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Prompt #57 -- Betrayal

Title: I Didn’t Think He Had It in Him
Category: X-Factor
Characters: Rictor, Domino, mentions others
Genre: Angst
Rated: R for language
Disclaimer: I don’t own, don’t claim to. I think all would know if I did though :D
Summary: Rictor calls Domino and demands an explanation.


Rictor stared at his hands angrily. He had not moved from his spot on the corner of his bed since he left Shatterstar’s room. So many conflicting emotions at war with each other, and it tore him apart on the inside. Such a thing…it had never even crossed his mind. He never even took it into consideration.

Shatterstar had left him in Mexico because the Richter organization had been taken down. There were no more missions left, and a life of domesticated bliss was just not easy for him to fall into. The guy was practically a war vet in that regard, and dealing with emotional matters was still complicated for him no matter how well he had started to adjust.

All he had said was that he needed to take a break. To go figure things out for himself and have a chance to find exactly what it was that he was looking for.

Never in his wildest dreams had Rictor ever thought that it could be someone else.

Cursing angrily, he flipped his cell phone out of his pocket and dialled a number that had just been put into his phonebook a few days ago. An old friend – a mentor – who told him if he needed any more help or had any more questions to call. Ric did not know what else to do, or who else to yell at, but he needed something. To be told to fuck off, encouragement, sympathy, an explanation. Anything.

It only rang twice before Domino picked up. “What’s up?”

“It’s me,” he said after a few moments of trying to find his voice.

“Yeah I knew that,” she replied oddly. “Caller ID, kiddo, remember?”

“Yeah…right…” Rictor cleared his throat and scratched his head. “Look, I know it’s late, but--”

“Something’s wrong,” she easily pointed out. “Spill, I’m not going to bed any time soon.”

“What do you know about Adam-X?” he managed to squeak out.

“Adam-X?” she questioned. “Big blonde, cute alien boy?”

Rictor scowled. “Yeah, that one.”

“Ran into him not too long ago, actually,” Dom replied. “Shatty, a friend, and I were in a bar in Chicago and we saw him there.”

“Was ‘Star like, uhm, you know?” Rictor cleared his throat.

“Uh, no,” Domino paused awkwardly. “He just said hello, and shook his hand, and they had a beer together.”

Rictor clenched his jaw, and felt his grip tighten around his phone. “You don’t have to lie.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Shatty told me. Today. About them.”


Rictor fumed. “Oh!? That’s all you have to say!? Why the hell didn’t you bother telling me when I saw you!? We talked about us breaking up and what the hell he’s been up to, why the hell did you forget to mention that he had a boyfriend!?”

“Whoa!” Domino cut him off, sounding just as angry as he did. “What the uck are you talking about a boyfriend?! That guy was not his boyfriend.”

“Bullshit! He told me they fucked!” he tugged irritably at his bangs, and sighed. “He had this great big fucking epiphany today about being a god damn homo, and it was all ‘cause Adam shithead made him remember!”

“Jesus Christ,” Domino sighed. “Look, as far as I know they had some one time thing back in Madripoor. ‘Star wasn’t too impressed about it, and I practically had to force it out of him.”

“Why the hell would he get laid?!” Rictor demanded. “That's not him! That's not--”

“Why?” Domino cut him off. “Why is it so god damn hard for you to believe that maybe he’s a little more normal than you give him credit for? Shatterstar is not some stupid little child, Rictor, he’s an adult. And if he wants to have a romp in the sack with an old buddy for a one time deal, there’s nothing wrong with that!”

“It’s Shatterstar!” Rictor yelled, positively fuming by that point. “He should not be--”

“Why?” Domino interrupted again. “Is it that hard for you to believe that maybe someone else out there cares about him besides you? That maybe he is actually good enough to try and play the field? Or do you not think he’s worthy enough for that?”

Rictor’s throat dried out, and he frowned. “It’s not that. Dios, people would be stupid not to think he’s amazing...”

“Rictor, you’ve done it. I’ve done, Cable’s done it – lord knows why anyone would want to do it with him, Tab’s done it, Terry’s done it…it just happens.”

Rictor swallowed. “You still should have told me! I have a right to know!”

“You were broken up,” Domino pointed out. “And you can keep acting like a god damn selfish prick all you want, Rictor, but what’s done is done. He can’t take it back, and I’m sure if he had the chance then he would.”

“Yeah right! That guy must’ve been one wild ride if ‘Star could remember one night with him and not a single second with me!” Rictor grabbed a bottle off his night table and threw it angrily at his wall, showering his bedroom floor with glass. “Fuck that, Domino! That is bullshit! I’ve done everything for him! I’ve given up everything for him more than once, and this is how he repays me?”

She scoffed. “He loved you – probably still does! More than anything else, and for him to show that to anyone is a god damn honour, and you know it. He didn’t love that guy! Whatever it is that happened just happened and that was the end!”

“Dom…” Rictor sighed miserably and dropped his face into his hand. “That guy is obviously just…better than me. Faster, stronger, better looking, I don’t know…why did he remember him and not me?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Great that makes me feel better,” Rictor scoffed.

“I’m not trying to make you feel better,” the merc snapped. “I’m telling you what’s what, kid, and you gotta grow up. If you’re too god damn retarded to realize that he loved you more than anything else – and sometimes I wonder why the hell he was stupid enough to do that – then that’s your own problem.”


“What do you want me to say?” she sighed. “Look, if it makes you feel any better, he was doing like shit when we saw him.”


“X-Treme isn’t so extreme anymore,” she explained. “Guy lost his powers after M-Day. He’s been working a dump ass job as a bouncer because he’s stranded on Earth and can’t get back home to his planet. We talked to him for a whole fifteen minute break he had. No big deal, he didn’t even get a god damn hug out of ‘Star. So settle down.” 

Rictor swallowed back a nasty, petty retort. “Whatever.” 

“You're honestly trying to tell me you haven’t fucked someone else since you guys broke up?” 


“That’s all the answer I need, Ric,” she quipped. “Look, that’s all I know, all right? I’m not a brain surgeon, and I sure as hell ain’t Shatty’s baby-sitter. What he did was his own damn business, and that’s the end of it.”

“That doesn’t make it right!”

“Doesn’t make it wrong either,” Domino muttered. “Look, I gotta go. When you stop acting like a jealous asshole, give me a call back. I’d like to know how my buddy is doing sometime, capiche?”

Rictor clenched his jaw and squeezed his eyes shut. “Thanks for the help.”

“I’ll talk to you later,” she replied and promptly hung up.

Fuck her! What a god damn bitch she could be sometimes! This whole thing was a very serious and important situation for him, and for Domino to be so cold hearted and cruel was just completely uncalled for. She did not say a damn thing that he wanted to hear, and she did not make anything at all better. Even if that stupid asshole, Adam, was stuck at the bottom of the barrel and powerless right alongside Rictor.

Dios, even that did not make him feel better.

Gripping his phone, he wound his arm back and it soon joined the broken glass on the floor. He was so hurt, and cold, and angry, and just straight up lonely that he could not for the life of him figure out how to handle this. It also did not help that Shatterstar was a god damn wreck from it either. How was he supposed to explain this mess, especially without showing how it made him feel too? He was absolutely heart broken.

Madre de Dios, why the hell did Domino have to be so right?
Go to chapter ten.

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