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Site Updates waaahoo

I have some updates! Let me show you them.

@ Shattering the Earth!

There is new fanfiction, fanart, and a fanvideo. It is schmoopy, but a lot of love. The editing is amazing. Have I mentioned ILU, Heather? ♥

There are also some links/interviews/feedback shit regarding the return of Shatterstar in X-Factor. (Spoilers, btw.) Go there and find out how to keep reader interest up so that he can stay in the book. And blah blah blah. You guys know the drill. Be some good pesky fangirls and fanboys now, will ya? :]

Also the site has gotten a ton of hits ever since 'Star came back. Like thousands more. I love it. Pimp it all you can whenever you can. I would be forever indebted to you. Even if it's something as simple as linking this page when someone asks just who the hell those two poorly dressed guys are.

Can you tell I'm feeling motivated today? XD Because I am. It's all about the good vibrations, baby. Yo 1991, do you feel it? I'm feelin' it too.

/Marky Mark

Later y'all.
Did you see that, waifu? You rob off on me. ♥

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