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Fic: Acceptance Part 2/2

Title: Scarred for Life 4/4 -- Acceptance
Category: X-Force/X-Factor
Characters: Rictor and Shatterstar
Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own a damn thing
Summary: After months of darks days sunshine is back in Shatty’s life…but is it for good this time?
A/N - Part 2; continuation from my other post. Make sure to read this first.

I reach out a hand to him and place it on his shoulder; immediately I sense that familiar tremble in his body, and the heat that radiates from it. But most importantly he does not pull away from me. His dark brown eyes watch that hand as it moves toward his neck, and once it gets there he leans against it. I clear my throat. “I don’t know how to make you feel better, Julio -- but I can tell you that you can stay here…with me. At least if you want to I will allow it.”

He closes his eyes and reaches a hand up to place on my forearm. His dissolve is crumbling and I feel he is either going to lash out or break down. There is a slight quiver in his chin as he nods his head, fingers digging into me like knives. Curling my hand around the curve of his neck I pull him forward until he is only inches from my face. “Julio?”

“Yeah?” he replies after a few seconds. Eyes opening and he has that same glazed over look in them -- same one I saw all those months ago.

My heart rate speeds up, a certain nervousness taking over me as I will away my doubts. Leaning forward I stop just as our noses touch. He nuzzles his softly against mine before he too leans in and our lips meet. The reaction my body feels from the kiss is arousing, and thankfully this time both my heart and mind agree that it is the right thing. That it is okay.

That the way his tongue feels against my lips is not a wrong feeling and is every bit as delicious and tempting as I remember it to be.

Julio wraps his hands around my neck and pushes his body against mine. I feel fingers dig through my hair, and the sharp contours of his hips against the tops of my thighs. He is urgent, yet hesitant; curious, yet needy. And when I pull away from him he smiles. “'Star…”

“Julio,” I cut him off. “That was nice but I believe that there is supposed to be other rooms in my house more suitable for such actions.”

A flustered scarlet color consumes his cheeks and he shakes his head. “Always one with the words, huh? Don’t surprise me any.”

“Nor should it,” I retort and slide an arm around his waist, guiding him out of the small kitchen and down the hall. He grabs his bag from the floor on the way and stops when we reach the doors at the end of the corridor. A hesitant look is on his face as he watches me.

“You’re okay with this? I thought…”

I grab his bag from his hand and toss it inside my room. The more he talks the more I worry that he has changed his mind. My insecurities frustrate me, but it is something I cannot help. So I place a hand on his hip and squeeze slightly, weighing a reaction from him. Immediately he pushes himself closer to me and sighs contentedly. My other hand makes its way to his face and I pull him in for another kiss, and instantly he responds. It does not take long for us to stumble into the room and fall onto the bed. Mattress bounces a few times and we settle still, his weight on top of mine and his movements assure me that he has no doubts.

I do not believe his feelings have at all changed.

His hands are adventurous at first, not settling on any particular place on my body. He rubs them across my chest and down my arms, along my abdomen and my back. The feel of him all over me at once is very consuming and for a moment I feel as though I am drowning in him. It is addicting almost, how good one person can feel because I let loose and allow it to happen. And while I have nerves in the pit of my stomach that anxiously wait for me to touch him back, there is not an ounce of that paralyzing fear that had taken me during our last encounter. I trust him completely and I have the courage to give myself to him fully.

So when his hands reach down to my shirt and he begins to pull it out of my pants I shift up, allowing him more access to me. When it is free he places his hands underneath, cold against my flesh from his time spent outdoors, but still so warm at the same time. He traces his fingers across the muscles of my belly and sighs into my mouth; a happy sound that makes me smile against his lips. I lift my own hands to look for the button of his pants, and pop it open before opening his zipper and relieving him of the confines of the fabric. He is hard already, enough so that the removal of the jeans is sufficient to make him moan. Curiously I trace one finger across the length of the tented briefs below, and he lets out a shudder in response.

He kisses me again; harder and more urgent, and his tongue finds its way across the bottom of my teeth. I catch it between my lips and suck it gently, loving the taste of him. The intimacy of the kiss makes him rub fluidly against my body, and he makes it a point to push my shirt over my chest. I shift around clumsily beneath him as I try and pull my arms through my sleeves, but the feel of his nimble fingers around my nipples stops me. A ticklish, yet pleasurable, sensation comes from the rolls he gives them, and I moan.

He smiles in return as he pulls away from my mouth and moves his lips down my neck -- stops temporarily to rid me of the offensive shirt -- and continues along his way until he reaches the curve of my collar bone. The gentle suck he gives there makes me shudder, and I cannot help but reach my hands down to his groin once more. He’s grown even stiffer in the last few moments since I began losing clothes, and the fact arouses me.

“'Star,” he breathes against my lips. “Usted es hermoso.”

I sit up, wrapping my hands around his hips and holding him in place on my lap. Our lips come together again roughly as he grabs my face and presses himself to me. So tightly together we are that I am hardly aware of where I begin and he starts. He is so fluid, so hot, and I need more of him. The desire to undress him grows, so I take the hem of his shirt and pull it above his head. We break apart for only that instant, and I cannot help but smile at the mess of his hair from the disruption. One of my hands trace up his bare back and the other hooks around his thigh, and I turn us down onto the mattress. He is on his back and I lower myself onto him, covering him and pushing my hands into his pants again. A loud groan escapes his mouth. “Oh, Dios…”

I take hold of his bottom lip between my teeth and suck on it as he sighs. The sound of him that way encourages me -- gives me confidence that my handling and decisions are acceptable behavior. It motivates me to continue, so I do; releasing the lip and trailing my mouth down the stubbly skin of his chin and down to his thin neck. I can feel the beat of his pulse below my mouth, kicking at me excitedly; the curve of his Adam’s apple bobbing below my tongue…and I wonder how it was ever possible for me to fear this. He is such perfection in my eyes and the feel of him amazes me.

I continue to lower myself, tasting him the whole way; the hollow of his throat, his collarbones, his chest, sternum, abdomen, the course hair below his navel -- every part tasting just as wonderful as the last. He brings his hands into my hair, fighting with the elastic on my head until it spills free around me, around us, and he just fists it as he arches into me.

Tugging on the denim some more, I lower his pants until they are resting midway around his thighs. I look at him again. “Julio should I…can I remove these?”

He blinks a few times until he appears to focus on me. “Uh yeah…yeah, go ahead.”

I nod and lift one of his legs as I pull them off over his feet. Once removed, I gently push his thighs apart and settle between them, just taking him in. I may have seen more of him in the past -- just that once -- but how utterly beautiful he is makes me feel as though I am doing it all over again for the very first time. My earlier assumptions about his weight loss had been true; he is much skinnier and even paler, but it does not take away from his allure. Clearing my throat, I lower my head to him again, placing a kiss on the inside of his thigh and up toward the swell of his hip. His fingers clench tighter at my head, and he hisses.

“Por favor…”

I take either side of his hips in both hands and press him into the bed before dipping my nose down to the base of his erection, just nestling the bulge below his briefs with my face. The strong scent of salty musk is so devouring that I just need to take a moment and treasure it. The side of my cheek rubs along the length of his cock as I bury my nose into him deeper, nipping at the fabric of his underwear with my teeth and lips. Shivering in response, his hips buck forward and against my face. I follow the length of him up toward his belly with my lips and stop once I reach the very tip. A generous wet spot had dampened the cotton and I push my nose against it as well, just feeling and caressing tenderly.

“Por favor,” he repeats again, tightening his hold.

And I swallow against him. I want to see him in the flesh; to see him naked beneath me and against my skin. After having so long to decide and work out everything I am ready to do this; to be there for him the way he had always wanted me to be, but I was too afraid to do. I want to show him that has changed, and that I feel for him as strongly as he feels for me. I want to make up for all of the lost time.

So I hook two fingers beneath the waist band of his underwear and tug them down. He bends his legs to kick them off, and I watch in awe as his manhood bounces free; firm and tight and drooling freely against him, waiting for me to take it. I am drawn to it like the most forbidden of fruit, and I know there is no stopping now.

There is nothing to fear.

He howls loudly when I take the dark crown between my lips. I have to hold him down to prevent him from bucking so hard, as I am just as shocked at the sudden change as he. The taste is one that I had not the opportunity to try our first time, and I pull back. It is good, just different. His hands push me back down again and I accept him, this time taking him in nearly half his length. With my lips folded over my teeth I suck him, allowing my tongue to dabble around his head and into the moisture he produces. It is heavenly.

And its even better when he holds my head, wraps his legs around my back and just arches. Writhing against the sheets of my bed and muttering strings of Spanish and Cadre to me -- love words, sex words. The pucker of his lips and the dark lust pooling in his eyes sends a jolting shock straight to my own erection, and I rub against him as I take him in my mouth deeper.

“Oh Dios, 'Star! You practice on fuckin’ melons or somethin’?” he tosses his head back and falls into the mattress roughly. “Fuck, that feels so good.”

He likes it, and the thought makes my heart pound and my confidence soar. I am determined to do this the right way and make him feel good. So I bring my hand up and circle it around the base of his cock as I suck on the head. Slowly I pump my fist along the length of him, same rhythm as I bob my head, and watch for his reaction. Instantly his dark brown eyes roll back in his head and he presses his hands over his face tightly. So I move faster; hand sliding along the slickness from my mouth, tongue swirling along the curve of the crown. And he drops his hands; fists the sheets beneath him and lets his jaw fall slack. Sweat is forming on his brow and his abdominals begin to contract. Gripping him tighter I speed up again, this time taking him in so far that my lips crush against my hand, his cock gliding along my hard palate. One more loud groan escapes his lips and he thrashes, squirting a warm, sticky mess straight down my throat.

I barely resist the urge to gag from it. I was not expecting the intrusion so quickly, and it shocked me. But I do manage to swallow it down forcefully, and I look back up at him. He is still writhing about, and I realize that my grip is still in tact on his erection. Carefully I release him, and rub my hand up his belly. “Are you okay?”

“I feel like I died and went to heaven,” he drawls.

“A good thing?” I question, fearing that death is a bad response.

“Definitely,” he assures me, and raises a hand to caress my face. He falls back down once more and stares up at the ceiling. “Holy shit, amigo.” I turn my face and kiss the hand that holds me before I crawl up his body to kiss his mouth. He hums against me and half frowns when I pull away. “You taste good…”

“I probably taste like you,” I tell him and chastely kiss him again on the mouth before pulling back to push the hair from his eyes. A hand traces along my side and down to my hip as he holds me against him tightly. I sigh and hold him back, nuzzling my face down into the crook of his neck. “I am glad you came back.”

“Well I sure wasn’t expecting this,” he replies and begins to reach his hand between us. The feel of his skin is even more consuming and sensitive; I am so hard it literally aches and every brush of his flesh is enough to make me jolt. But he keeps going until he reaches my belt and begins to fiddle around with it. “I was not expecting this…”

A startling grunt escapes my lips, but I manage to push up enough to look at him. “Is that-- are you mad?”

“No!” he breathes, and tucks my hair back with his free hand. The other pulls my pants open. “Not at all, Shatty, I promise. I thought all this was just…”

I kiss him, and I cannot help but press against him tighter when I feel his fingertips brush against my erection. “It was all what, Julio?”

He grabs hold of me and swallows. “Just like-- ah…wishful thinkin’, you know?”

How could I ever even let him go on that way? While my fears were maybe a little reasonable, I cannot help but want to scold myself now that everything seems so clear. Being without him in Madripoor was cold and lonely. Fighting in X-Force without him was miserable. Having Tabitha dash every last shred of doubt in my mind had been overwhelming…but having Julio back in my arms makes everything from before seem so unfounded.

“You don’t need to think that way,” I murmur and drop my face back down on his neck as he slides his hand down my shaft and back up again; the touch makes me tremble beneath his fingers.

He begins to fidget then, squirming until I roll over onto my back next to him. The grip on my erection remains strong, and he thrusts his fist again. Perching on an elbow he looks down at me with a grin before placing a kiss on my temple, my eyebrow, and then the side of my nose. I push my head back further into the mattress and his hand slides against me. Every time he clasps over the underside of my head I have to suppress the urge to just scream from how good it feels. I push my jeans down my legs further and begin to kick them off. He continues to play and to feel me, and I need the constriction off my body. The jeans go flying to the floor and instantly I spread my legs and arch my back into his touch.

Julio instantly notices the demand and leans over to press his lips against my face. Tongue traces along the brand on my cheek, and I buck my hips in sync with his hand.

“Julio…” I mutter and grab at his hair.

“Yeah?” he whispers next to my ear and kisses it. Grip tightens and he concentrates on keeping his pace around the head. My mouth drops open and I cannot reply to him before I lose myself to his touch, and I release. I was unable to hold off as long as he had. It was all too much -- but it was wonderful.

“Dios, 'Star,” he sighs and gently massages me. This time the feel is very intense, and I am even more sensitive than before -- if that is at all possible. It takes me a few tries to successfully kiss his mouth without bumping into other parts of his face. A small laugh escapes him. “Eso era asombroso.”

“Yes,” I agree, barely able to manage a nod. “I feel like I could do that many more times.”

He snorts with amusement before pressing a lingering kiss on my lips. This time his tongue juts out to briefly explore my mouth. “We got all the time in the world, amigo.”

And that is a good enough answer for me. My hand finds its way to the back of his neck again, and I prop myself up on an elbow to meet him half way as we crash together once more. Our tongues tangle between our mouths, and his hands are all over me. Already I know that he is hard again; his hips thrust gently against the side of my thigh and the friction alone is making him whimper. Teasingly my fingers slide up his flat belly until I find one of his nipples, pert and hard at the base of his pectoral muscle. Using the palm of my hand I flatly brush over it, making him shiver. Cock slides against me again, and this time I squeeze the small bud between my forefinger and thumb and roll it.

“Mmm si…” he whispers, hot and low against my chin.

So I do it again.

And once more he pushes forward, back arched and thighs spread. Whimpering now, he lowers down to the mattress, and I maneuver myself on top of him and between his legs. Instantly he hooks his legs around my waist and crosses his ankles at the small of my back in an effort to pull me closer toward him. My quickly stiffening cock bounces against the inside of his thigh, and up toward the area behind his balls.

“Por favor,” he whispers to me for what seems like the millionth time that day, and just like all the other times it makes my heart pound against the wall of my chest. I press my lips against his chin and then his nose before stopping completely.

“Do you-- uhm-- what do you…?”

He watches me behind a thick layer of eyelashes and he sighs. “I need you, 'Star. Please?”

He urges me forward with his feet again. “Inside?” I ask just to be sure it is what he wants.

“Si,” he kisses me again.

“But Julio, I do not -- I don’t have any lubrication available…”

An almost impatient sigh leaves his lips and groans. “Do you have lotion at least? Or Vaseline, or something?”

I frown. “I have no need for lotion, but I may have Vaseline.”

He perks an eyebrow. “Oh really?”

I roll my eyes. “It has many uses, Julio.”

“Whatever,” he laughs and watches as I roll over and rummage through the drawer next to my bed. Sure enough I find a small container, and I waste no time ridding of the lid and scooping out a generous amount. I eye him and then myself before shooting him a questioning look.

“You and me,” he explains, grabbing my hand and lowering it down to my cock. Together we both work at applying it along the length until it is slick and wet. He then pulls my hand toward him, and presses it between his legs. At first he jerks from the cool feel of it, but I follow him and lather it around his skin. Around his opening and along the soft skin behind his sack, and he is ready. I swallow hard and gaze at him.


“Yeah,” he confirms and spreads his legs for me. I grip myself at the base of my erection and direct it between the two swells of muscle and into his opening. The muscle there is very tight and I meet a lot of resistance. Last time had been so rushed and sloppy that I did not give it much thought, but now I care very much for doing this right and not messing it up.

I do not even want to think about hurting him.

“It’s okay,” he breathes, sounding like he is trying to reassure himself just as much as me. “Just push. Go slow, but just-- yeah that’s it…” his face contorts as I do as he says. He is squeezing me inside, and I have to slow just as much for myself as I do for him. Electrifying pleasure surges through my body at the contact; it starts from the pit of my stomach and shoots up my spine in a white, hot explosion of ecstasy. It is unlike anything else.

Nothing I could ever achieve as a warrior or personally on my own.

Being with him makes it that much better.

He loosens his feet behind my back and bends one leg up toward his chest to make access easier. I rub my hand along that leg gently and rest it on the area behind his knee to help him hold it in place. Brown eyes ease open to observe me, and immediately I can tell he is blinking back all of his fear and pain. The look causes a great deal of adoration to come over me, and I give him an encouraging smile before I push in some more.

“It’s okay,” he assures again.

I nod and place my free hand on his cheek. Carefully I urge him to bend his other leg as well and I am able to lean down and kiss him. The movement of his lips is slow and careful, as though he is trying his hardest to focus on relaxation, and I cannot help but move away to kiss him all over his face. He blinks and smiles at me, and I take it as a sign to move again.

I make it nearly half the length in and I cannot help but groan loudly at how tight he is squeezing me. There is hardly any elasticity and the friction is very consuming -- but very good. I toss my head back and moan again as I thrust forward, the depth making him whimper as well. The hand on his face falls, and I trace it down his chest and stomach until I come back to his cock between us. It is rigid and dark and almost begging for me to touch it. I circle a grip around it and begin to slowly pump it in synch with the movement of my hips.

“Oh fuck!” he yells, and tosses his head back. He moves more in that moment that he has at all since I entered him. “Dios, Star vaya por favor más rápidamente...please.”

I swallow and thrust quicker, making sure not to slam into him. A hiss escapes his lips and he reaches a hand down to cover mine as I jerk him off. Tightly his fingers dig into my flesh and he speeds up our hands, only having to pump a few times before his entire body jolts and he comes all over his belly. Jaw dropped slack, eyes wide, and he has never looked more beautiful in my eyes.

And the sensitivity must be intense for him because all of his muscles clamp down around me and clench my cock tightly, sending me into my own climax. A violent shudder explodes through my body and I let out a loud yell at the feel.

“Damn, 'Star,” Julio breathes as I collapse on top of him. He squirms a little, but manages to wrap his arms around my waist. I feel his lips on my face again and he is talking to me. “That was pretty good, damn good, fucking Dios that was amazing…I…uh…”

I look up and kiss his mouth before pulling out of him. We both wince at the sudden exit, and I look down at him apologetically. “I’m sorry.”

“It s’alright, mi amigo,” he laughs tiredly and throws the back of his hand over his forehead to wipe the sweat away. I kiss him once more and roll over next to him so that we are both staring up at the ceiling. He coughs, and then laughs again. “I can’t believe you did that! I can’t even-- I didn’t-- Jesus, 'Star.”

I turn my head to the side and reach over to grab his hand. “Can’t believe I did what?”

That,” he smiles, and his eyes look a lot happier than they did when he first arrived. “I didn’t think you would. I thought I’d come here say Merry Christmas and go on my jolly way.”

I blink and then manage a smile. “Merry Christmas. But you do not have to leave. In fact, I think I still owe you breakfast.”

He snorts and still appears to be trying to get his senses back. “Don’t worry about it.”

“But a Christmas present,” I begin and furrow my eyebrows. “I have heard humans are silly and indecisive at this time of the year, but I had no idea I would be this clueless.”

Rictor throws an arm over my chest and turns over. “Nah, you’re not. Christmas ain’t about presents anyways…and this is good enough for me.”

“I’m ready now,” I tell him, and clear my throat. “That was nothing for me to fear -- you are nothing for me to fear. I believe I am ready now to try whatever it is that you wanted to do. I think I can manage.”

And I feel his lips against my face again. “I honestly thought I’d never hear you say that,” he murmurs against my skin. “Figured I’d be a hopeless fool forever, amigo.”

“Still a fool, but not hopeless,” I smirk.

“I see you got your sense of humor back too,” he says flatly. “This should be fun.”

“So you’re staying?” I ask him, finally looking down to meet his gaze. “I would really like you to.”

He snorts and rolls his eyes. “Well I guess you better get your ass going on that breakfast after all then.”

“So indecisive,” I shake my head and sit up. “But then again, you’ve always been that frustrating.”

He scoffs from behind me and I find myself being smacked in the back of the head with a pillow. “Now you better make sure that fuckin’ bacon is extra crispy. And I want my eggs over easy.”

I fish for my pants and just chuckle at him. “Yes, Julio.”

Only now it seems as if nothing had ever changed at all. No fear, no anger, no confusion. It is just me and him -- just like it used to be. The way it should be. Natural.

And through everything I’ve been through in my life, nothing else ever seemed so simple.


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