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Valentine's Day is sooooooooo ghey. Seriously. If I hear one more person in my house talk about it, they will all eat shit. I promise that. The only person who makes valentine's day happy is victor_reno. She wins at life :D

Anywhoo, remember forever ago when I said I was gonna finish my character profiles? *DIES* Well I finally did one...only it turned out to be a whole god damn encyclopedia. Wikipedia and uncannyxmen.net actually do FAIL at doing these sometimes, and since he is my favourite character I had to put some damn effort into it, dammit!

If me and betterthanlegos ever start a website this'll probably go  there. But for now, it's here and it will stay here only. Under the cut is a very detailed description and character analysis of Shatterstar. Feel free to use as a reference and/or writing tool. Feel free to comment, criticize, or add. But do not feel free to steal it. I'll fucking kill you if you do because this took me many, many days to complete and many, many hours of reading.

Yo! MTV pretty boy!
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