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Following in the footsteps of my dear [personal profile] dianoetic, I've started a 50 sentence writing challenge last night. Just some brief little ideas that I may use as prompts later.

Featured Character: Warren Worthington III
Pairings: Angel/Psylocke, Angel/Candy Southern, Angel/Dazzler, Angel/Iceman, and Angel/Jean Grey
Ratings: Nothing over R
Warnings: Spoilers for Uncanny X-Force #18 in one of them

#01 – Motion

#02 – Cool [616 verse; X-Men: First Class]
“You son of a bitch!” Warren shouted, flying out of the bathroom ass naked and sopping wet to chase after a cackling Bobby Drake, who was feeling more than victorious at having been successful in freezing Warren out of the shower for the third time that week.

#03 – Young [Gen]
He was a lucky boy with the blessing of privilege and an easy life, and yet he was always so lonely in that great big house without a soul to play with and no one to keep him company but a wild imagination that dreamed of him someday flying away to a better, happier place.

#04 - Last

#05 – Wrong [616; Gen]
It didn’t matter that Scott had to say about it, Warren wasn’t going to be convinced that the Danger Room shouldn’t be used for post-date activities with the ladies.

#06 - Gentle

#07 - One

#08 - Thousand

#09 - King

#10 – Learn [616; reference to Uncanny X-Men #159, Mutant Massacre, and X-Men #74]
Even with the ability to see in the dark and kill someone from several feet away, Warren could still never learn to get over his fear of the sewers.

#11 - Blur

#12 – Wait

#13 – Change [AU; implied Jean/Warren]
She returned to an instant wall of pressure and expectations, people whispering about who she’d choose between Scott and Logan and how or if she’d save the mutant race, and Jean couldn’t be gladder to turn right around and leave again, taking a chance on the one who got away long ago.

#14 - Command

#15 - Hold

#16 – Need [Gen]
Was it ironic or just cruel that the guy who couldn’t stand being on the ground for more than a few minutes was trapped in his damn office working all day?

#17 – Vision [AU; one sided Bobby/Warren]
After years and years of failed relationships and new team attempts, only one person in his life stuck by him and followed him each time, and Bobby was silently bitter that Warren, with his superhuman vision, still could not see what was standing right in front of his face all this time.

#18 – Attention [AU; Bobby/Warren]
As Bobby ran his hands up and across Warren’s chest, he couldn’t help but be extra attentive of the way Bobby’s skin was so easily able to make him shiver.

#19 – Soul [Archangel & Psylocke: Crimson Dawn]
The fact that he’d given up such an important part of himself for her was not at all something that unnerved him because he’d do it, for her, until there was nothing left to give.

#20 - Picture

#21 - Fool

#22 – Mad [Gen]
It may have seemed incredibly mundane, but nothing made Warren angrier than those bastards who came in and swiped his win in the last five seconds of an online auction.

#23 - Child

#24 - Now

#25 - Shadow

#26 – Goodbye [Uncanny X-Force #18; Angel/Psylocke]
It was his time to leave this world and he knew it, the only thing keeping him from going utterly mad with despair and panic was the fact that Betsy was standing above his broken body and there with him to let him into their mindlink just one more time to go to their safe place together.

#27 – Hide [RP ‘verse; Warren & Gert]
“You know, there’s really not a point in scrambling to close your browser every time I walk in here,” Gert announced as she stepped into the office to file away her reports, barely giving the trying-to-look-innocent Warren a second glance, “next time try clearing your browser history, moron.”

#28 – Fortune [Gen]
Sometimes Warren actually caught himself thinking up offhanded comments that he could make so that people wouldn’t be so inclined to hate him on principle.

#29 - Safe

#30 – Ghost

#31 - Book

#32 - Eye

#33 - Never

#34 – Sing [RP ‘verse; Angel/Dazzler]
She’d been face to face with Galactus, been abducted, killed, and stranded on Mojoworld, but if there was one thing that the Dazzler was especially not prepared for, it was waking up each morning to another terrible rendition of Goldfrapp’s ‘Ooh La La’ while Warren showered.

#35 – Sudden [AU; Bobby/Warren]
Funny how a pathetically dateless Friday night (admittedly spent ogling your best friend’s pretty boy face during Die Hard II) could end with him on top of you with his tongue in your mouth.

#36 - Stop

#37 - Time

#38 – Wash [RP ‘verse; Dazzler/Angel]
It was almost embarrassing how much he loved it when she washed his wings for him, and that was exactly why he could never really brush off that blush it brought to his face every time.

#39 - Torn

#40 – History [616; implied Warren/Candy]
He still grieves and visits her grave often, sure to see that it’s heavily honoured and decorated and left looking every bit as beautiful as he remembers her to be.

#41 – Power [Gen]
He was around people who could control the weather, read minds, lift thousands of pounds, and who were considered the most powerful in the universe, and yet Warren would still never trade his wings for any other power in the world.

#42 - Bother

#43 - God

#44 - Wall

#45 – Naked [Gen; reference to Uncanny X-Men #440 and Uncanny X-Force #19]
There was something insanely enjoyable about being able to fly, yes, but never did he get a rush like he did when he was leaving his clothes behind and taking the risk of being caught, especially when there was beautiful company soaring along with him.

#46 - Drive

#47 - Harm

#48 – Precious

#49 - Hunger

#50 - Believe

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