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Prompt #03 -- Sunrise

Title: Pure Morning
Category: X-Force
Characters: Ric and Star
Genre: Fluff/PWP
Rated: NC-17
Disclaimer: I disclaim everything.
Summary: It was the perfect way to start out the day.

A/N: This is some fluffy, fluffy smut. So fluffy it should have a little pink collar with rhinestones. Since smut week ended someone declared it fluff week. So there ya go.

Morning was his time of day. The Institute was quiet while others slept; nothing could be heard but the faint and distant ticking of the clock in the hall and the low buzz when the furnace kicked to life. Nothing was messed, no one was yelling, and no one was being hurt. He had the freedom to read the paper and eat what he wanted, and the only person he would have to fight for the danger room was the Wolverine, but mostly that was a welcomed challenge. It was solitary and peaceful and such an occurrence was occasionally necessary for a warrior born.

However, that day was different. Over the clock and the furnace he heard soft breathing. Julio lay beside him asleep, and the fact alone kept Shatterstar from getting up and kicking off his day with an impressive start. The sun was just coming up, and the soft orange glow painted across his room was just beginning to touch Rictor’s skin. He lay on his back with his hair fanned across the pillow, lips slightly parted, and one hand strewn across his bare tummy. The sheet was wrapped low and loose around his hips, and Shatterstar could not take his eyes away.

Sometimes -- just once in awhile -- it was okay to miss his training. It was not everyday that he got to enjoy Rictor like that.

Propping his head up on his hand, ‘Star used his free one to trace a line up the side of Ric’s ribs and up to his nipple. A soft whimper was received for his efforts, but the Mexican did not wake. So Shatty moved closer to him and brushed his fingertips across the tiny bud until it hardened. The sight of such response only fueled his own desire, and a wave of adoration came over him.

He looked so beautiful while he slept.

And if waking up with a morning erection was not enough, he had to be faced with a gold tinted Julio. A treasure that he yearned for so long, and only now it finally reached out to him in return. With it came every temptation and desire to have and to hold, and oh how he craved to touch him.

How he ever dismissed the notion to love seemed so insane now. Had he continued to do so he never would have been able to see this; he would never know the morning scent or the warm, satisfied feeling in his chest. Just the light traces of fingertips over flesh brought him the kind of fulfillment that battle and blood could never do. It was nearly the same rush and excitement, but never could it make him feel so complete as a man.

Finally he understood his teammates. He understood James and his desire to seek out Theresa, and he understood Sam and Tabitha and why they were affectionate as often as possible. Sure, there was much he still needed to learn, but such a learning experience was proving to be an enjoyable one.

So enjoyable that he grew aroused just thinking about it. His hands on Julio, his Julio, was a kind of indulgence he never allowed himself before this…before him. Every ounce of control he had flew out the window when he was with him, and it was the one and only time that he actually liked it. All his life he feared having control out of his hands, but this loss of restraint stimulated him. It roared inside of him like a fire and it spread through him. Out his hands. His fingers. Fingers on that body.

It made Shatterstar burn.

Burn like the sun licking the room, touching their skin, shimmering through their hair, glaring on the glass. So rich and pure with perfection that it made him want to melt. And with that, he flattened his hand against the soft curve of Rictor’s pectoral muscle, pressing it there tightly until only the contrast in their skin tones separated where one began and the other started. Heart kicking below his hand, and the nipple was still hardened against him. Shifting his hand slightly, the bud moved and Rictor sighed again. His lips parted more; full and dry from sleep, they ached to be touched. So badly ‘Star wanted to tend to them and moisten them with his own lips and tongue.

So he could not stop himself from leaning his head down and pressing his mouth against Rictor’s. The lips were dry, as suspected, but no less soft. The feel of them compelled him to continue further, not deepening or pressing, but just caring. It only took seconds for Rictor to respond; his lips pushed back and a hand made its way up to the back of ‘Star’s head. The warrior’s own hand moved back down to the nipple it had been taunting earlier, and he gently rolled it between two fingers.

“What’s gotten into you this mornin,’ amigo?” Ric whispered against his mouth when he pulled away.

“Nothing,” he murmured and kissed him again.

“Hmmm,” Ric smiled slightly and stretched. “I could wake up that way more often.”

Shatterstar just hummed in reply and let his hand roam lower as he continued to cover the Mexican’s face with kisses. Julio’s heart beat had quickened in the moments that he had been awake, as did his breathing. The large hand traveled down the sparsely hairy belly as it rose and fell with each breath, and it continued on its trail until fingertips brushed against the bed sheet. Rictor whimpered softly, and ran his fingers through long, red locks.

In one swift motion, Shatterstar rid the Mexican of the offensive sheet and tossed it to the floor, exposing his bare flesh to the warm air of the room. Ric shifted slightly at the sudden loss, but did not contest the move. Instead, he pushed himself closer to the warrior and wrapped an arm around his waist. Despite the two of them being naked, heat radiated between them. Already Rictor was hard with arousal and began to sweat, and it drove Shatterstar further.

Through the thick hair of Rictor’s groin Shatty slid his fingers until he reached the base of his cock. The extra sensitivity morning brought forced a drawn out hiss from Ric’s mouth at the contact. His head pushed further into the pillow and he thrusted his hips against 'Star’s hand. Long forgotten was the fact that Julio had been fast asleep only moments before; their focus was shifted completely onto each other and what moves fingers were planning to make next. And oh how there was so much Shatterstar wanted to do with his fingers; to touch every square inch of the beautiful body at once and just wishing he had enough hands to do it. It almost felt like a crime that he had to leave a single area of Julio’s body unattended to.

But the Mexican digressed; Shatty’s hand was seemingly right where he wanted it to be, pumping him from base to tip in a firm, but gentle hold. Such simple touch brought Julio to a writhing, quivering state on the mattress; hands gripping Shatty tightly and his eyes pinched close to protect them from the now bright morning light. His hips rocked in perfect rhythm with ‘Star’s grasp, speeding up and slowing down in sync.

And even if Rictor’s jaw was clenched tight, Shatterstar could not keep from kissing his lips. A mouth that so often spouted off sarcasm and cursing throughout the day, but times alone like these only elicited the most beautiful noises to the warrior’s ears. Colorful language of various types rolled off of Julio’s tongue, and Shatty loved deciphering the loving words of each.

Shifting his wrist, Shatterstar pressed his fingers against the large vein on the underside of Julio’s cock as he continued to jerk him. The extra attention under the head was enough to make Ric buck off the mattress.

“Dios, compadre, es bueno…” he clenched his jaw and let it go slack again as he pressed his hands against his forehead.

“I hope so,” ‘Star lifted himself from the mattress and slid down Rictor’s body. Free hand spread the mocha colored thighs apart, and the warrior settled himself between them. He slowed his hand gently as he dabbled the tip of his tongue in the pre-come collected at the end of Ric’s dick. Just the slightest contact was enough to make every muscle in the Mexican’s body clench up tightly. The response was exactly what he intended, so he licked him again. He kissed him. All tongue and lips as he brought the head fully into his mouth and just sucked.

“Dios,” Rictor cried again, dropping his hands down to fist the hair at ‘Star’s scalp.

Loving the feel of the cock pulsing against his palate, Shatty brought his face down until the hair of Ric’s groin tickled his cheeks. The skin slid against his lips, and ‘Star brought himself back up around the head as Ric bucked again. Every muscle and limb was rigid and taut with need, and all Shatterstar had to do was suck one last time before Ric was emptying himself inside his mouth. Panting and groaning with his release, Rictor settled against the bed. Flush from desire and gold from the morning sun.

“Dios,” he repeated again dazedly.

Shatterstar hummed and pressed a kiss against his balls, his groin, and then the side of his thigh. Just loving him and taking care of the spent body, and he could not get enough of it. The need he felt ached within him from the every pore of his skin right down to his bones. He wanted him so badly, to take him and touch him and be touched in much the same way.

He needed it so much It hurt.

A small whimper escaped him as he reached over and grabbed the bottle of lubrication on his side table. Ric only watched through thick lashes as he moved, and reached out to caress his chest. The very feel of the hand there was enough to send a shiver down his spine, and Shatterstar quickly covered himself with cool moisture.

“I need you,” he mumbled.

And that was all he needed to say. Rictor sat up and crawled into his lap, thighs settled on either side of Shatty’s hips, and he kissed him hard. Tongues battled between their lips and ‘Star was sent spiraling into another fit of want. Backing them both into the wall, Shatterstar snaked his hands under Julio’s ass and spread him, pushed his cock up inside of him, and dug his face into the crook of his neck. Instantly Rictor threw his head back against the wall and groaned, his own hands clawing at Shatty’s copper mane, and down the curves of his back.

“Fekt,” the warrior grunted and worked his full length in. Julio was so tight; every internal muscle clenching and pulsing with the intrusion -- just squeezing Shatty’s cock as though it were pulling him inside further. And he complied. Fingers kneaded the swells of muscle on Ric’s ass, and he used his legs to help thrust upward. Rictor groaned as he was pushed further up the wall.

“Fuck!” he yelled, and pulled Shatty’s head back by the hair. Brown eyes blazed into silver, and the boys crashed their mouths together again. Rictor moved his hands to the sides of Shatterstar’s face and just pulled him against him as close as possible. Fluidly their lips moved as ‘Star’s hips slammed against Rictor. In as far as he could go, he pushed toward the place deep within the Mexican he knew drove him wild. With every thrust the tip of his cock made contact with that hard spot, and each time Rictor nearly screamed down Shatty’s throat. His cock was hard and painstakingly at attention between them, and not having a free hand to attend to it, the warrior pressed his belly against Ric harder, allowing the sweat and friction between them to serve the weeping erection.

Bello,” he hissed and clenched his teeth together. “’Star…te amo.”

Shatty thrusted again. “Te tambien.”

Rictor reached down between them and began running his fist along the length of his cock. Sweaty locks of hair stuck to his forehead, and he stared at him. “More.”

Shatty tightened his hold and pulled out nearly all the way before forcing himself back in his entire length. Ric tossed his head back against the wall again and continued to jack himself off. “Por favor!”

‘Star reared back and did it again, feeling an overwhelming urge come over him. His toes curled beneath his feet and he whimpered pathetically. “Julio…fekt.”

Rictor let a brilliant smile cross his face as he panted, and ‘Star could no longer contain himself. An explosion of pleasure rocked him -- his thighs, his back, his jaw, his brain -- his entire body lurched as he released inside of Rictor. “Fekt!” he screamed, and dug his face into Ric’s neck.

The Mexican jolted and came after pumping his fist down his length only a few more times. Warmth covered the warrior’s belly where Ric’s cock wept, and a shaky breath escaped Shatty’s lips. “Fekt,” he whimpered once more just because.

“God,” Ric replied just as dazedly, and pressed his lips against ‘Star’s temple. “Now I’m tired again.”

Shatty snorted, and carefully pulled out of Rictor’s body; he was spent and sensitive and the Mexican’s inner muscles were still clenched around him. Rictor slid down the wall and back to the bed, still grinning and working to catch his breath.

“Do you mind if I stick around in here a little while longer?”

‘Star lay down next to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. “Of course not.”

“Good,” Rictor smiled, and pressed another kiss to the curve of his jaw. “There’s no way in hell you’ll catch me walking around this place at the break of dawn.”

Shatterstar would not let him even if he wanted to. In his bed and away from the everyday bustle of the Institute was where he opted to stay that day. It was not everyday he woke to be able to enjoy the sound and the smell of Rictor -- or the way the golden glow of the sun made him look so angelic.

Sometimes -- just once in awhile -- it was okay to miss training. Mornings like that made it worth his while.

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