a pretty big loser if ‘Star was scared after getting a look at his dick. Dios.

So he grabbed his hand, directed it to his erection and placed it there, letting ‘Star grip it. Ric hissed at the touch, letting his head drop back and just grinned. “That’s good…”

“Hm,” ‘Star hummed and leaned forward to put his mouth down along Ric’s exposed neck, taking the initiative to kiss there. The extra attention was definitely nice and made him arch more, but Rictor’s brain was still completely focused on that big hand holding onto him. Just sitting there. Not. Moving. Teasing.

“Just…” Ric trailed off, clearing his throat and dropping his hand to circle around ‘Star’s. Together he made them pump, sliding their hands up and down the length of his shaft. “Like… y’know, jerking off. Same thing, right?”

“Like what?” ‘Star asked curiously, still pumping.

Ric’s face burned, and he hid it in the crook of ‘Star’s neck. He nipped there to disguise his discomfort. “Fuck—uhm, y’know. Getting yourself off? Making yourself feel good?”

“Ah,” he nodded against the side of his face. “You do that to yourself?”

Ric groaned, burying his head further and continuing to move his hips to keep his attention on his dick instead. “Hey ‘Star?”


Rolling his eyes, he went for ‘Star’s pants instead of answering. Tugging them down to reveal his cock—his bigger, thicker, and uncircumcised cock that made Rictor just a tad bit insecure about his own size. Well shit. Figures the guy was hung like a horse too; though he shouldn’t have been surprised considering how much that spandex left to the imagination!

“Is there a problem?” he asked, no longer moving.

Ric quickly shook his head, grabbing hold of ‘Star and pushing them together so they could jerk off together. “No, nothin’ just-- c’mere…”

Shatterstar complied, pressing their lips together again. They were both a little scrambled trying to kiss and pet at the same time, and it caused a bit of fumbling. Awkward, yeah, but they were still learning and Rictor was determined to get it right. If he was feeling as good as he was then they had to be doing something right, anyways. Shatterstar wrapped around his body was damn nice, whether he was obviously shaky or not.

Rictor also decided that he did like touching him too. Up until that point he hadn’t really subconsciously thought of even wanting to be anywhere near another dude’s cock, but this wasn’t bad at all. ‘Star’s body was arousing as hell to look at, and all those little sounds coming out of his mouth were even better. That made Rictor speed up his pumping hand, and the free one went a little grab happy in ‘Star’s hair; the Mexican was holding him tightly in place to keep the kissing going, and Shatterstar wasn’t at all protesting.

In fact he was keeping up just as well, making every muscle in Ric’s body tense. His toes were curled beneath his feet, his tummy taut with need, and his hips stiffly bucked up against that hand. The need to touch and the need to be touched were duelling in his brain causing near deliriousness, and Ric couldn’t keep kissing when he was panting like that. Arching, he dropped his head back and pinched his eyes shut as that overwhelming urge came over him. His thighs felt like they were on fire, his cock and balls were pulsing, and shivers branched up from his spine like his entire body had been devoured. There was no way he would last much longer.

Upon opening his eyes though, it looked like ‘Star was in the same boat. He was practically a trembling puddle beneath his hands. Before Ric could even manage a mumble to ask him, ‘Star was shooting off. The look on his face was both surprised and a bit embarrassed, but Ric couldn’t help but grin at the sight of it.

Somehow amongst all the excitement Shatterstar was able to speed up his own hand, squeezing just enough for Ric to groan loudly. It only took a few seconds for him to release. Both boys were left panting against each other, mess all over their hands and bellies. However, they didn’t let each other go yet; they made silent, but gentle work of massaging their spent cocks, the sensitivity prolonging the after effect.

For a couple minutes there, Ric couldn’t even think straight.

“You okay?” he managed after awhile, breathless and thickly accented.

‘Star nodded, his face still completely flushed. “I—uhm, yes. Are you?”

Ric nodded right back and finally rolled onto his back and out of grasp to catch his breath. Dios. Was he okay? He needed his brain back, please. “Si.”

“I liked it,” Shatterstar blurted suddenly, a thick accent of his own. “I still have to process the emotional stimulation that came with it, but the physical contact was good.”

All Rictor could do was stare at him wide-eyed, and it was then that it finally really dawned on him what had just happened.

He just jerked off a guy and liked it.

He also just got jerked off by a guy and liked it.

What the fucking hell.

Opening his mouth to reply, he didn’t even get a sound out before Cable’s booming voice outside the door was heard. Instantly Rictor shot off the bed, tripping over his pants in the process and landing on the floor in a pile. Of course, Shatterstar the asshole didn’t do a thing to help him and simply rushed to pull his own pants up. Fucking prick!

“Lights out, boys!” was Nate’s command, and he opened the door a few moments later. Thankfully Ric had just been able to readjust his clothes. “What are you guys doing in here?”

“Nothing!” Rictor practically barked and peeked over the side of ‘Star’s bed to look at their leader. “Going to bed!”

“Why are you on the floor?” Cable demanded, he then turned to Shatterstar and narrowed his eyes. “And why are you all sweaty?”

Shatterstar just stared back at him, quiet and completely calm. “I told Rictor I could stand on my head for 20,000 seconds. I did it.”

“Uh, yeah, I even counted. All. 20,000 seconds,” Ric stammered.

“You would,” the older man shook his head with a grunt, giving them both a disapproving look. “You guys have training at 6 am sharp. No sleeping in or its 5:30 the next day. Got it?”

They both nodded, and Rictor managed to refrain from cursing him out.

“Good,” Cable snapped and slammed the door. He then walked a few loud steps down the hall before screaming at the girls to go to sleep too. Rictor released a long, shaky breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding before scrambling to his feet and staring at the door.

They had just been so close to getting caught. If Cable would have found out what just happened, Rictor was pretty sure he’d have killed himself right then and there. There was just no way anyone could know. He still wasn’t sure what the hell that just was, or what it meant, and he wanted to be able to figure it out before someone else could come along and call him a faggot or kick his ass! Fuck that! Julio Esteban Richter was not some little pansy before, and that wasn’t going to change now!

“Do you honestly think he believed that?” Shatterstar spoke up a few moments later. He looked completely bewildered.

“Yes!” Ric blurted and folded his arms. “That’s the story and we’re sticking to it, got it?”

“I suppose…”

“I mean it,” he enforced. “Look, ‘Star, that just isn’t the type of business you tell people, okay? It’s private stuff.”

The alien nodded casually at that, not really appearing to be hurt or bothered by that fact. “Okay, Julio.”

Swallowing, Ric sighed and shook a hand through his hair. His nerves were still completely shot, and he practically shook as he walked toward the light switch on the wall to shut it off. As good as all that felt, and as fun as it was, it just made all the confusion from earlier about a thousand times worse. Madre de Dios, he probably wouldn’t even end up sleeping now! How could he? Already that entire incident was replaying in his brain on repeat.

Shaking his head, Ric moved across the room in the dark to climb into bed without a word. He was just getting settled in when ‘Star dashed over to his bed and grabbed him by the face. There was no time to even be startled; Rictor was promptly met with another long, calm kiss before ‘Star let him go and made his way back to his own bed.

“I saw on TV once to do that before sleep.”

Ric snorted despite himself, unable to stop the stupid grin on his face. “Yeah, of course you did.”

Tags: fanfic, prompt; smut_69
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