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FIC: We All Fall Down Part 2

Holy crap, I'm sorry! LOL. Here is the last of the one-shot (and its only about 3000 words.)

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men: Evolution, they belong to Marvel and Kids WB. I do not intend to make any profits from this work; its meant for entertainment purposes only.


… … …

Pyro smiled as the yellow taxi cab pulled up onto the bridge and stopped at yet another traffic jam. He had sat up on the top bridge pillar for well over forty-five minutes, and almost burned the bridge down on accident as a result of his boredom. He stood up straight and powered up his flame thrower, sending a massive explosion of fire into the air. He manipulated the flame to look like a giant hand waving at the pretty girl down in the car; if he was going to get her attention, the least he could do was be somewhat polite about it.


He laughed maniacally as the fire spread. Massive fireballs were shooting out from his explosion and falling to the ground, sending people running from their cars in terror. He never could understand why people didn’t see a fire show as being as beautiful as he thought that it was. When he finally saw Wanda step out of the cab and look up at him, he expanded the shape of the flames from that of a hand, to a much taller and hotter chariot of horses. The surge of energy that expelled from his body was huge.


From down below, the fiery Scarlet Witch hexed Pyro’s powers back at him, and sent him flying off of the pillar. He used his agility to grab hold of one of the bridge’s suspension wires, and dropped down a ski lift pass that would lead her back to her father’s base. He fired another shot at the bridge, just catching the oil tanker and causing a beautiful barrage of explosions. She was impacted by the blast and was sent over the side of the bridge.


 He laughed at his own handiwork and began to slide down the suspension wires toward the ground and his motorcycle. It was at that time that the weather had drastically changed from a bright sunny day, to a dark one with pouring rain. Such a sight could only be explained by that nasty weather witch from the X-Men; she was always putting a dampen on Pyro’s fun; he didn’t like her all that much.


He started up his motorcycle and glanced up at the bridge one more time; Wanda managed to pull herself up and back to safety. John had rather enjoyed the short and explosive display of power put on between the two of them. Such chaos could only been brought upon by two equally chaotic and explosive people. He smiled at the thought of her and sped off.


“Until we meet again, love.”


… … …  
 She was one of the most beautiful girls in the world.


Todd Tolansky pulled himself up from the floor and dusted off his pants; like usual, she had shown him her denial of their love and thrown him into the wall. He didn’t care though; he would do anything for her. She had said that all he had to do was be someone else…and he figured that if he only had to ruin someone else’s fun in order to do that, then it should be a piece of cake.


Wanda was tall, thin, smart, and dangerous; someone that could keep him on his toes. In his mind they could wreak all sorts of havoc together; she would laugh at his jokes, let him rub her back, maybe even kiss her a little bit. He was convinced that they had so much more in common than she thought.


That was why he was going to steal Nightcrawler’s holowatch.


The only thing that was getting between Todd and Wanda was his looks; he was convinced of it. He could create a new image of himself, one that was tall, bright, handsome…even exotic if she so wanted it! He did not care at all if he wasn’t being true to himself in doing so, he would do anything in his power to get the girl to notice him.


He wanted her so badly it hurt.


He wanted to smell her, to touch her…anything at all to feed his cravings. He wouldn’t go as far as saying that he was in love with her, but definitely healthily obsessed. And on the other hand, she definitely looked like she could use someone who cared about her. From what he knew, everyone she ever trusted and loved turned the other cheek as she was thrown into an institution to lose out on her entire childhood and teenage years. Todd wasn’t exactly sure what kind of things that went on in a place like that, but whatever it was really did make her grumpy.


Todd took a mighty jump and landed on the top of a street light outside of the house of Amanda Sefton. Kurt Wagner was inside with Todd’s target sitting on his wrist. He would get into that house and take that watch if it was the last thing he did.


It was his ticket to scoring with Wanda.


… … …


Pyro grinned when he caught sight of Wanda following him on the slopes. He had been out freezing his ass off in the snow for almost two hours before she had shown up; being a full blooded Australian did not allow him to enjoy the cold temperatures at all. He quickly stood and jumped onto the chairlift that would bring him to the top of the hill. From his peripheral vision he saw her climb aboard the lift just a few spots behind him. She was on his tail like a police dog hunting crack, and the thought unnecessarily excited him.


Once he reached the top of the mountain, he grinned and pushed himself off of the lift and into the snow. He had only been snowboarding since he came to America, and used any of his surfing skills from Australia that he could. Of course, snowboarding and surfing were two entirely different sports, but the experience came in handy all the same. The thought of a good looking girl chasing him around on a board didn’t hurt either.


The whole day of playing cat and mouse with her had been the most fun he’d been allowed to have since his arrival with Magneto. There he was pursuing a beautiful girl and leading her home. The only other thing he had been able to do was help Colossus move strange amounts of boxes around the base. Even if the end result was not going to be pleasant for either of them, he still had room to take pleasure in it.


Once Pyro reached the last drop in the hill before the base, he bent his knees in the air and steadied himself for a jump. There was a fifteen foot tall cliff at the base of the hill, and it propelled him far enough to take him back to the base at top speed.


The Acolyte base was a large, steel dome protected from prying eyes by large evergreen trees, and a cave-like setup of rocks surrounding it. There was not even a proper door built into the structure; Magneto himself controlled the entrance and exits of everyone who stayed there. As Pyro inched closer to the base, a large gaping hole formed in front of him to allow him access. He spun his board to the side and turned around one more time to take a look at his chaser; the scarlet beauty had stopped at the top of the cliff. Her coat blew in the wind, and her hand shielded her eyes from the piercing wind.


She didn’t expect a damn thing.


John sighed and unbuckled the board from his feet, leaving the unsuspecting witch in the dust. Once more she would be held captive and manipulated by Magneto. Pyro’s position as a former prisoner himself swayed his anger, but he had no choice but to obey his boss. It would be best for his health and well being.


It would be best for all of them.


… … …


Magneto watched with a stern face as Wanda fought against her restraints. He could not believe that his actions had to come this far; this was his daughter - his own child. She stared at him with the same cerulean blue eyes that he had, and they blazed in completely homicidal anger when she regarded him. The girl saw him as nothing more than a sack of worthless feces; she would do anything to get back at him for incarcerating her.


His choice of locking her away was the only option that he had left back then. He had worked hard in making sure that his children would both be gifted with powerful abilities; they needed them if they were going to survive living in the world. Eric worked Pietro and Wanda hard as young children to ensure that they grow to be formidable adults. He would be the first to admit that he failed in providing them with adequate love and a nurturing family. He was a man who was involved with his work, and they had no mother around to provide them with love.


And as far as he was concerned, he was not at fault for their mother dying during birth.


Once Wanda’s powers had emerged, she had no will to control them. She cried and yelled in anger and frustration that things couldn’t go her way. Magneto had found it awfully ironic that for a girl that had the ability to sway probabilities to her discretion, she could never do what she wanted with them. Even as a near adult, Wanda had absolutely no idea how to predict what each hex bolt would cause - she was still as angry and out of control as ever.


He had no doubt in his mind that her life in the asylum was degrading and cruel. He had experienced his own imprisonment once in his life - albeit it was under much different circumstances. However, the asylum was the only place that could house Wanda efficiently, and keep an eye on her around the clock. It was the kind of attention and supervision that she needed in order to keep her from harming herself.


And there he stood ten years later in front of the very girl that cried his name as she was hauled away from her family. She cried for him and begged him to save her that night, and now she was uttering death threats at him. She was even more off the wall now than she ever was before, and Eric was now convinced that a mind altering experience would end Wanda’s pain and suffering for good.


It was the only way to heal her.


And it was the only way to protect his goals and dreams. He had spent the last few decades of his life putting in time, effort, and hard work to achieve his dream, and he needed to protect it at all costs. He was well aware that each one of his Acolytes - as well as his own son - were questioning his motives. But Eric was a smart man who put forward all the consequences of his actions first, and then acted.


Magneto nodded at the awaiting Mastermind to begin his duties. He fought hard to keep his face stoic as Wanda’s eyes widened in what looked to be a combination of rage and fear. Her legs thrashed crazily against her leg restraints, but after a few short seconds of Mastermind’s prodding, her body began to settle.


That was, until the intruders barged in.


… … …


Todd’s heart leapt into this throat when he had seen Wanda strapped to the chair like a prisoner. He had absolutely no idea what exactly had been going on in that room, but he had a very bad feeling about it.


It was strange to see the chaotic girl in such a sedated state. In the short time he’d known her, Todd always saw Wanda storming around the house, throwing things around, combusting furniture, threatening people - but she sat on that chair with her eyes shut, her head slumped over, and not a word left her. It was as if she had been put into a deep sleep.


So he did the first thing that came to mind, and that was try to free her. He was glad that Nightcrawler had come around to help him after all because he wouldn’t have been able to pull the rescue off without him. Not only did they nearly get pulverized by the much larger Acolytes, but Todd was pretty sure that their own brains would’ve gotten scrambled had they stuck around.


Of course, Wanda didn’t have any idea it was him until he was able to steal a kiss from her. Kurt’s holowatch definitely had its uses; now that Wanda found him attractive, he could get what he wanted from her. She did not fight or put up a protest; Toad’s theory had been right. Wanda would like his personality as long as he had a different face.


And that was all that mattered to him.


He got her out, she was safe, yada yada yada. But the purpose of his entire goal had come into play once she had awoken in his arms and gave him the very thing he had dreamed about since the day he had laid eyes on her sexy body. He wanted his lips on hers, his hands in her hair; around her waist…he wanted her all to himself as selfish as it sounded.


And with his new face he was able to do just that, even if it was just for a few moments. But they were short moments that he would never forget for the rest of his life.


… … …


When the intruders came and snatched Wanda from Magneto’s grasp, Pyro was silently pleased. There would’ve been no way for him to do anything about the activities of his boss, but that didn’t stop him from silently rooting for her rescuers.


Now that the girl was free from her father and free from all of the horrible memories that had been burned into her mind, John felt a little weight taken from his shoulders. He regretted the fact that he had to be the one to lure her back into the hands of her father, but definitely didn’t regret the fact that he was just a ‘few seconds too slow’ to stop her rescuers from stealing her from Magneto’s grasp.


With all the danger and chaotic beauty that surrounded the girl, he was a little bummed out that he was never able to put on another spectacular light show with her. However, he was in good faith that he would definitely meet her again. And he figured that if he was ever able to get out of Magneto’s grasp, he would probably check out Bayville’s boarding house.


There had to be a reason there to keep him around Bayville when the time came.


… … …


Pietro wasn’t sure how to feel; there was relief, regret, sadness, anger, and care. There sat Wanda on the living room floor of the Brotherhood boarding house. She had a smile on her face, and she was even interacting with the other members of the team. Soft words flowed freely from her lips, and not one of them was angry or threatening.


She was the girl he remembered from their childhood; the same girl in the picture from their birthday.


He felt horrible that the relief from her emotional torture had to come at such a price, and he regretted even more that it had to be done against her free will.


However, Pietro could now sleep at night knowing that his sister wouldn’t be plagued with nightmares about her fears and violations. All the hurt and despair that she felt would only be a void in her being, and for that he could live with himself and the decision that he made.


He had sat down and talked to his close friend Lance just earlier in the day regarding what was planned for Wanda. Predictably, the rock tumbler was absolutely horrified at what he was suggesting…and surprisingly, Pietro was okay with that.


No matter what choices the speed demon made, everyone questioned his logic, and questioned his loyalties. They didn’t understand the things that he knew, the things that he’d been through, or the way his family worked. His father aside, he loved his sister and always did. As a young child, he had no choice in her imprisonment. But now as a near adult, he made a choice to make that up to her. He would help rid of all the painful memories and hurt feelings.


She would be free.


The state of their relationship would have to be fixed, and even though people such as Avalanche deemed him untrustworthy, Pietro could tell himself that he had given his sister the chance at a normal life. What he did he did out of love, despite what anyone would say about that.


It must’ve been a Lensherr trait to be misunderstood, but as long as he knew what he was doing no one’s words would change a damn thing.


He would be sure of that.


… … …


The End

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