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I am participating in the holiday fic exchange at ricstar. Should be interesting. I haven't written fic in forever, so I figured why not.

- I am comfortable with any rating from G to NC-17
- My squicks tend to include the general stuff: mpreg; anything pertaining to bathroom play; sexual abuse; cheating (as in polygamy, adultery, etc etc); and fluffy bunny pet-name calling-- yes I'm seriously weird, I know. XD
- Otherwise, that's it. I'm generally open-minded other than that. Easy to please and all that jazz. ♥ ♥

I feel like I got shot repeatedly by a potato launcher. HIDEOUS. This'll be great for tomorrow when I have an hour and a half to get done an order big enough to feed 175 people with only one person helping me. Greeaaat. My boss is such a whore. He is uber late on the orders AGAIN so my order, in turn, is not even close to being started yet. It'll be great when I'm fucked over tomorrow and he gets on MY case about it because he hasn't done his job.

Yes. As you can see, my job hunt is going very badly.

So to feel better, I spent $80.00 on comics again today. OOOOOOOOOOPS. I love spending sprees at the LCS though. Seriously.

Archangel was so hardcore in X-Force this week. Shit son, the scene of him flipping up into the air and declaring all of the zombies inferior was just OHQJGBDLWQGF and then BLOOD EVERYWHERE AS DEATH GOES NUTS nryaaah. It was awesome. Can't wait to see him fight Blink.

Also, is anyone getting as ridiculously annoyed at Domino's attitude in this book as I am? Her little 'shoot first, do nothing else logically until later' shtick is getting SO TIRED. She never used to be like that, man, that woman was a pretty good tactician. IDK it just makes her come across as really pompous and obnoxious and doesn't really equate well with her former X-Force, solo, and Cable & Deadpool appearances. I don't like it.


Feeling a bit directionless as of late, and I'm having a great deal of problems with two of my muses (Shatterstar & Quicksilver). I'm really considering dropping them as they've been inactive and I'm just not having any fun playing with them anymore, I'll be honest. My other two muses keep me rather busy, so I'm fine with them, but. Yeah. Just not feeling the two anymore, I guess. I'll take a bit more time to think about it, but I doubt I'll be even attentive enough to do that with them. It's hard to balance that when I've got stuff going on at lightning speed with Sunspot and Archangel, and going no where with the others, you know?

I thought the fact that he came back in the comics and even canon-updating him would help. But. Alas, I lose my interests at the most ridiculous of times.

Blargh. :( I fail.

Anyhow, I think I'm done for now. I really, really need a proper sleep tonight. This is getting awful. Still having problems with the you-know-what because of you-know-who. And just. Yeah. Sleep, self? Thank you. ♥
Tags: c&c, don't stop believin', failing at life, i has fruit rollups, random shit, rpg, updates
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