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Updates and Other Random Things

I spent the last 24 hours updating the site. Links and shit and dkghjrnfe *dead*

Okay so, it doesn't even seem like much but it was. Seriously.

Shattering the Earth

Updates include:
- Rictor Bio
- 'Star Bio
- New X-Factor Pics
- X-Factor Quotes
- A TON of new interviews and articles added to the 'Extras' page
- Appearances
- New avatars on the icons page!
- New fanfic added by Iambickilometer, Rivulet027, twbasketcase, and Michiru42
- AND WE FINALLY HAVE A GUEST BOOK. So leave me some spam if you would like. I love spam, okay? 8)

Also, russetm, I did not forget about you. And I linked that awesome site you gave me to my main page.

TO sixthdeadlysin: I would like that fanart still! Something hair or hair-touching related. I am so stupidly in love with hair care in this fandom. WHY. 8( If you do that, I will write you Ric/Star fic still, yes. Just give me a prompt. :)

Also, I know I got a bunch of new friends on here recently, so I will ask again: Is anyone interested in X-Men RPG? thexmenrp is up and is running now and we still need some more players/characters to add to our cast! It's a fairly slow paced game so you don't have to worry about it being time consuming! It's just for fun and for doing some writing with other people in the fandom. Very casual.

Our taken page is here! All you have to do is claim a character that is not already being played, make a journal for them, add friends, and get started. No apps, or anything.

I'm currently playing Angel, Magik, Shatterstar, and Quicksilver. We'd love a Strong Guy to complete our X-Factor cast, as well as a Wolverine, Colossus, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, etc etc. So pop on over, if you'd like. (YOU JUST HAVE TO JOIN THE COMM FIRST ♥)

....and now to get to my 70,487 tags. 8(

ETA - Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That's been a month since X-Factor #45 came out. You guys are awesome. ♥
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