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X-Force Fic List

List of Fics Sorted by Rating/Genre/Series below.

Multi-Length Series' (2)

Hostile Takeover -- Rated NC-17. A well known terrorist organization has made its move, and its dictatorship starts with the fall of the country’s greatest heroes. A few make it out alive, but they are on the run and in for the fight of their lives. Who lives and who dies? And where do you go when there’s no where left to hide? Warning for extreme violence, character death, language, and graphic sex. Action/Adventure/Angst/Drama/Romance/Suspense
Pairings Include: Domino/Cable, Rictor/Shatterstar, Siryn/Deadpool, Cannonball/Boomer, Sunspot/Magma
Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen.

Enemy of the State -- Rated NC-17. Alternative Universe fic. The U.S. Government finally acknowledges the dire need for mutant/human relations to improve, and to start they create a police task force fully responsible for the safety and authority of all mutants in Manhattan: the NYXF. Humans fear them, and mutants claim them traitors. But when New York City is faced with the threat of a massive terrorist organization known only as the 'MLF', Cable and his force are the only ones prepared to take them on. Warning for violence, language, and sexual situations.
Pairings Include: Rictor/Shatterstar, Cable/Domino, Siryn/Deadpool, Cannonball/Boomer, Sunspot/Magma, and a few minor others.
Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-one, Twenty-two, Twenty-three, Twenty-four, Twenty-five, Twenty-six, Twenty-seven, Twenty-eight, Twenty-nine, Thirty, Thirty-one, Thirty-two.
Related One Shots (same 'verse):
Heart of the Inferno - Chamber/Skin. Rated NC-17. Angst, Romance.

One-Shots; Rated G-R (10)

Lighten Up -- Rated R. Cable is pissed off that his team has been slacking lately, so he brings them out in the snow for a nasty training session. However, this ends up backfiring on him, like usual. Humour/Fluff.
Pairings Include: Cannonball/Boomer, Domino/Cable, and Rictor/Shatterstar.

Phobia -- Rated R. Rictor and Tabitha’s greatest fear is revealed to a very perplexed Shatterstar, and when the warrior asks Cable about it, Domino finds out that Nate has some secret phobias of his own. Humour.
Pairings Include: Dom/Cable and Ric/Star.

Clueless -- Rated R. Dom doesn't think Nate takes enough time to get to know the kids, and an argument ensues. She wants to prove her point, but she ends up horrifying Cable, Shatterstar, and Rictor in the process. Humour.
Pairings: Dom/Cable, Ric/Star

Mah Tie! -- Rated R. Cable has his eye on an Apocalypse related artifact, and enlists in the help of Cannonball, Rictor, Sunspot, and Shatterstar to go under cover at an auction to retrieve it. However, the stakes are high when their opposing bidder has a deadly power of his own. Humour.
Pairings: Ric/Star

Come Together -- Rated R. After the death of Caliban, a few members of X-Force come together to mourn the loss of their friend -- and they do the funeral right, the X-Force way. Alternate end for Messiah Complex. Angst/Friendship.
Pairings: Sam/Tabitha, Rictor/Shatterstar

Even Superman Had His Kryptonite -- Rated R. Losing someone you care about can be hard, but it’s even harder trying to replace them. Takes place just before X-Force #56. Angst/Drama.
Pairings: Shatterstar/Siryn, Shatterstar/Rictor, Siryn/Warpath

Even in Death -- Rated R. Domino deals with Nate's death. Takes place after Cable and Deadpool #41. Angst.
Pairing: Domino/Cable

The Lost and the Forgotten -- Rated R. Shatterstar has trouble coming to terms with his place in the world. Takes place just before the Shatterstar LS begins. Warning for violence and gore.  Angst.
Pairing:  Very vague Rictor/Shatterstar

Never Ending Cycle -- Rated R; AU. Feeling down about the events of Messiah Complex, Siryn calls an old friend. But how does Domino react to the news that Cable is alive? And worse, about Caliban's death? Takes place right after Messiah Complex Ch8/New X-Men #45.
Pairing: Vague Domino/Cable

Afterglow -- Rated R. Takes place just after X-Force #61. Domino goes down to the Danger Room to check up on Shatterstar, and ends up getting an earful. Humour/Friendship.
Pairing: References to Rictor/Shatterstar

Extras/Crack Fics; All ratings (6)
****Most of these fics are custom friend locked, and written specifically based on conversations or requests from people on my flist. They include EXTREME humour and some stupidness depending on your sense of humour. A lot of this stuff is kind of dark humoured and offensive, but for some reason (whatever the fuck THAT is) some people actually enjoy this stuff, so for the first time ever I am actually posting a list of my secret crack fics. If you don't have access and you are absolutely sure you are willing to lose IQ points, I will open it up for you. Just comment here, I guess. Read at your own risk.****

You Bring Joy to My Life -- Rated PG-13. Roberto has a crush! And everyone else is a little worried about his obsessive behavior. But Sunspot knows when he’s found his number one love. I blame X-Force #58 AGAIN.

I'm Sorry, Sir, You Can't Have the Shoulder Pads Back -- Rated R. Sequel to firstfiverows's 'Sir, I Can't See Over Your Shoulder Pads'. Sam, Ric, Terry, Star, and Tabby find themselves in a holding cell after an incident in a movie theatre.
Pairings: Dom/Cable, Sam/Tab, Ric/Star, mentions Terry/Deadpool

I'm Thankful for Guns, Alcoholic Beverages, and Funky Life Sized Pinball -- Rated R. It's Shatterstar's first Thanksgiving, and X-Force decides to be domestic for a change and enjoy the holiday. But, like usual, everything goes to shit and something blows up.
Pairings: Dom/Cable, Sam/Tab, Ric/Star, mentions Terry/Deadpool. Also one sided Feral/Star and Jimmy/Terry.

This Is The Gayest Show on Television -- Terry, Bobby, Sam, Tab, Ric, and Star watch 'Heroes' and provide some commentary. Ship wars and arguments ensue. Kill me now.
Pairings: Sam/Tab, Ric/Star

Family Affairs -- When Shatterstar learns of his paternity at long last, he brings Rictor along to meet his parents. Things only go as smoothly as one would expect.
Pairings: Rictor/Shatterstar, Longshot/Dazzler

X-Force's Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day -- After days of chasing, Spiral grows tired of X-Force and casts a series of spells to throw them off her trail. With everyone on the team jumbled up or out of commission completely, they have to figure out how to reverse the magicks of Mojoworld's executioner! How will they manage? And what happens when the future face of humanity is taken hostage by Spiral in the crossfire? Very rated R for language, sexuality, amongst other things. Also features a couple of cameos from Torchwood and Doctor Who. Written for betterthanlegos .
Pairings: Domino/Cable, Cannonball/Boomer, Rictor/Shatterstar, and Roberto/Everyone...just because. O_O

Total - 18
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