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Breakfast Club Fic List

Full List of all my Breakfast Club fanfiction

Multi-Chaptered Series' (9)

Decimation Day -- One of the students linked to the club takes a different path than from in the movie. He goes out of his way to create an all out massacre, and the Club's caught in the crossfire. Only four make it out alive. Warning for extreme violence, language, character death, and sensitive issues. Angst/Horror//Drama/Suspense.

And Then There Were Two -- Rated PG-13. Monday doesn't turn out as planned, but two members of the Breakfast Club decide to give it a shot anyways. Who needed star crossed lovers anyways? Angst/Drama/Romance.
Pairing: Bender/Allison

The World through the Eyes of a Basket Case -- Rated PG-13. Life through Allison's eyes; starting before detention and ending with graduation. Life doesn't get easier with just one more day gone by -- in fact, it probably gets worse. Angst/Humour/Drama/Romance
Pairings: Allison/Andy, Bender/Claire, Brian/OFC

Since You're Gone -- Rated R. Sequel to 'The World though the Eyes of a Basket Case'. Four years have gone by and Brian and Andrew return from college. A lot of time has gone by, yet they try and act as though nothing has changed. But one person has it figured out, and that's just the start of everything falling apart at the seams. Angst/Humour/Drama/Romance
Pairings: Allison/Andy, Bender/Claire, Brian/OFC

This Means War -- Rated R. After a series of painful mishaps and bad memories, the boys let loose. A look at the crimes committed by Andy, Brian, and John, and how well (or not) they deal with them. Angst/Humour.

Next Time Around -- Rated R. After a year has gone by since they detention, the Breakfast Club have seemingly moved on with their lives. Nothing has changed, and they're just as miserable as ever -- but what happens when they land in detention again? Angst/Drama.
Pairings: Bender/Claire, Andrew/Allison

I've Seen You Before -- Rated R, AU. Bender meets Allison one night at a club and they spend the night going on a series of adventures. Angst/Humour/Drama/Friendship.

Renegade -- Rated R, AU. John's sick of the same old shit at home. When a tempting offer falls at his feet, he finds it hard to ignore despite the risks. What happens when one goes spiraling down to become the one thing he hates most? Someone ends up dead. Angst/Drama/Suspense/Crime.

Reality Shift -- Rated PG-13. After a depressing birthday, Brian makes a wish that will change the lives of the Breakfast Club forever. Angst/Drama/Humour/Supernatural/Sci-fi.
Pairings: Andrew/Allison, Bender/Claire, Brian/OFC

Drabbles; All ratings (3)

Dead -- Rated PG-13. And she wonders how a free spirit can look so dead. Claire's POV. Angst.

Should've Known -- Rated R. He should’ve known better than to put his faith in that detention. Things weren’t going to change; they were never going to change. Bender's POV. Angst.

Unity -- Rated G. It took so little time for such big changes. Carl's POV. Gen.

One Shots; Rated G-R (13)

Life As I Know It -- Rated PG-13. Following the detention, Bender muses over his life and contemplates how maybe things just might finally change for the better. Angst.

Never the Same -- Rated PG-13. Andy goes to Stubby's party Saturday night. With a new outlook on things, he realizes his friends in detention might have been a little right. Angst.

The Way Things Were
-- Rated G. Brian looks back on a few of the things that helped to mold the person he is today. Flashback looks on the Breakfast Club. Gen.

The Real Me -- Rated G -- Allison writes an essay for Mr. Vernon. Angst/Gen

A Look Into the Realm of the Unknown -- Rated PG-13. Who was the most misunderstood character that day? A prime example of how appearances aren't always how they seem. Angst.

The Face of Allison -- Rated PG-13. Andy takes some time to think about the one thing that makes him crazy. Fluff.
Pairing: Andy/Allison

Bowling for Brutality -- Rated R. Two men get together and go bowling. Angst/Drama

Being Bad Feels Pretty Good -- PG-13. Introspect from Claire, and what draws her to a guy like John. Fluff/Romance.
Pairing: Bender/Claire (God help me)

Secret Santa -- Rated R. The Breakfast Club gather at the Standish house to share some Christmas cheer. When a gift exchange goes horribly wrong, things get crazy. Humour.
Pairings: Bender/Claire, Andrew/Allison.

On Angel's Wings -- Rated R, AU. At the lowest point in her life, Allison comes face to face with an angel. Warning for suicide. Angst/Drama

Without You -- Rated R. Two men bond over the loss of a dear friend. Warning for character death; written for midnightblue88. Angst/Tragedy.

Invisible -- Rated PG-13. Andrew wonders what it would be like to be one of those people who don’t count. If he didn’t show up for school…if it made no difference. Angst.

Considerable -- Rated PG-13. Bender thinks about all the things he's considered...inside the theft of a wallet. Gen.

One-Shots; Rated NC-17 (2)

Hungry? -- Andy and Allison go out for dinner and have a hard time making it home. RPG style format, co written with midnightblue88; I was Allison. Fluff.

'Til Death Do Us Part -- Five years after the detention the club is reunited when one of them gets married. They've hardly kept in touch, but that doesn't stop two people from getting reacquainted. Angst/Humour/Drama.
Pairing: Bender/Allison

Crack Fics; All ratings (4)

Running With the Devil -- Rated PG-13. They're a small fandom, dammit! They should not be plagued with such cliches and utterly horrifying characterizations! Parody.
Pairings: Andy/Allison, John/Claire.

The Great Psychological Escape -- Rated R. Mr. Hashimoto -- school councilor, psych graduate, and renowned Wolves fan -- is on a mission to better this generation of students. And what better place to start than with the sociopaths of the Breakfast Club? Warning for heavy language and Innuendos.

Sex With Richard Vernon -- Rated R. As punishment for all the damage inflicted on the library, Vernon gets sentenced to teaching duty for the week. And just his luck, one of his classes is Sexual Health. He's never going to live this one down.

The Breakfast Club Movie Review -- Rated R. The Club gets together to review their movie, provide commentary, and offer outtakes. Things were not at all pleasant back stage...and it shows. Parody.
Total - 31
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