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Prompt #63 - Whisper

Title: Intoxicating
Category: X-Force
Characters: Rictor and Shatterstar
Genre: PWP, romance, and lots of fluff
Rated: Bordering on R and NC-17
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT MY OWN HAIR. But I hate mine D:
Summary: Rictor and Shatterstar decide to take things a step further.
A/N: Okay, you know what? I can’t handle it EVER when Rictor touches Star’s hair. Or grabs it, or holds it, or brushes it. That is my kink, I’m freaking admitting it. You ever write a story where Ric does that, and I’m telling you…I’m done for. That’s it. And because xmen_geek is mean and KNOWS I feel this way, she had to start talking about freaking hair. And then I had to write this because I have no self control ever.
And behold. It is short. Right to the point, that’s all I wanted to do. Enjoy


He was treading into dangerous territory, and he knew it.

But he couldn’t stop. Not when excitement was surging through him; taunting him, teasing him, arousing him. Just the smell of Shatterstar was driving Rictor wild, and the Mexican couldn’t keep his hands to himself if he tried. Never mind the fact that he was touching and kissing his best friend, or the fact that they had both lost their shirts somewhere along the line. What mattered was the feel of that skin and the reaction he was getting.

“Oh Julio,” a deep, accented voice moaned softly. Rictor felt it rumble through the throat he was tracing his lips across. Shatty clung to him tightly, hands fumbling with the cargo pants that were riding dangerously low on Rictor’s hips. The Mexican could only keep moving; tongue roaming over a bobbing Adam’s apple and across soft flesh until he felt the rapid kick of 'Star’s pulse.

And then Shatty arched his back, tossing his head to the side desperately to expose more skin. Rictor gladly took advantage, and shivered when the long strands of that gorgeous copper hair brushed across his face.

“Dios,” he murmured, nuzzling his face into the loose, soft curls at the base of Shatty’s head. A shoulder shrugged slightly, indicating a sensitive area under Rictor’s mouth. He grinned and nipped at it, getting another shiver in response. Nose deep in hair, and Julio brought his hands up to fumble with the tie on top of Shatty’s head, needing more of it. And after a few failed attempts, 'Star loosened it himself, showering Ric in layers of fine, copper locks. And all he could do was nuzzle himself in deeper, pushing his hands through it, smelling it, tasting it.

Shatty reared his head back and caught Rictor’s mouth with his own. The warrior’s hands were getting adventurous, finally sliding down the back of Julio’s pants and grabbing a generous handful of ass. The Mexican arched at the touch, staring at his friend through thick lashes.

“Is this…are you…?”

“Sssh,” 'Star whispered and kissed him again, using his other hand to push his way through Rictor’s hair until it rested around the curve of his skull. The Mexican had to bite back his concerns, hoping and praying that it was all okay.

And then he felt Shatty thrust against him; stiff, tented jeans indicating that everything was more than okay. And Rictor lost himself in the touch.

He broke away from Shatty’s mouth and moved along his jaw again. Mouth pressed against the fleshy part of his ear, and Julio couldn’t help but inhale the smell of him. It was intoxicating. Confident hands raised and fisted the long locks of hair, and Rictor kissed 'Star’s ear lobe.

“I want you,” he whispered to him, low and deep and so achingly sincere that his tone surprised even him. And right then there was no one else in the world but them.

So Shatty rolled over on the bed, Julio in one arm as the other reached over to turn out the light on the night table. The boys were enveloped in the darkness of the night.

“I am yours,” Shatterstar whispered back.

Tags: fanfic, prompt; ricstar100, ste
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