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here me squee, bitches

So this day? Kinda awesome.

Actually, it started off kinda crappy. First I got to work and the sewage system backed up. I had to clean up SEWAGE FOR OVER AN HOUR. We called the plumbers and they just decided not to show up. This back up was the result of a sewer separation operation that's been going on in the street I work on for the last year. The city is doing nothing about all these accidents, and are telling us we have to take them to court if we want to contest them not paying the damages. WTF. So then the chick who is relieving me decides not to show up. GREEEEEAT. I almost had to work until 8pm, but I managed to sweet talk my ex girlfriend into working for me somehow. Probably cause I told her I loved her. OOPSIE.

That aside, I finally get home and see this on Peter David's blog. READ IT IF YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT'S COMING UP IN ISSUES OF X-FACTOR. This is all in regards to Rictor/Shatterstar and their man kiss.

I have to say, this made me DELIGHTED. Not only is it about fucking time, but I am so ready to see how he develops this. For reals. No surprises there, right?

Then I go on CBR and find an X-Factor preview page, and a link to a CBR article regarding comics' "newest" (and I use that term very loosely, amigos) gay superheroes. And what do I find on this article? All sorts of links/references/quotes to my site. WELL AWESOME. Add that to the recently added nods Gay League gave us! ♥


I am in such a fangirly mood right now. You guys have no idea. 8D
Tags: awesomesauce, team ricstar ftw, that is love right thurr
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