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Prompt #15 - Flashback

Title: Our Last Memory 1/23
Category: X-Factor (Volume 3)
Characters: Rictor, Shatterstar, Longshot, Dazzler, Siryn, Domino, X-Factor, Skids, Spiral, and Doc Samson.
Pairings: Rictor/Shatterstar, Longshot/Dazzler
Genre: AU, drama, romance, angst, humor.
Rated: NC-17 for extreme violence, language, and sexual situations.
Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing. I just play in the world of those who can't appreciate.
Story Summary: When X-Factor gets help in defeating Arcade, they get a new member of the team, Longshot. But in return for his assistance, Longshot needs some help with his own problems -- on Mojoworld. What they find there opens up a whole pile of old wounds for other members of the team, and they learn that sometimes memories are all that are left to hold onto.
WARNING: There are spoilers in here for current and possibly future issues of X-Factor (vol 3). Please be advised, if you don’t want anything spoiled, then don’t open up.

Chapter Summary
: Introduction/Prologue. Longshot joins the team and has a proposition to make.

1) This is AUish; an alternate end to the Arcade arc. Everything up until X-Factor #29 is still in continuity EXCEPT…Siryn is not pregnant. I love Terry far too much to...okay, I'm not even starting that rant 'cause I'll be here all day.
2) Longshot's stint in Exiles still happened meaning the after affects of his previous mind wipe are still in place unless otherwise stated.
3) There will also be a lot of organizing of Shatterstar’s origin. I will not be ignoring or rewriting any of what we know already. I freaking dislike stories that do that to him. I’m just going to use what I know and go with it, and hopefully attempt to explain it. So there will be a lot of focus on the Mojoworlders in this fic.
4) I took a few TINY liberties with Julio’s back story in this chapter. Nothing glaring though.
5) There is a prequel to this story. A four part series of one-shots that focuses on Shatterstar, and has other focus on Skids, Domino, Adam-X, and Spiral. It's basically a bunch of stuff that led up to certain events in this story (major ones). You don't have to read that first, as it makes so many references to what goes on in this fic that you might get spoiled or confused. However, it explains a lot of things and puts things into motion for this one, so..uh, yeah (confusing much? Sorry XD). It's your choice you can start there or here. If you want to read that first, just go here.

That's about it! Enjoy!

Some people found being restrained sexually pleasing. Although, he was not for certain, he supposed it was the dominance/submission factor; being at someone else’s complete and utter mercy. The dominant could do whatever he wanted and there was not a damn thing the prisoner could do about it. They would say it was the thrill that aroused them. Unpredictability. Suspense. Excitement.

Of course, in retrospect, some people found it absolutely horrifying. Julio Richter was definitely one of those people. Being tied up took away every amount of control that he had; control of his body, his emotions, his mental state -- his environment. Being so completely exposed and vulnerable to someone else was very unsettling; they had the power to hurt him in every possible way. He was sure that he had never in his life trusted someone enough to even think about trying such a thing to sexually arouse himself.

But then again, being tortured as a child had those kinds of affects.

At thirteen years old he was snatched from Mexico by The Right. He had run away from home after the emergence of his powers, fearing that he would level his home, his family, and his city; he had been terrified. The Right had been an organization of human terrorists that hated mutants. When it was discovered that young Rictor was the cause of all the seismic activity in the region, they had come for him. Drugged him, beat him, taunted him while he cried for his mom. It was, in every essence, a nightmare. And, of course, throughout the entire ordeal he had been restrained; unable to move his arms, legs, or even his head. He had been trapped in his little prison for days at a time. He would not eat or drink. He was not even allowed out to use the washroom, and would mess himself in front of his captors. That only gave them more fuel to taunt him with. Weeks, perhaps months, he had been held and berated by them, and he was only rescued once he had already given up all hope he had left in his once innocent mind.

He was given a chance. A chance to grow up, go to school, and to be a kid again. Such opportunities had been made by a mutant vigilante team known as X-Factor. Unknowingly, of course, they had also introduced him to the whole heroing life, and that very thing had more of an impact on him than any seemingly normal childhood had. They were quite literally his heroes, and he wanted to be just like them.

So he was.

He joined teams of his own, using his abilities for the good and overcoming his fears just to be able to save others. It was never easy; he had to face his nightmares come true on a regular basis. It was a wonder he was still alive or even sane at the thought of it all, but he had no regrets.

For the most part…

Because even after losing his abilities, he could not keep himself away from the lifestyle. As an adult, Rictor found himself on his own X-Factor team. However, just like before, he was waiting for them to come save him. And again, just like before, he found himself snatched off the street and restrained by a lunatic assassin.

Only that time, he would not cry for his mother. Rictor would not beg to be killed, or mess himself, or even listen to the taunting. He could not let himself be beat. Arcade had already taken his physical control by locking him up, but there was no way in hell that Ric would let himself lose control of his head. He had to remain calm and not panic. Even if his balls were literally on the line and he felt more scared than he remembered being in a very long time.

“Good morning, Mr. Rictor,” that annoying, nasally voice sounded from whatever shadows Arcade was lurking from. “Did you sleep well?”

“Coulda used my pillows fluffed,” he responded flatly, staring up at the bright lights that had shone on him for at least two days by that point. He had no idea what exactly had happened to his team, but based on throwaway comments from his captor, he was pretty certain they were battling their way to him.

“But housekeeping is so expensive,” Arcade cackled in reply. “And, really, you’re not worth the extra cash.”

“Even on your salary?” Ric scoffed. “Cheapskate.”

“Hey now! I don’t think you’re in any position to be mouthing off!”

The Mexican rolled his eyes, and winced as another muscle spasm hit his leg. “Actually, I think that’s the only thing I’m in a position to do…”

“Very funny,” the assassin hissed. “But your time is just about up. Any last words?”

“Yeah, you need a new interior decorator. Your playrooms are getting more and more boring every time I step into one.”

“I was thinking of a paint job,” he chuckled. “Maybe a blood red color, what do you think?”

“Beautiful! But a bit clichéd.”

“Ah, well, it’s too bad a critic such as yourself won’t be around to see the final showing,” Arcade snapped in obvious irritation. “Today is the day you die, Rictor. And, no surprise, you’ll be all alone and suffering the most antagonizing pain you will ever endure.”

“Oh…” Rictor swallowed, and did his best to keep his voice steady. “So…I take it you won’t be going easy on me then?”

“Enough with the jokes!” he snapped. “My client would not at all be pleased if I went easy on you! On top of that, you and your reject friends have been getting me into trouble and costing me buildings for years now! It’s time I end you once and for all!”

Rictor sighed miserably. Every other run in with Arcade he had experienced had been alongside a friend. Someone he trusted to get him through the dilemma when it was all said and done. At most, Arcade had only ever managed to keep his paws on him for a couple of hours at a time, but this time was different. It had been days. Alone and stir crazy in a dark, dingy dungeon, and there was no friend to help him that time. X-Factor was no where to be seen.

“Nothing to say to that, smart ass?” the assassin prompted.

“No, I guess today is your lucky day,” Rictor mused.

“Maybe not,” a new voice cut in, causing Julio to turn his head to try and face it. “But one thing’s for sure, and that is it’s always mine.”

“Oh shit! Not him!” Arcade whined, and Rictor heard the man scramble. A rushed blur of black and yellow flew by him, followed by the sound of metal slicing through the air. In a strange moment, Julio thought idly of an old friend, the same one who had gotten him out of a jam with Arcade in the past. The new voice, however, was just a little less accented and a little more enthusiastic.

From his spot on the board though, the violent sounds of banging and screaming all sounded the same as the past. His heart slammed in his chest, and he fought more against his restraints. The disturbance in his environment had brought upon a whole new anxiety. Violence and anger were exploding around him and he was still strapped down and unable to defend himself. Panic and fear gripped him, and Rictor could not help but squeeze his eyes closed. He prayed it would all just hurry up and end.

A few more screams were heard, followed by a loud crash, and then everything was silent. The seconds ticked by, and Rictor finally eased open his eyes. Heat from the lights above still touched his flesh, but he could detect no movement.

That was, of course, until his savior back flipped over his head and landed in a crouch above him.

“You okay?”

Brown eyes blinked confusedly. “Longshot!?”

“In the flesh!” he grinned, and reached down to unshackle Ric’s wrists. The skin of the alien’s hands was thick and rough, but moved quickly against him. In no time his limbs were free, and the Mexican was able to sit up and untie his legs. “I thought I’d never find you.”

“Uh, thanks,” Rictor mumbled and rubbed achingly at his arms. “But how did you…?”

“No time for questions, kiddo!” Longshot exclaimed and gently grabbed Ric’s arm and placed it over his shoulder. “I have to get you outta here and back to your team.”

“You found them?”

“Some,” he explained. “But they’re okay.”

“And Arcade?”

“Actually, that wasn’t Arcade,” he chuckled. “It was--”

“A robot?” Rictor questioned with a groan. “Figures. What about the client?”

“Long gone,” the Mojoworlder gave him a startling grin, and it made Rictor’s guts turn miserably. He must not have noticed though because he continued to speak. “Yeah! Those bad guys never change, do they? Gee. Anyway, are you all right? Are you hurt?”

“Maybe just my pride, but otherwise I would just like to take a piss,” he muttered.

“Then your wish is my command! We’ll be out of here in no time.”

Rictor sighed, and just focused on walking. “Swell.”

“Do you need anything?”

“After three days of being held hostage?” Rictor snorted and ran a hand through his greasy hair. The remnants of ash, dirt, and some blood came off the dark locks, and he made a face. “Yeah, a shower.”

Jamie rolled his eyes. “All right, you can take off in just a minute,” the boss turned and faced the other man sitting in the chair behind him. “I think we should have a little talk with your hero here first.”

Rictor did not look at Longshot. He could not. The very essence of the man stirred up something inside of him that was awkward. Just seeing his face pop up when he had been under Arcade’s restraints had been unexpected, but now Ric had managed to settle down and think it all over. So many memories came back just looking at that face. A face that was matching and almost identical to another, and it hurt in places he would never admit.

But Longshot was there when he needed him to be, and no matter how disturbed Ric was about it, he was damn lucky. He had told X-Factor that he was quitting -- leaving them behind -- and walked out the door only to disappear. In his mind, he should have been a goner doomed to die alone.

Then out of no where, Longshot showed up.

The legendary leader of Mojoworld’s Cadre Alliance. His impeccable agility and extraordinary luck powers had helped guide him through Arcade’s maze, and he played it like he had done it a million times before. But Rictor knew Mojoworld and what it was like, and there was no doubt in his mind that Longshot had made it through much worse. Without an ounce of fear or hesitation he had jumped in and saved him. Saved them. The entire team of X-Factor had been single handedly rescued by the alien. But still, they had more questions than answers.

“Where did you come from, Longshot?” Jamie questioned the Mojoworlder. “Not like you to pop up around these parts.”

“Not usually, but I love New York this time of year,” he joked. “I guess you can just say I was in the right place at the right time.”

“Lucky?” Guido asked with a chuckle, and it made Rictor roll his eyes.

“Yeah!” he exclaimed, and hopped up from his chair. “That’s it! I came back to the United States to look for the X-Men, but I found out that they had broken up.”

“Yeah they did,” Jamie nodded and folded his arms. “Professor Xavier was shot in the head.”

The blonde frowned. “I heard. That’s too bad.”

“The X-Men didn’t think it would be right to go on without him,” Guido told him. “So you come here looking for help or something?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know if you can help me. But I did stop that bad man, Arcade, because it was the right thing to do. And what kind of a superhero would I be if I left Rictor like that?”

The Mexican rolled his eyes and stepped toward the window, watching the street as he listened to them talk. For someone who was wandering the Earth and all alone, Longshot sure had an annoying optimism about him that made Rictor’s head hurt. So much bad shit had happened to that guy in his life, yet he still sat around grinning and happy and helpful. And yes, Rictor was happy that Longshot had shown up. Yes, he was quite pleased to be off that board and out of Arcade’s grasp. But Longshot had been unexpected, and last time he had seen him Shatterstar had died.

And it did not fucking help that Longshot looked so much like him either. Take away the blonde hair and bulk him up a bit and it was Shatterstar right down to the perky little nose.

“If you wouldn’t have shown up, none of us would’ve gotten out,” Jamie pointed out.

“Oh please, I was fine,” Monet cut in.

“It’s nae the first time he’s helped us either,” Terry explained to Jamie. “He’d done it before back in X-Force. His powers are absolutely amazin’.”

Jamie nodded. “I wish there was a way we could repay you. As a team we’re kinda in the shitter right now, but…”

“Do ye need tah get home?” Terry questioned. “Last we heard ye were runnin’ around with Excalibur.”

“I left,” he told her. “Ali-- Dazzler and I had left. We wanted to be on our own for awhile.”

“And where is she?” Rictor finally found his voice. “You didn’t lose her again, did you?”

“Rictor!” Terry glared at him.

Longshot lowered his head slightly and frowned. “That was why I was looking for the X-Men. Without her I have no where to go, and no way to live.”

Jamie frowned. “Well, you can stay here if you need to-- at least until you decide where you need to go, or what you have to do. It’s the least we can do. Besides, I would say we owe you one, man.”

Longshot regarded him skeptically. “I don’t even know you that well.”

“Well considering ye were an X-Man and ye’ve saved our butts more than once already, I would consider that enough,” Terry told him with a gentle smile; good old Siryn always knew how to talk to someone. “Ye should at least consider it, especially if ye have no where tah go.”

The alien nodded and glanced at Jamie. “You are the last mutant team left?”

“That we know of.”

He nodded and rubbed his chin, furrowing his eyebrows and narrowing his eyes as the gears in his head turned. The sight of it made Rictor swallow and turn away once more. The Mojoworlder spoke again. “I would be willing to offer you my services with your team in return for you letting me stay.”

“Fair enough,” Jamie nodded.

“And I was actually looking for help from the X-Men,” he admitted. “I would have gone back to my old Excalibur team, but last I heard they were breaking off as well.”

“Well that’s what we’re here for,” Jamie told him with a friendly smile. “We’d definitely be willing to help, especially since--”

“This is actually quite a big favor,” he admitted sheepishly, and began to pace. “It all started when I got my memories back again, and Mojo wasn’t happy about the fact that I had broken my contract with the Exiles to join up with Excalibur. He kinda sent the Executioner after me again, and it was because of her that everything finally came together again. I touched her.”

“You touched her?” Monet asked with a comical expression. “Well, that’s--”

“When I touch people, I can use my powers to see psychic imprints,” he explained. “I had gotten back from Ali what I could, but there were still holes in my past. So I touched the time dancer, and I got a whole lot more information from her.”

“Spiral?” Rictor questioned.

“Yeah,” Longshot nodded. “What I saw was…horrible. I got so mad and so angry at her, and I fought her off. I didn’t want to let her take me back to my home world.”

Theresa bit her lip. “Mojo came lookin’ for ye again?”

“Yes,” he sighed. “My luck and my will alone was enough to fight her off and what members of the Protectorate she brought. But Dazzler couldn’t. They caught her off guard, and Spiral managed to teleport away and take her from me.” He frowned sadly and ran a hand through his long blonde locks. “I know they are only holding her hostage to lure me where they want me. Normally I would just collect my army and go back by myself, but…”

Jamie rubbed a hand over his face, obviously trying to comprehend it all. “But?”

“Most of my army is dead now,” he admitted, blue eyes falling to the floor. “And I want to make sure I'm not captured and mind wiped again. I want to be free once and for all, especially now that I just got Ali back again.”

Rictor could not help but frown at that; the idea of going back to Mojoworld, for him, was only another nightmare to be revisited. He was not at all happy with the memories that had stuck with him since his last visit, and he sure as hell did not want to add a new batch from the next one. But he owed Longshot big time for saving him that day, so Ric felt stuck.

And it sucked.

“We’ll get her back,” Guido told him as he cracked his knuckles. “Wherever ya wanna send me for a good old fashion brawl is just fine with me.”

“It’s nae as easy as it sounds,” Terry shook her head. “Their technology and magic is a lot more advanced than anythin’ yuir used tah here.”

“She’s right,” Longshot sighed. “And anything they have there is even more affective on humans than it is on us. My people at least had some defenses given to us when we were created, but humans do not fair as well. I’ve seen it happen not only to Ali, but to my friend, Rita, and Shatterstar as well.”

Rictor perked an eyebrow. “Yeah but Shatty isn’t human. At least, he wasn’t last time we were there. He’s just like you.”

Longshot moved his gaze to Rictor, and the Mexican caught something off in the alien’s eyes. “That’s…not entirely true. Which is another reason why I thought to come to you.”

A swell of nerves began to twist up in Rictor’s chest at that; what on Earth was he talking about? Enough confusion and hurt had been piled up on them because of Mojo and anything involving Shatterstar’s origins, and to add any more to the mix would just be like pouring salt into unhealed wounds. Maybe getting involved in such a predicament would not be as smart as Ric originally thought; he would be much too emotionally involved, and sometimes that was not a good enough motivation to work harder -- especially in his case without any powers.

“What do ye mean?” Theresa asked cautiously, voicing the question that Rictor was much too anxious to ask.

“It was always common knowledge that Shatterstar was-- is half human.”

“But Benjamin--” Rictor was interrupted.

“Look, what you have to understand with Mojo is that he will wipe people’s memories over and over and over again. Even having regained back my own, I still don’t even know how many times he’s done it to me -- or my wife,” Longshot explained. “What Shatterstar does or doesn’t know is irrelevant. I touched Spiral, and I know the truth.”

“Look, if you don’t mind me asking,” Jamie cut in and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I know some people have some prior ties with the guy, but what the hell does Shatterstar have to do with any of this?”

That gut wrenching pile of nerves consumed Ric again. “Please don’t say he…”

Longshot averted his eyes, and once more ran his fingers over his head. “He has just as much to do with this as Dazzler does. As I said, he is half human, and…”

“If he’s half human,” Rictor blurted and shook his head, just trying to understand. “Then who was his-- a human would have had to-- he…?”

“My wife,” Longshot explained. “Is the woman who carried him. She does not remember all the details of her pregnancy because her mind was cleared a few times since then, but after using my abilities I managed to piece most of it together.”

“So yuir his…” Terry’s eyes widened. “Oh my…”

“Yeah,” Longshot confirmed, and finally sat back down. “I also discovered that he had been captured as well. Mojo has them both, and he wants me too.”

“What!?” Rictor shouted. “That fat bastard has him again!? When? How? Why?”

“Same reason he keeps coming after me,” the alien tried to remain calm. “Since X-Force helped take him down last time, he’s been rebuilding his army. He took down many of the rebellion’s high ranking warriors. And he wants his revenge on the ones that lead in his apparent defeat.”

“Jesus your world is messed up,” Guido blurted.

“He had caught me and imprisoned me for over a year. He kept me down in his dungeons had me mind wiped at least three times until I had nothing but my combat training left,” Longshot shook his head at the painful memory. “I fear he’ll do the same to my family, and I can’t stand to let that happen.”

“So how did you get out?” Jamie questioned.

“I was let out on loan. I was supposed to be fighting alongside the Exiles, and I did until I regained enough of my memories to remember why I had been fighting for Mojo in the first place. He was happy enough just having me under his control, but now that I’m not he’s angrier than ever.”

“And you’re saying the fucker wants to fight again?” Ric spat.

“Oh yeah, and it’s almost worse than ever,” Longshot frowned thoughtfully. “I’m just hoping I’m not too late.”

Dios, Rictor sure as hell hoped so too.

“So…” the Mojoworlder looked around the group. “Is it too much to ask for your help?”

Jamie looked at his team, and nodded when he got a silent affirmation from them all. “We’re all yours. You lead the way.”

Rictor grunted at having to be on the move again so soon, but he would not complain. His most trusted and close friend's life was at stake, and there was not a thing he would not do for him. Endangering Longshot’s wife was one thing, but Shatterstar was something completely different in Rictor’s eyes. And powers or not, Mojo would have another thing coming if he had harmed a single hair on that pretty head of ‘Star’s.

The shower was definitely going to have to wait. Rictor was going to Mojoworld.
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