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Prompt #41 -- Uniform

Title: A Little Sacrifice
Category: X-Force
Characters: Rictor and Shatterstar. rawr
Genre: TOTAL PWP rawr
Rating: NC-17 rawr
Disclaimer: I do not own them. Rawr
Summary: It was supposed to be a symbol of unity. But team unification wasn’t exactly what Rictor was looking for when he came back from Mexico. Takes place sometime after XF #61 and before #70.
A/N: Yeah this started as a drabble. Don’t even ask how it turned into this.

Happy smut week! RAWR

Rictor scratched at his chest and sighed irritably as he paced the small room. He had somehow been able to slip past Cable at the end of his training session; he had been expected to stick around for his feedback, but he was in no mood. Since returning to X-Force, Nate had been harder on him than usual -- expecting him to pick up where he left off and be at the same tip top shape as his teammates.

Four months away and he was not able to do much for work outs. Working around the house had kept him busy, but Rictor did not have access to the training facilities the others did. To say he was a bit behind would be an understatement. And, of course, the tight, clingy material of the new uniforms was not exactly helping either. The sweat he produced in training only made his skin itch, and he felt as though both his ass and balls were being held in a vice grip. The Mexican missed his old uniform; that baby had been worked in so well he could have slept comfortably in it.

He was actually pretty sure he had at least once or twice.

Scratching at his ribs again, he jumped when he heard a small click. Shatterstar spun himself into the spare uniform closet and quickly shut the door behind him. The warrior had barely broken a sweat during their workout; not a hair was out of place, nor was he fighting to catch his breath. Instead, he stood comfortably in his own purple battle attire, and stared Rictor down with an intense silver gaze.

“Did anyone see you?”

“No,” Shatty’s slightly accented voice stated promptly. Rictor nodded and let his eyes roam the body before him; the vice like grip seemed to hold ‘Star’s balls in just the same way, only Julio was more appreciative of the fact. Every bulge and curve and muscle of that perfectly bio engineered body was accentuated by the garment, and it made Ric’s cock twitch with delight.

Shatterstar turned the lock on the doorknob without looking at it, and stepped forward. Hands began working away at the tightly wrapped orange tape on his wrist, but the silver gaze never left the Mexican. “You bailed out on practice.”

“So?” Rictor did not bat an eye and stepped closer to him, hand reaching out to grasp the large buckle on Shatty’s utility belt.

“You cannot get better if you don’t train.”

“Does it look like I care?”

“Your team cares,” Shatty murmured, breath hot and tickling Ric’s cheek.

“So? I’m not here to impress them.”

“Yet you wear this uniform,” Shatterstar fingered the green material around Rictor’s neck before letting his hand trail down to the zipper on his chest.

“I don’t wear it for them,” he replied, dropping the belt to the floor.


“I didn’t come back for them,” he interrupted coldly, not caring for the topic. They had been over it before, and he did not want to go over it again. The team did not do much fighting for him when he had left for Mexico, nor did they even bother to concern themselves with anything that had been bothering him before then. Rictor did not return for them, nor did he care for their bitter questioning when he had returned. He came back for this -- for him -- and to make up for the wrong he had left behind. They could go and bitch about the training and his lack of skills all they wanted, but him wearing that uniform was only important to him so long as it was Shatty who was taking it off of him every night. The rest of them could fuck themselves for all he cared.

Although ‘Star had protested the fact vocally other times they had talked about it, he did not do so today. Instead, he slid the zipper down Rictor’s chest and belly, stopping low below his hips and sliding a finger inside the material. The giant red X marking Ric’s chest split wide open down the middle, revealing richly tanned flesh inside. That finger traced along the waist of his briefs a few times before Shatty’s gaze finally dropped down to Ric’s body. The concern and mild annoyance about training left the warrior’s eyes in that moment and was replaced with something else. Something tender and appreciative -- something that was not normally allowed to be expressed when Shatterstar donned the X.

Silver eyes flickered back up to gaze at Julio’s face before the boys finally crashed their lips together. Instantly Rictor felt himself backed into the wall behind him, and large hands pushed their way beneath the tight material left against his skin. It had been a game they had been playing since his return, and it was the one thing that kept him back where he felt he no longer belonged. Rictor knew that things had been tough for ‘Star since the Russell thing, and ‘Star knew Ric was not completely happy back with the team. Yet they both managed to balance the stress with the release that came with being together.

Whether that was healthy or not was something else entirely.

Rictor pulled his arms free from the uniform and allowed Shatty to roll it down around his hips. Large hands moved across the hot flesh of Julio’s abdomen, and the feel only intensified his need. Arching his back, Rictor pushed against the spandex clad body of the warrior and pulled him closer by the face. Their lips moved together in a desperate dance; tongues played a game of tag, and the occasional bite and suck of lower lips brought upon hoarse moans and choked whimpers. Julio clawed at the material around ‘Star’s neck, looking to release him from the suit that prevented flesh to flesh contact.

“Te quiero,” Shatty breathed against him, once more forcing the smaller body up the wall as hands worked at shedding him of his uniform. Rictor was nearly three quarters of the way nude before he had even been able to get rid of Shatty’s sword case. However, the warrior saved him the effort and began to tug himself free on his own. The absence of hands on Rictor’s body only strengthened his desire, and with a whimper he pressed his lips to Shatty’s handsome face again.

He wanted him. Rictor wanted him so bad that it hurt; throbbing pangs in his chest, his balls, his thighs…everywhere and all at once that it made him near delirious. Needing to touch him so badly, and the second Shatty had the zipper popped open on his uniform Rictor practically tore it off. Shedding him of everything that made him the soldier, the warrior, and the obedient puppet of war to reveal the man under it all. So raw and exposed and completely wonderful that seeing Shatty that way was a turn on for Ric all in itself.

No one else got to see that.

“Julio,” ‘Star sighed again, and dropped to his knees before him. Rictor brought his hands up to hold those gorgeous copper locks at Shatty’s scalp, and could not help but buck his hips when the rest of his uniform was rolled down to his feet and pooled around his ankles.

“Por favor,” he swallowed, voice coming out husky and thickly accented. Shatty did not bat an eye at Ric’s choked whisper; instead, he made sure his briefs joined his uniform around his ankles before bringing his hot, wet mouth down on the Mexican’s cock. Although the move was expected, the shock still hit Rictor like a tidal wave. He slouched back against the wall and clawed his fingers against the cool surface of it, looking for something to hold onto to steady himself but finding nothing. Shatty found it instead, bringing one large hand up to settle tightly around Ric’s hip to hold him in place.

“Aw, Dios,” Rictor grunted and brought his hands back up to settle on red hair. Shatterstar’s movements were slow and deliberate; one hand gently stroking Rictor’s balls while his lips slid down the full length of the shaft until his nose buried deep in the dark hair of Ric’s groin. And yet the Mexican still could not help but feel the warrior was far too over dressed. The wide expanse of his chest was exposed by a torn zipper, but everything else remained covered. All Rictor craved was the feel of that sweat slicked flesh against his, even if Shatty’s mouth was wonderful too.

If Shatterstar had any qualms about it though, it was not apparent. He focused diligently on Rictor’s cock, tonguing the tip of the weeping head as he sucked him. That large hand gently massaged his balls, pressing them up against the soft skin of his perineum and tracing them through their sack. So much attention to all his most sensitive places that Rictor could hardly think anymore. That throbbing lust returned, making the Mexican weak in the knees. His thighs and his gut felt as though they were on fire with every single little move the warrior made.

It was almost unbearable.

“Fuck,” Rictor whimpered and pulled him closer. Shatterstar replied with a rough squeeze to his hip, and slid his mouth up to pay more attention to his head. He tightened his lips around the blushing crown, quickening his pace to the point Ric began to shake. The pressure in his balls was so intense that Julio arched forward so only his shoulders still pushed against the wall behind him. Wanted and needed to so desperately cling onto something, and all he had was ‘Star. So when a white hot explosion of pleasure washed over him, he grabbed for the bigger body. Doubling over and clutching at him, and panting between unintelligible words of whatever language his brain could muster up. Yet Shatty did not flinch. He took in every drop of Rictor’s release in his mouth and slowly suckled and kissed the spent prick.

“Julio,” he whispered, and reached his hand up to curl around the back of the Mexican’s head. Ric dug his face down into Shatty’s neck as he slowly lowered to the floor in front of him, trying so desperately to maintain some sort of composure. The rush surging through him was intense, and he could not stop clawing at Shatterstar’s body if he tried.

“Julio,” he repeated, more quietly that time with a hint of desire in it. The low, accented sound of it alone was enough to send another shiver down Ric’s spine. Brown eyes moved up to meet silver, and Shatty stared back at him through heavy lidded eyes. “Necesito…”

Rictor pressed his lips against those full ones, pushing the remainder of that god awful uniform off Shatty’s shoulders. The bigger man squirmed out of the top of it, desperate to press against him flesh to flesh. And when Julio was finally able to curl up in his lap and press their chests together, he could not stop the needy moan that escaped his mouth. Hard nipples and rippled muscle moved fluidly against him, and it was all Rictor could handle. He rushed Shatterstar with his hands, rubbing them down and around his chest to squeeze those nipples and take control. Rictor knew the second the choked cry rumbled Shatty’s throat that he was done for.

The need and lust rolled off the warrior’s body in radiated waves; large hands practically trembled against Rictor’s skin, along with this rigid cock grinding against the side of the smaller thigh. Lips separated and Rictor stared at the warrior through a mess of brown hair. “You okay?”

‘Star kissed him again before irritably forcing the remainder of his uniform off his legs. With every inch of skin exposed he became more obviously aware of his desire. And with the removal of it took every last ounce of that blood thirsty soldier and left that vulnerable, exposed human Shatty was underneath it all. The core of which everything he felt and cared for was hidden and tucked away in and only brought out in moments like these. Moments with Rictor. Moments that made Julio know that the sacrifice to stay with X-Force was so fucking worth it just for this.

Rictor eyed him for just a second longer before capturing his lips again and forcing his back to the floor. Shatty easily complied with a soft sigh against his mouth, and ran his hands down Julio’s back until his fingers reached the soft curves of his ass; barely pressing and just holding him in place. Rictor smiled against his mouth and pulled away quickly, planting a kiss on his forehead, and reached over to where his belt lay. He snatched a rubber from inside of it, and Shatty perked an eyebrow at him.

“Please don’t tell me you use your utility belt for that…”

Rictor rolled his eyes and tore open the package with his teeth. “Fuck off; I grabbed it on the way in here.”

The warrior smirked right back at him before letting his eyes flutter closed. Julio rolled the latex down the long, hard length and Shatty practically melted under him from the feel of it. Light traces of fingers ran up the shaft and circled the head, lightly teasing as Rictor enjoyed the reaction he gained for it. However, Shatty was never known for his patience, and turned the tables on the Mexican before he could even blink. The smaller body was flipped under the larger one, and Shatterstar grinned down at him hungrily. Ric’s heart sped up in his chest as he gazed back, just waiting for the warrior to make his next move.

And he did of course, wrapping his large hands under Rictor’s knees and pushing his legs up toward his chest. Shatterstar positioned himself between them, and dipped his head down one more time to press a bruising kiss against the Mexican’s mouth. Every essence of the man above him invaded Rictor’s senses, sending him completely back into a fit of hungry craving. Spreading himself wider, Ric arched forward to rub himself against the erection, and Shatty all but howled at the contact. The warrior pushed up from Julio’s body and positioned himself at his opening. Ric groaned loudly at the touch, but Shatty shushed him.

“You don’t want to get caught do you?”

“Fuck them,” Rictor practically growled and clenched his jaw in anticipation. The head of that cock was pushing against the muscle of his ass, and it was all but making him squirm. He wanted it inside, filling him, completing him, taking him.

“No,” the warrior breathed and pushed slowly. The tip entered inside of Ric, and the Mexican panted. Tight, blasting intrusion took over him; painful at first, but quickly replaced with a demanding desire for more. So he tugged at ‘Star. Willed him closer. And the warrior complied, thrusting his hips until he was in half way. The gorgeous look of arousal masking Shatty’s face at that very moment was enough to make Ric’s cock harden again and he whimpered.

“Por favor,” he swallowed, and palmed at the sweat building on his face. He needed it so badly it hurt. Wanted ‘Star to just pound the daylights out of him until he could not walk. To touch him. To breathe those throaty sounds against his neck and face as he completely let his guard down and just loved him -- the way Rictor so desperately wanted him to.

And though the warrior did not vocalize it, Rictor knew that he would do anything he wanted. And he did just that when he pushed the tanned legs closer to his chest and filled Rictor with his complete length. Groaning with total deliriousness and letting that instinct take over; reared back and in, rocking in a hard, steady rhythm that left Rictor breathless. Those first few white hot seconds left his jaw slack and unable to emit any noise. Left his hands clutched in the long locks of hair showering him. Left him completely devoid of any emotion but stunned shock.

And Julio stayed that way until Shatty snaked his arm around the underside of Ric’s thigh and grasped his cock. Somehow, despite the electrifying pulse running between them, Shatty was able to keep a steady rhythm between his hips and his hand, fucking Rictor with both and stunning him to a quivering pile of mush on the floor. Dios, it was amazing.

And everything that ever fucking mattered.

Their lips crashed together again as ‘Star quickened his pace and reached for the prostate. Rictor cried out against him; an indescribable surge blasted through him and seemingly hit him everywhere from his toes to his temples. Shatty slammed into him again, and Ric fell back and flat against the floor, hands dropped to his face. ‘Star whimpered once more and reared back nearly all the way, while never once letting up on that fist jerking Julio’s weeping cock.

Tanned hands finally dropped from Rictor’s face. Brown eyes blazed into silver and that look ‘Star gave him -- that same one from before, tender and appreciative, and oh so fucking human that Rictor could not handle it. He let out a startled cry and came against his belly, toes curled in and every muscle in his body clenched tightly. Shatterstar groaned at the feel and released only a few thrusts later, collapsing tiredly on top of Rictor’s chest.

An hour’s worth of training in the danger room was hardly a chore, but there on the floor of the closet ‘Star was completely worked. Panting and trembling and gripping at Julio’s arms like he would never let go.

“Dios,” Rictor choked out and pressed a soft kiss against the top of Shatty’s head. It was so worth it; he was so worth it…

Shatterstar let out a grunt and removed himself carefully from Rictor’s body. His hand still remained grasped along the tanned skin, and he bumped his chin slightly off of Ric’s sternum as he looked up at him. “Julio…”

Rictor smiled and released a satisfied chuckle. “Aw Shatty, usted es perfecto.”

“Hmmm,” the warrior hummed and kissed his chest. “I better get back.”

“No,” Ric groaned, and rubbed a hand across the pale shoulder. “Fuck them.”

“Julio,” he sighed, flashing him an apologetic smile. “I would assume we are already in enough trouble--”

“Fuck them,” Rictor repeated, that time more forcefully. He bent up and wrapped his arms around the warrior’s shoulders, holding him tightly against his chest. “Then a little more won’t hurt.”

He felt Shatty nod against him and kiss him. “Then can we at least come out of the closet now?”

“Huh?!” Rictor pulled back and stared at him.

“This uniform closet is not ideal,” Shatterstar scrunched up his face. “I can hardly move in here.”

Rictor could not stop the amused laugh from escaping his lips. “Dios, right, amigo. Whatever you say. And…” he trailed off, running a hand through his damp hair. “I’m sorry ya missed some training.”

Shatty tilted his head to the side, but never looked away. Silver eyes still tender and still appreciative, even though Rictor knew how he felt for giving up something so important just to have these moments. To have this. “Team matters are important, but--”

“I know. Me too.”
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