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X-Men: Evolution Fic List

This is the ficlist for the X-Men: Evolution fandom. All my Evo fics are scattered over five different sites, so here are the links so all of them, and the various versions of each fic.

Multi-Length Series' (1)

Hero of the Day -- Rated R. Takes place after the series. Mystique has made it her mission to continue on the dream of mutant superiority -- starting with upgrading her Brotherhood's ranks. Her feud with Magneto burns a lot of bridges and ignites an all out war. Only problem is both sides truly believe that they are right, and that leaves a lot of people questioning their positions. Introduction of Sage, Polaris, and the FOH from comic verse.
Pairings: Scarlet Witch/Pyro, Iceman/Polaris, Boom Boom/Quicksilver/X-23, Rogue/Gambit, Colossus/Shadowcat/Avalanche.
Extra Scenes: One, Two, Three

One Shots; Rated G-R (3)

The Time to Hesitate is Through -- Rated R. After moving in with the Brotherhood, John finds that he's constantly on the wrong side of Wanda's rage. Can one night of cheesy 80's tunes, police busts, and drunken escapades change all that? Humour/Romance/Drama
Pairings: Scarlet Witch/Pyro, Boom Boom/Quicksilver, Avalanche/Shadowcat, Rogue/Gambit.

We All Fall Down -- Rated R. A more in depth look at Wanda's memory wipe, and the role those close to her played in it. Includes the POV of Toad, Magneto, Pyro, and Quicksilver. Angst.
Pairings: One sided Toad/Scarlet Witch, one sided Pyro/Scarlet Witch.

No One Will Find Out, Trust Me -- Rated PG-13. Lance will always do what Pietro asks of him, even if it always seems to blow up in his face. Censored Version. Humour/Romance.
Pairing: Avalanche/Quicksilver

One Shots; Rated NC-17 (MATURE) (2)

Nothing Else Matters -- After finding out the news of Magneto's death, Quicksilver has a hard time dealing with his emotions. After months of a strained relationship with the Brotherhood, he finds out true friends are there when you need them the most. Angst.
Pairing: Avalanche/Quicksilver

No One Will Find Out, Trust Me -- Lance will always do what Pietro asks of him, even if it always seems to blow up in his face. Uncensored version. Humour/Romance.
Pairing: Avalanche/Quicksilver

Humour/Crack Fics (2)

Not Another Romy Fic! -- Rated R. A parody of all the horrendous Rogue/Gambit fics. Rogue gains control of her powers, but unfortunate circumstances prevent her from touching Remy anyways. Written for valoofle. Crack/Humour/Romance.
Pairings: Rogue/Gambit, Gambit/Pyro

Like, Kitty Love! -- Rated R. Another parody, this time of all the shitty Kitty fics in existence -- namely ones that have like seven pairings in them. Kitty goes on the quest to find her one true love. Crack/Humour/Romance.
Pairings: Kitty/Avalanche, Kitty/Quicksilver, Kitty/Gambit, Kitty/Pyro, Kitty/Colossus, Kitty/Wisdom, Kitty/Nightcrawler, Kitty/Wolverine, Kitty/Rogue, Avalanche/Quicksilver, and Gambit/Pyro. I'm pretty sure that's it, but I could be missing one ;)

Total - 8
Tags: ficlist
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