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Updates & FList Cut


First off the bat, I've done a rather large friends cut. I cut a lot of people I lost touch with, people I obviously didn't get along with, people who I friended forever ago and never got friended back, and people I just flat out had no idea who they were. LMFAO. Sorry that we lost touch, no hard feelings, etc. Take care!

Secondly, I got like six emails last night. Six. From people who were asking what's happening to http://www.shatteringtheearth.com. FYI - I let the bill run out. It went unpaid because my credit card got stolen and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't going to renew it at all. But the emails kind of swayed me a little, so I put a new credit card number on there and it should be back up in a few days.

I guess it just got me thinking that I put a LOT of work into the site, and despite falling out of love with what's been done to the characters and even more so with the fandom, I still love their history and what they used to be. It's unfortunate that one of them had to adopt another character's personality to finally become appreciated--and for that I will never respect that aspect of the character. I can't. But I still love how he WAS. I also can't fathom people loving him just because he is gay. That sort of thing always disgusted me about fandom, and how spikes of popularity happen whenever buttsex is included. Give me a fucking break. /rant. I have had faith for many years in those characters and what they were and what I loved about them, and I guess having that so drastically changed has been a bit of an obstacle in keeping the site up.

Well, that and how many internet news sites did STE get attention from last May & June? XD A lot. That's no reason to give up, I decided. So all of that history that I know and love will remain up, but I don't expect to be updating the site any time soon. I hope this helps, and do feel free to continue to enjoy what's still there.

That's all! I have a disgusting wedding to go to later, so I'll probably update again when I get home.

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