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Fic: Never Ending Cycle

Title: Never Ending Cycle
Category: X-Men/X-Factor
Characters: Domino and Siryn, mentions of others
Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort, friendship
Rating: R for language
Disclaimer: I do not own anything recognizable
Summary: Siryn calls Domino with some news. Takes place sometime after New X-Men #45; spoilers inside for all X-books in continuity and Messiah CompleX.

A/N: Since Rictor’s dropped off the face of the planet for some fucked up reason, I’m just gonna say he got teleported with Pixie and has since returned to X-Factor to join his teammates for sake of the story.

It was well into the night when her cell phone rang. The white skinned mutant known as Domino had not been sleeping, only catching up on trashy late night talk shows. For a moment she’d considered not answering it, but given the fact that her phone hadn’t rang in days and it was the middle of the night, she figured it must’ve been important.

She dug around in her bag next to her chair and grabbed the device. Flipping it open, she brought it up to her ear. “What?”

“Uh, Dom? Is that ye?”

The merc perked an eyebrow and muted the television. “Yeah… that you, Ter?”

“Uh yeah, it’s me. Is this a bad time?”

Domino snorted and glanced around her trashed apartment. “Oh yeah, you totally interrupted my naked house chore duties. Damn you. How will I ever cope?” The Irish girl snorted in amusement, but the merc could tell by her tone that she was not happy. Something must have happened. Too used to bad news, Domino got to her feet and began pacing the floor. “All right, Red, tell me what’s up? Either something happened to you, or…is it Ric? How’s that shit head doing anyways? I swear to God…”

“I’m fine,” she cut her off. “And so is Ric. We’re both at Xavier’s right now.”

“Xavier’s?” Dom questioned suspiciously, running a hand through her hair. “Ter, last time I talked to you I heard all about what happened between you and the X-Men, why the hell are you there? What the fuck happened?”

“Um,” she choked, and Dom could tell right then and there that it was something bad. A million different things ran through her mind right then and it drove her nuts waiting for it. Terry sniffed and took a shaky breath. “It’s a really long story, but…there’s this baby, right…”

“Dear Lord,” Dom smacked herself in the forehead.

“It’s a mutant baby, first one born since M-Day,” she explained. “The X-Men got all high and mighty, like usual, to go after it. They brainwashed Ric and Jamie to help them and…Lord, Dom, it’s bad. Ric almost had his cover blown and was nearly killed and Jamie’s in a coma.”

“Fuck,” Dom sighed; fucking X-Men were always pulling that shit. “There’s more?”

“Yeah, the baby went missing. The X-Men went after it, the Purifiers, Sinister -- a lot of people. When they finally found out who had it, Cyclops snapped…and…” she trailed off, taking a moment to compose herself. “Cable has the baby.”

Domino’s heart nearly stopped.

“W-what?” and she cursed herself for letting it come out so weak sounding.

“Nate…I guess he’s alive,” Terry continued. “Cyclops sent out some secret team to go kill him. I-I don’t know what’s going on with him, I havenae talked to him. All I know is that he’s tryin’ tah save the kid and the X-Men want him dead.” Terry paused in her speech to take a deep, bitter sounding breath. “Aye, I heard a rumor from one of the X-students that they’re even callin’ the team X-Force.”

A certain anger flared up inside of Domino and she clenched her jaw. “Well doesn’t that sound fucking perfect?! I guess not having a brain runs in that fucking family.”

“Caliban’s dead,” Terry continued, choking up. “He was on the team they sent to track down Cable. He got shot and he died today.”

“Oh fuck,” Dom squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her fist. What the fuck was wrong with Scott? Ever since M-Day he’d done nothing but piss Domino off, and she was getting quite sick and tired of it.

And Nate was alive.

But Caliban…fuck, he shouldn’t have even been trying to track Nate down in the first place. Did Nate know Cal was dead? Why did this happen? That fucking guy…he needed someone with him all the time; he shouldn’t have been left in a position to get hurt. She frowned and stared up at her ceiling, willing herself not to fucking shoot something.

“Dom, ye still there?” Terry whispered.

“Yeah, I’m here,” she managed to say without her voice cracking. “Um…what are they, uh…you know…doing about it? Cal, I mean.”

“Aye, I dunno,” she sighed. “The call came in about two hours ago and they were more upset about the fact Nate almost ran Logan over when he stole their jet.”

Domino couldn’t help but snort at that. “And Cal?”

Terry began to cry then. “Nothin’! The team was told they were gunna meet them out there later to grab his body. Scott wants his jet. I could nae stick around any longer tah listen tah their crap. Ric had to walk me outta there.”

“Fuck!” she yelled, and kicked at a pile of garbage on her floor. “That fucking figures! God damn it! I…he shouldn’t have been…they shouldn’t have let him out there!”

“I know,” Terry whispered. “But they wanted Nate, and he’s still on the run. No one knows what he is doin’ or who’s side he's on. That's the primary focus right now. And Jamie…they don’t even know if he’s gonna wake up.”

Domino swallowed, suddenly remembering Terry telling her something about him being her boyfriend -- or whatever the hell. “I’m sorry, Ter.”

“I just…didn’t know who else to call,” the girl sobbed. “Ye’ve always been there for me, Dom, and I could nae think of anyone else…”

Domino swallowed down the anger growing inside of her and pushed her hair back. “It’s all right, Ter, I don’t mind. You know you can call me whenever you need me, I…”

“But ye thought Nate was dead,” she sniffed. “I knew ye were hurt about it, and…”

“Stop,” Dom cut her off. “This isn’t about me. I’m glad you called, okay?”

She refused to tell her just how much the whole thing actually was chewing away at her soul piece by piece. Domino -- the unofficial fucking den mother even after all these years -- she had to be a rock for those kids. She always would be whether she liked it or not.

“What are we gonna do?”

Dom sighed. “Look, I can talk to Shatty and let him know, but until then I can’t do anything else. Nate hasn’t…I haven’t, you know…I didn’t know. You just have to wait it out and find out what they’re gonna do about Caliban, and then you can call me back, okay?”

Terry sniffed sadly, and said something to someone in the background. Domino was almost sure it had been Rictor’s voice, and she was at least satisfied to know that they were together to handle it all. None of the kids had ever been good at dealing with their shit alone.

“I’ll do that, Dom,” she promised.

“All right, I’ll talk to ya later, Ter.”

“Bye, Dom, and ye know…ye can call me too if ye wanna talk.”

“Bye Terry.”

The merc snapped her phone shut and let her arm fall loosely to her side. The small device fell from her hand and landed soundly on top of a sweater on the floor. She felt cold, she felt numb…and most of all she was sad. So many emotions flooded through her right then that she wasn’t able to really decipher them all.

It was just too much to take in.

And yet, she couldn’t help but feel that it was her that had gone wrong somewhere. She should’ve never left Providence when Nate had told her to. He wouldn’t have died -- or whatever the fuck -- and Cal sure as hell never would have died trying to go after him. Hell even after her and Shatty joined up with the big guy when they freed the 198…she should have stuck with them. Caliban should’ve never gone back down to the Morlocks or back to that fucking institute where they never gave a shit about him in the first place.

They never gave a fucking shit about any of them.

About X-Force. They were always the rejects who weren’t good enough to join their team, and they’d always been treated as such. Even when Sammy was considered cool enough to join their group, they still treated him like shit. Like a newbie little bottom feeder when he was anything but. The fact had always aggravated her like nothing else.

And it seemed as if nothing had ever changed. X-Force was just a bunch of expendable soldiers, and now one of them was dead.

So much death she’d seen in her life, but even now it still stung her like nothing else. Caliban didn’t deserve that. As much as the big guy had gotten on her last nerve, she never would’ve…

Domino clenched her eyes shut and angrily threw her fist at the wall. Pieces of plaster rained down around her and she pulled back. Just when she was starting to get over everything, this had to happen. Fucking Scott Summers…and fucking Cable too. Those two men would never ever stop fucking her up in the head.

She needed a fucking drink.

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