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Rictor/Shatterstar List

List of Fics Sorted by Rating/Genre/Series below. If you're looking for more RicStar stuff you can also check out my X-Force stories because they are paired up in all of those as well.

Prompt Table #1 - 100 Fics
Prompt Table #2 - Smut Challenge

Multi-Chapter Series' (6)

Still Can't Turn Away -- Rated R, AU. Picks up right at the end of X-Factor #20 in Pietro's office. Rahne and Layla try and get Rictor back to HQ, but are stopped by an unlikely visitor. With Shatterstar back, his powers acting up, and a strange man with an ulterior plan for X-Factor, Rictor's life is turned upside down. Pairings include: Rictor/Shatterstar, Rictor/Quicksilver, and a little bit of Terry/Jamie/Monet. Angst/Humour/Drama.
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four, Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six
************WIP (will not be continued for now)

Scars Are Souvenirs You Never Lose -- Rated R. Picks up off panelish from X-Factor and the X-Men Civil War LS. Rictor is with X-Factor, Star's with X-Force, yet at one time they were inseparable. What caused them to drift apart in Mexico, and is it too late to fix it? Angst/Drama.
Part: One, Two, Three

Estranged -- Rated R. Series of one shots following Rictor and how I think he developed, and finally embraced, his feelings for Star. Weaves between issues of X-Force. Basically this is how I think they should have gotten together in canon. Contains character death and graphic sex. Angst/Drama/Romance.
Part: One, Two, Three, Four

Scarred For Life -- Rated NC-17. Another take on why the boys left each other, and how they are reunited. Shatterstar's POV. What happens when Star is torn from being the warrior he was bred to be, and being the man he's grown to become on Earth? Contains extreme violence, language, and graphic sex.
Part: One, Two, Three, Four
Extra Scenes from Ric's POV

Our Last Memory -- Rated R. When X-Factor gets help in defeating Arcade, they get a new member of the team, Longshot. But in return for his assistance, Longshot needs some help with his own problems -- on Mojoworld. What they find there opens up a whole pile of old wounds for other members of the team, and they learn that sometimes memories are all that’s left to hold onto -- that is, if they still have them. AU/Angst/Action/Romance/Humour
Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-one, Twenty-two, Twenty-three.
Prequel Pieces: One, Two, Three, Four.
Deleted Scenes: Chapter 9, Chapter 14, Chapter 16.

Natural Born Disasters -- Rated NC-17, AU. At thirteen years old, Julio Richter manifests his destructive mutant abilities. After fearing for the lives of his family he kept putting in danger because of them, he decides to leave home. Julio meets an odd friend along the way, but Shatterstar brings a whole slew of inadvertent troubles with him. Between survival on the streets and anti-mutant terrorists, Julio struggles to figure out this person he's growing into and just how to be a kid again. Angst/Drama/Action/Romance. For michiru42 .
Part: One, Two, Three, Four,

Drabbles/Short Fics (Less than 1500 words); All Ratings (22)

Happy Endings -- Rated PG-13, AU. After X-Factor #20, Rictor acquires Quicksilver's time jumping abilities and gets a glimpse into the the future. Through all the crap he has to endure, at least he knows he has something to look forward to. Angst/Fluff.

Tu Labios -- Rated PG-13. Rictor thinks about why kissing is so underrated. Fluff.

Winter's Hour -- Rated PG-13. Shatterstar stands outside and enjoys the snow while Rictor watches. Fluff.

Heal -- Rated R. Rictor hates guns, and Star pulls a stunt to avoid conflict with them. Julio's left to fear for his friend's life. Angst.

Learning and Growing -- Rated PG-13. Rictor loves the rain, and Shatterstar loves Rictor. Introspect from Shatty's POV. Fluff.

Hand It Over! -- Rated PG-13. Ric and Star have a disagreement. They come to regret it however when something...er, breaks, and they are caught in a compromising position. Humour.

How Could You? -- Rated G. Star is appalled at something Rictor's done, but Julio will hear none of it. Humour.

I Saw It On Television -- Rated PG-13. Rictor is sick and Star wants him to feel better. Humour/Fluff.

Intoxicating -- Rated NC-17. Rictor discovers that there are some things he just can't get enough of. *sobs* Another hair fic, because I am a nerd. Fluff.

Distraction -- Rated NC-17. A sort of alternate ending for X-Factor #21. Things just never seem to turn out the way Rictor wants them to. Warning for masturbation. Angst.

The Way You Look -- Rated NC-17. Rictor grows bored and pays Shatterstar a visit in his room. Sometimes he just can't help himself. Fluff.

First Time For Everything -- Rated R. Shatterstar's never felt such stirrings inside him before, especially for his very best friend. What's a warrior born to do about feelings he was never supposed to even have? Angst.

Against Mine -- Rated R. Late at night and all alone Rictor wonders if he's destined to be that way forever. Angst.

Exchange -- Rated NC-17. Words weren't really their strong point, but that didn't mean they couldn't get their points across. Fluff/PWP.

Freak of Nature -- Rated T. Shatterstar was the freak of all freaks; he did not fit in at home, and he most certainly did not fit in here. And everyday he was faced with the reflection of a stranger. Angst.

Twist -- Rated PG-13. In an unlikely turn of events, Shatterstar finds himself feeling hopeful for a future with Ric. Sickeningly fluffy.

Stop It -- Rated PG. Everyone has bad habits...and unique ways of dealing with them. Humour.

Gone -- Rated R. Shatterstar needs a reason to feel after Rictor leaves him for Mexico. Takes place between Cable #22 and X-Force #45. Angst, warning for violence and mutilation.

It Must Be You Then -- Rated PG-13. Rictor is a little upset with Shatterstar keeping big secrets, and learns the hard way that Mojoworld standards aren't at all like Earth ones. Takes place after X-Force #30. Humour.

Unfitting -- Rated PG-13. Domino and Jimmy rib Shatterstar about his name, but Rictor feels differently. Takes place between X-Force #39 and #40. Fluff.

Perfect -- Rated R. Sometimes even the toughest and mightiest warriors need reassurance. Fluff, angst.

Put It To Good Use - Rated PG-13. What to do with all that leftover birthday cake...food fight?  Sounds good. Fluff/Humour.

One Shots; Rated G-R (20)

What We Do Is Secret -- Rated R. Takes place in the locker room after a particularly brutal training session. The boys unwind...and work their hair. Once again, because I am a nerd. Fluff/Humour.

Cold -- Rated R. Things were not supposed to end up this way; he never even got to say good-bye. Siryn's POV. Warning for character death. Angst.

The Love Connection -- Rated R. A look at what got Shatty into one of his cannonical loves: The Love Connection game show. This is also a bit of a parody of all of the RicStar-hooks-up-while-watching-TV fics that I love so fucking much. Pairings include Rictor/Shatty as well as Sam/Tabitha. Romance/Fluff/Humour.

Wish That I Was Dead -- Rated R. Rictor runs into some trouble on the street late one night, and things quickly get dangerous. Warning for extreme violence and hate. Angst.

Nothing Else -- Rated R. Rictor isn't having a very good birthday, so Layla devises a plan that gets him out of the house with Jamie for a night. But what he finds along the way is something he never expected -- and wasn't he watching him the last time they danced to this song? Angst/Romance.

A Little Assistance -- Rated PG-13. Ric and Star train, and Tabby and Terry take it all out of context...or do they? Humour.

Genuine -- Rated PG-13. Shatterstar is determined to pick up on some basic Earth traditions. After a whole day of practicing, he wanders off to find Rictor and show him his progress. Fluff.

Dark Tonight -- Rated PG-13. Ric and Shatty stay up and talk, and they learn they have more in common than either of them originally thought. Takes place some time before Ric leaves for Mexico. Pre-Slash/Friendship/Angst.

It's Tradition! -- Rated PG-13. It's Christmas Eve and Shatty is a bit of a Scrooge. One tiny dispute with Caliban later, and the warrior is backed into a wall by Ric. Can Julio make him see the light? Humour/Fluff.

In Good Hands -- Rated PG-13. Anole is scared for his friends, so Rictor tells him a story to pass the time. Set during Messiah Complex. Angst.

Standby -- Rated PG-13. Shatterstar watches Rictor fight, and he wonders why Julio can't see himself the same way Star does. Written for betterthanlegos. Total fluff. Response to her piece: You Glow, And You're Beautiful.

Just Once -- Rated R. Shatterstar's never saw the appeal of dancing, but Rictor convinces him to try it just this once. Written for betterthanlegos. Fluffy.

Starlight -- Rated R. Since his return from Mexico, Rictor can't help but feel a lot of things have changed for X-Force while he was away. Feeling alienated and alone, he sits outside and muses. However, he finds out that sometimes change is for the better. Angst/Fluff.

Spyware -- Rated PG-13. Julio Richter was never really that good with computers, but one afternoon he finds something in particular that he likes about them. Humour/Fluff.

What's In A Name? -- Rated PG-13. Ric and 'Star's unofficial first meeting. Takes place sometime between X-Force #14 and 16. Just how I think they were introduced and got to know each other. No slash, just friendship. And some ridiculous banter.

The Pain of Experience -- Rated R. An introspective look at Rictor after X-Factor #28; why Layla’s disappearance bothered him as much as it did. Angst.

Silly Earth Traditions -- Rated PG-13. Shatterstar wants to surprise Rictor, but some people just really aren't cut out for romance. Humour.

Snow Is Not Ideal -- Rated PG-13. Rictor and Shatterstar are grounded, and Cable’s punishment tactics are not favourable. Humour/Fluff.

Can't Escape -- Rated PG-13. Rictor had some decisions to make, and he tries to find the right way to explain it all to Shatterstar. Post X-Force #61; Rom/Angst/Fluffers.

I Used To Rule The World - Rated R. Rictor muses about his power loss, and Shatty tries to understand. An after X-Factor #43 AU. Angst.

One Shots; Rated NC-17 (MATURE) (16)

You Like Pain, Remember? -- Takes place sometime in the future. Star and Ric are out living on their own, and Shatty insists Rictor start training again to make up for his power loss. A bit of arguing and a whole lot of making up ensues. Angst/Romance.

Sabotage -- Alternate take on X-Force #43. Shatterstar is conflicted and troubled about the feelings he has at the club, and is convinced Rictor had it all planned from the start. Based off the song the boys were dancing to, by the Beastie Boys. Angst.

While You Sleep -- After a particularly nasty fight in Mexico, the boys settle down in a hotel for the night. But when Rictor can't seem to fall asleep, he preoccupies himself -- much to the amusement of Shatterstar. Fluff/Romance.

That Is Not Proper Dinner Etiquette -- Shatterstar decides to get a little risky at the dinner table at Rictor's expense. Julio is not impressed, or so he says. Humour.

Hot Summer Nights -- The boys stop at a beach after a whole day of driving in Mexico. Fluff.

Ego -- The boys start laundry. The boys do not get laundry done. But other things get done instead. And there is a rather large superiority complex floating around in that room. PWP

Bound and Gagged -- Rictor gets a taste of a side of Shatty he hasn't seen before, and he isn't sure he likes it. Or...it could just be that mind of his playing tricks on him again. PWP, and warning for violence, harsh language, and a little bit of BDSM.

That's Not Breakfast! -- Rictor always told Shatty specifically no sugar before noon. Humour/Fluff.

Pure Morning -- Sometimes, just once in awhile, it was okay for Shatterstar to miss his training; mornings like these came few and far between. Fluffy fluff.

A Little Sacrifice -- It was supposed to be a symbol of unity. But team unification wasn’t exactly what Rictor was looking for when he came back from Mexico. Takes place sometime after XF #61 and before #70. A little bit of fluff and angst rolled up into one PWP. Yee

The First -- First time fic. Very fluffy.

Catch Me If You Can -- The boys decide to use the Danger Room for a late night work out. Action/Humour

Why Rictor Should Never Ignore His Pager -- Sometimes Ric doesn't have a damn clue when to quit, and that comes back to bite both him and Shatty in the butt. Humour.

Thunderstruck -- Shatterstar had seen some wild things in his short life, but nothing would compare to this. Humour/Fluff. Warning for masturbation.

The Space Between -- Things always led back to that looming thing that existed between them, and Ric can't help but wonder if they're going be left just going with the motions forever. Angst/Romance

Out of the Blue - The boys finish their talk about 'social stuff' after the club. And it ends unexpectedly. Humourish.

Humour/Crack; all ratings (18)

****Most of these fics are custom friend locked****

Of Warriors, Bad Pants, and Snowballs -- Rated R. Julio and Shatty are reunited once again, but Pietro's having none of that. All is fair in love and war and snowball fights and all that other stuff. But after all...hey! Don't wreck those pants!

Yep, Definitely Gay -- Rated NC-17ish. Takes place DIRECTLY after page 19 of X-Factor #21. Rictor and Rahne have sex and make some decisions regarding their feelings about one another.

What Happens When Pietro Gives Rictor STD's -- Rated R. Anyone else think Ric acted like he was on speed in X-Factor #22? Guess that's what happens when you let snarky speedsters insert things where they don't belong. And who is going to clean that Rahne up off the floor?

Time Out to Smell the Vegetation -- Rated NC-17. Based on Shatterstar's dream sequence in X-Force #58, featuring big gay yellow boots. I always thought Rictor should've totally been involved - this is what happened. Warning for graphic sex and a really ridiculous sex game.

Shatterstar Versus the Jehovah's Witnesses -- Rated R. Okay, I'm not even going to try and explain this and still attempt to sound intelligent. The title says it all, really. Don't even bother reading if you're religious. Why 'Star is never allowed to answer the door unsupervised.

Adam X is a Fucking Asshole -- Rated R. Rictor's got major issues. Namely jealousy ones. So he tries to show Star that he's tough and can keep up with them. I think we all know how this is going to turn out. :/

Addicted to Love -- Rated R.  People do strange things behind closed doors, namely, they may listen to Robert Palmer. And Shatterstar totally just walked in on that. All I really wanted was a lame excuse for Rictor to dance in his underwear. Fucking sue me.

Fekt, I'm Keeping It, Julio! -- Rated R. Shatterstar brings home a dog, and a massive series of mishaps follows. Rictor is not at all impressed; Madre de Dios, all he wanted to do was sleep in!

Sir, I'm Going to Have to Ask You to Leave the Store -- Rated R. Cable sends the boys on a mission to retrieve supplies for the base. With a credit card and a car that don't belong to them, Ric and Shatty get into trouble. This is totally the fault of betterthanlegos. I don't even care what she says.

This Is Better Than Legos! -- Rated PG-13. Once again I blame the above. Rictor sure does love his lego blocks, and Tabitha couldn't be more happy to point that out. All he ever wanted was to end up on top. Henh, based on Ric's simple mindedness in X-Force #22.

I'm Motherfucking Immortal! -- Rated R. Don't even ask. I read a fic where someone killed off Rictor and Shatty threw a fit...and I just got so damn depressed that I...sorta kinda had to retcon it. Oops. She did it to me first though, so it's only fair.

Brokeback Mutant -- Rated R. Deadpool enlists in Shatterstar's help after reading the letter pages of X-Factor #6, and they embark on a mission to find Peter David. The fourth wall is smashed and I accidentally retconned the shit out of X-Factor. Oops. Includes some Deadpool/Siryn and a special guest appearance by Peter David himself. And Rob Liefeld. How did that happen?

Madre De Dios, WTF is Wrong With You? -- Rated R. Rictor discovers the truth about Rahne and her wolf prince. Also includes mass bouts of mind reading by Monet, character death, and Peter Petrelli and Sam and Dean Winchester. I don't even know how the hell that happened. If you know nothing about the New Mutants and/or Asgard this will not even be funny.

Rictor, PI (Like Magnum) -- Rated R. Rictor kind of got forgotten about during Messiah Complex. So I decided that he was sent home to baby-sit X-Factor HQ while the others stood watch over Jamie. He can handle a position in charge for just a little while, can't he? And what the hell is he going to do to pass the time?

Marriage Isn't Easy -- Rated R. Rictor and Shatterstar play The Sims. Characters cause domestic disputes. And then everything just blows up, as usual.

The Day Rictor Turned Supernaturally Evil and It Was All Shatterstar's Fault -- Rated R. Some people seriously do not even know when to let go, and others need to realize that some things are just not at all destined to go their way. This is a ballad of a friendship so strong that it carries on through thick and thin, death and rotting skin. When tragedy strikes, Shatterstar's left with a choice to make, and his answer? The Pet Sematary, obviously.

Madre de Dios! It's An Mpreg! -- Every piece in this is definitely rated NC-17. Because not only is it a whole lot of crack, but it's probably offensive to a lot of people. I'm not really huge on MPreg fics, but with these two it was just way too funny not to parody, so I did it. A friend of mine, firstfiverows, writes stuff that takes place in this series too, but since she'd probably kill me if I linked the fics, I'll just give her the credit she deserves and leave it at that. ^^
Parts (in order):
When Warriors and Hospitals Collide -- Shatty has trouble finding someone to help him in his situation, so he gives an old friend (aka Tabitha Smith) a call to lend him a hand. Will they find what they need in time, or will they have to settle with doing dirty deeds all on their own? Ew, its a birth fic. D:

Shatterstar Versus the CAS -- Someone has finally caught onto Shatterstar's secret, and they're looking to put a stop to it. Rictor finally gets the news that he's a daddy, but how will he react? And what happens when his two ex-lovers come face to face in a bloody battle of vengeance? All this and Children's Aid.
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