El Scorcho (twbasketcase) wrote,
El Scorcho

Dystopian Futures Get!

So capeandcowl has that whole Year 2020 alternate universe meme thing going on. And I was thinking of something small to add but it ended up turning into a fic, and then Ana caught on and we started working on SO MUCH CRAP. lmfao. So we've got RP-style fic writing going on at our musebox (took a few liberties here and there though) featuring Archangel, Quicksilver, Polaris, and Dazzler. Like all four of them together though. Random? I know, but that's just how it ended up. So yeah.

So here is our C&C: 2020 stuff. Unfinished for now but still long enough to get some reading out of it.

I also worked on my very first fanmix. Also C&C related and the theme is Angel/Dazzler.

That is here.

We are going to be doing more 2020 stuff, hopefully some X-Force shit as well as some more stuff from the characters listed above. If any other X-Force muns wanna do some 2020 RPing, you should let me know! I'll probably be tossing in my Sunspot account for fun, and maybe Ana can pull off some Warpath. That'll be at thefriskoteque

This damn meme is giving me so many damn plot bunnies that I am actually DISTRACTED from playing the actual game. Not good, self.
Tags: c&c, random shit, rpg, the xmen suck
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