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Metal lost a fucking LEGEND today. I first got into Ronnie James when I hit my big Black Sabbath phase when I was 13. Of course, I ended up being a much bigger fan of his solo years (especially since Ozzy!Sabbath was my favourite era of BS). Holy Diver was a song my friends/band used to listen to back in the day when we'd drink 40oz bottles of Old English malt liquor on the porch ON REPEAT. We'd be fourteen/fifteen years old and sitting on the front porch and totally into it. That song will always remind me of those days and just jamming out like little shitheads to feel better when we were too pissed off.

Which was a lot.

It's funny, now that I think about it, how much metal we use to listen to when we were so faithfully devoted to the punk scene. There used to be all sorts of funny 'rivalries' between punks and metalheads back in the 80s and as little kids (in my generation) some thought these things had to be FOLLOWED in order to be 'in' with the scene (which was just...hilarious when you think of the irony).

Those were the days. Ronnie James, man, you will be missed! I'm having a drink in your honour!
Tags: death, fml, hooooly diiiiivah!
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