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YEEEEEEEEEEEE I heart mail. I lufffff it. <3 I got so much mail, so I'm definitely updating the site today. So if anyone knows of anything else that should be added or you know of/have any more fan stuff please let me know, or if you have any suggestions! YEE.

I heart mail. <3

Today = good day.

Except for that new douche kid that got hired to take my old job. Turns out he stole 60 bucks from the till on the weekend. Which makes me feel incredibly stupid since I was the key holder on at the time. *grumble grumble* So my boss was in a bitch today. OH WELL THOUGH. MAIL.

I asked victor_reno to marry me. She said yes. So now I have two wives D: Oops.
Tags: squee, zomg
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