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Oi, so I FINALLY have my Master List completed. *DIES* Took me long enough. Anyways, the old one was incomplete and I couldn't add anything else to it because it reached its post limit or something. Henh. So now every fandom has its *own* page. And  I now have listed EVERY fic I have ever written and posted online in the history of ever. That includes crack fics, fics I hate, and the very first fic I ever even posted. So how's that for accurate, henh? A few things:

~All the one-shots that were part of series' (aka Scarred for Life, Estranged, etc) are now counted as one fic. So I think there were like twelve or something stories that were all 'stand alones' but I now count them as one whole, catch my drift? That lessened the amount of links and summaries to be written out, so if you look for those they're all together. Any deleted scenes are also posted with their story they belong to. IT IS ALL ONE. 8D

~My RicStar fics are semi scattered. I have 52 of them listed under the RicStar header, but those are only the fics that are specifically and directly focused on RicStar. I have a big handful of Rictor/Shatterstar, Rictor, and Shatterstar fics under both the X-Force and X-Men headers. So if something is missing from the RicStar list, try one of the other two. This includes anything that is team focused, friendship focused, passing mentions, or Rictor/Someone else, Star/someone else (even if RicStar still plays a meaningful role). So Hostile Takeover, for example, is considered X-Force even if RicStar plays a massive role in it.

~If something is locked up and you can't access it just tell me. I will probably let you read it so long as you know the risk to your brain it probably is.

~I have discovered that I have written 116 fics online. As of July this year I had only written 36. That means 80 of them were written in the last six months. I am officially a freak. Especially since only a very small amount of these fics are under 2000 words (not even one sixth of them).

~I was interested in seeing what my landmark 100th fic was. I was promptly saddened to realize it was a freaky, slutty BDSM fic in which I nearly made one of my OTP boys cry. So much for a celebratory work, eh?. *DIES*

~My tags list has been greatly reduced. No longer can you sort anything by fandom or character. I found it much too tedious and a pain in the ass to sift through it all, so for now on if you're looking for a fic, use the damn list. Each fandom is sorted by length/rating so there you freaking go. I'm never doing that again. That damn thing took me fucking months to finish.

That being said, I need to go find something productive to do. XD
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