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X-Men Fic List (Comic-verse)

List of X-Men related fanfiction below.

One Shots; Rated G-R (5)

Beyond Repair -- Rated PG-13, AU. Rahne reflects on her relationship with Rictor and why it was destined to fail from the start. Angst/Drama.
Pairings: Rictor/Rahne, Rictor/Shatterstar

Always Alone -- Rated R. Rahne makes a decision and has to tell Rictor. Based on February solicits and other online news articles. Technically an AU then, I suppose. Angst.
Pairings: Established Rictor/Rahne, reference to Rictor/Shatterstar.

The Worst That Could Happen -- Rated R. Alternate end to Messiah Complex. Feeling bitter and depressed about circumstances regarding his team, Madrox approaches Rictor for a little guy talk. He then abruptly regrets it. Humour.
Pairings: Rictor/Jamie. Established Terry/Jamie, Monet/Jamie, Rahne/Rictor, and Shatterstar/Rictor.

Iceman/Shadowcat Sucks -- Rated R. I just really fucking hate this pairing. So I killed Kitty. Got a problem?

Thank You, Captain Obvious -- Rated R. Cyclops checks his email, and Emma is left curious about something. Written for stupidmetalbint . Humour.
Pairings: Scott/Emma (God help me)

One Shots; Rated NC-17 (MATURE) (2)

(When I Think About You) I Touch Myself -- Jamie Madrox is frustrated. He had Theresa and he had Monet -- but now he has neither. And with the two horn dogs in the next room distracting him, he's left up to his own devices. Warning for graphic sex, slash, femslash, and masturbation. This is kind of crack. I'm sorry. XD
Pairings: Jamie/Jamie, Siryn/Jamie/Monet, Siryn/Monet, and Rictor/Shatterstar

Heart of the Inferno -- Jonothon just wants some semblance of normalcy in his life. Takes place in my 'Enemy of the State' fic 'verse (see X-Force fics), but can stand alone. Angst/Romance
Pairings: Chamber/Skin

Total - 7
Tags: ficlist
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